1 Oct

In the month of September 2018, total  263000 viewers visited our web crossing two lac sixty thousand figure. We are thank for one and all who visited our web for latest news for Pensioners.

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1 Aug

In the Month of July, 2018, there were total  234150   Viewers visited our web, crossing a mark of two lack in one month which shows its popularity and trust among its viewers.

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1 Jun

In the month of July 2018, total 2,06,430 viewers visited our web and we are thankful to them for their continuous trust in our news.

Web Viewers – April, 2018

1 May

Web Viewers – April, 2018 In the month of April, 2018, total  2,03,200 viewers visited BDPA (INDIA) web to know the latest development/new for workers/pensioners.


1 Apr

There were total 2,03,400 viewers visited our web and thus crossing 2,00,000 figure in the month. We thank our viewers for their regular visit and trust in our web.