BDPA Gujarat – 3rd Gujarat Circle Conference – Brief Report.

BDPA Gujarat – 3rd Gujarat Circle Conference – Brief Report.

(Third Conference)

A Grand Gala Conference

The 3rd Gujarat Circle Conference of BSNL & DoT PENSIONERS’ ASSOCIATION was held on 29.06.2010 at 12.30 hours in Thakorbhai Desai Hall, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad. Shri A.N. Patel, presided over the first session which commenced with prayer by Shri H.J. Bhatt. Two minutes silence was observed in honour of departed members during this period. Shri J.B. Kumpavat, working president read out the minutes of Second Annual General Meeting dated 15.06.2008 and it was approved. The Annual Report for the year ending 31st March, 2010 and accounts were read and passed.

Shri J.C. Mandalia, Rajkot appreciated the team of work of the Association and said that in the days of extreme head when temperature reached 45.0 degree, the Association Office was opened regularly and all the phone calls replied. He also appreciated the arrangement of the conference.

The conference also adopted resolutions on Pension related issues which are published elsewhere.

S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavt, D.D. Mistry, H.C. Bhatia & R.C. Sharma were elected as President, Working President, General Secretary, Office Secretary and Treasurer respectively for ensuing term.

Shri Thomas John K, All India President, FNTO addressed First Session of the Conference and appreciated team work and its development. He stressed on need to take lead into formation of all India Body to have emphatic say with the authorities in crucial time.

Shri J.B. Kumpavat thanked Mr. Thomas for his presence in delegate session and to motive them and assured that views expressed by him will be given due care and consideration.




The 2nd Session – Open Session – commenced at 15.30 hours with prayer by Smt. Kalpna B. Shah. Sr.TOA CCA Office. S/Shri S.C. Mishra, Member Services DoT, Ajit Singh CGM Gujarat, S.K. Bhandari, Pr.G.M, A.T.D., Smt. Sujata Ray, Pr. G.M. CGM Office, Smt. Darshana Momaya Dabra, CCA, Shri B.K. Kharecha, GM (Platinum) C.O., Shri B.K. Sinha GM (NWP & DV & BB), C.O., Dr. (Shri) Dimple Parekh, Parekh Hospital, R. Venkatraman Leader Staff Side NCM, Thomas John K, President FNTO, K. Vallinayagam GS FNTO and Islam Ahmad President NFTE addressed the Open Session. All were accorded warm well come and gracefully honored.


More than 900 Delegates and guests participated in the conference from all over Gujarat. A delegation of five members led by Mr. D. Chandrasekharan, CS TN Circle also attended the conference.


Shri S.C. Mishra, Member Services, DoT inaugurated the conference by lightening lamps. Other dignitaries joined him. The audience showered thunders of applauses witnessing golden event in the History of Association.


Shri J.B. Kumpavat gave introduction of the BDPA Gujarat with brief activities report. He declared that the Association born with 51 members have now crossed magic figure of 1511 members to-day witn short span of four years. It has Associate members from Mumbai, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi and J&K Circles. The uninterrupted publications of BSNL Pensioners News Gujarat since its inception have earned praise from all the nook and corner of the country for its design and contents. Receipt of Beautifully designed Birthday card to member gives pleasant surprise to Pensioner and his family. Quarterly get to gather provides unique opportunity to all the Pensioners to meet and exchange their happiness and some family issues as well. He stressed on need for generous donation to maintain such activities.


Shri D.D. Mistry GS BDPA in his introductory speech narrated the various issues faced by DoT and BSNL Pensioners. He focused the attention of the authorities on late payment of Medical Allowance Payment by certain SSA Heads and deplored their negative attitude. He called for introduction of accountability in the Administration so that harassment to the Pensioners can be minimized. GMTD Kheda is not extending medical facilities to deceased family though there is specific provision. GMTD Mehsana is reluctant to provide ECS facilities to the Pensioners. He urged for necessary action by the CGM as the Pensioners are the worst sufferers in these SSAs.


PPO are delayed, Provision Pension not drawn timely and Dak Adalat not held, he pointed out. He added that GPF and gratuity payments are also delayed in number of cases. He requested the CCA to look into and help the Pensioners.


On the issue of Pension Revision for pre 01.01.2007 Pensioners, he said that the issue is avoidably delayed. The Service Unions/Associations are not sincere to cause of Pensioners he alleged and said that they settled the issue for working employees but ignored the case of Pensioners which is shameful on their part. Had they insisted for simultaneously settlement of the issue, the Pension revision could have been achieved in most glorified way, he said.

The Association carried two savingram campaigns and also addressed series of letters to concerned authorities, CMD BSNL, Secretary DoT, BSNL Board Members and Political Personalities but all were acting in snail speed to listen the Pensioners issue. 50% IDA was merged for working employees as on 01.01.2007 but pre 01.01.2007 were employees were promised similar treatment within short time but ultimately they back out, which is matter of regret.


In settlement of anomaly, he deplored the stand taken by the Representative Union in signing agreement which denied the fixation of increment for Pensionary benefit as they agreed for PPA which is worst and reflects the negative and indifferent attitude of the working unions towards the Pensioners, he added.


While signing the NPPS, the Pensioners are ignored and denied their due, as novel system of date of effect is agreed upon which denies its benefit to the Pensioners on the date of introduction of the scheme.


He also threw light on various multi issues faced by the Pensioners in Gujarat and hoped now the authorities will listen to their just and genuine grievances.


Honouring the Pensioners: All the members who had crossed 70 years age as on 31.03.2010 were honored with flowers and shawls by the dignitaries.


Shri R. Venkatraman, Leader Staff Side, in his unique speech kept the audience spell bound and got thunderous applause. He gave statics of Pensioners need for Pension and said that the issue is avoidably delayed. He assured his all possible help for expeditious settlement of the issue and said that he will not hesitate to support any agitational programme by the Association. He thanked the Association for invitation and providing opportunity to share the Dias with old friends.


Shri Islam Ahmad, President, NFTE thanked the Association for witnessing the conference and to share his concern for Pensioners. The Pensioners have suffered lot and now it is time for all to get united to give befitting move for timely settlement of the issue. He assured to the Association that whenever his assistance is needed, he will always be ready to extend his active help. He concluded by saying that element of indiscipline has crippled the Company and timely remedy is need of hour.


Shri K. Vallinayagam, GS FNTO extending his thanks appreciated the progress of the association in such a short span of four years. He differed with the say of GS BDPA that Unions are not taking care of Pensioners. He has always stood by the GS BDPA in representing the grievances at all levels. Just and genuine cases referred to him by Association have been duly forwarded to concerned authorities at BSNL/DoT level. He said that now there is need for all India body of the Association for effective and authentic representation of various issues. Whenever Mr. Mistry has come to New Delhi for representation of grievances, he has always helped him and will continue to do so.


Shri Thomas John K, President FNTO thanked the Association for bringing the Unions Leaders for noble cause. He appreciated the growth of the association and activities such as quarterly get to gather convey birthday greetings and publication of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS with full of information. He said that Mr. Mistry has proved that if there is will and determine to serve, none can deter from such envious progress. He has taken personal interest and led the association to this Position. Now, the Association should not be satisfied with its growth at state level but lead the Pensioners of the country by upgrading the association to national level. He showed his readyness to extend all the possible assistance to achieve the goal. He hinted that the Pensioners are not given their due by the service unions and therefore there is dire need to have struggle on their own strength.


RELEASE OF BSNL PENSIONERS TELEPHONE DIRECTORY 2010Shri S.K. Bhandari, PGM ATD released 308 pages Directory edited by Mr. D.D. Mistry, containing members names and addresses with phone numbers and relevant information. It also contains various forms on medical reimbursement, rules on Medical Treatment and provision on SE DoT Telephone. This is 2nd Edition, as earlier one was published in June, 2008. The BSNL Pensioners have voluntarily contributed towards its publication which is unique in the history of Association.


Shri S.C. Mishra, Member Services, DoT conveyed his thanks to the Association for providing opportunity to meet the Pensioners. He said that he had attended the conference in June, 2008 as CGM Bihar and had no authority to contribute for Pensioners cause. Now, the situation is different. He has to play pivotal roll of balancing the interest of the Government and Pensioners. He said that he will do all the possible to ensure quick finalization of the issue within assured time frame. There are certain inner issues which have to be looked into, but he is sure that necessary approval from the Cabinet will settle the issue with other Government agencies. He also said that the Association has to be all India fabric so as to contribute for better solution of Pensioners issues. Mr. Mistry is leading the Association in Gujarat in proper direction and deserves praise from one and all.


Shri Ajit Singh, CGM Gujarat conveyed his best wishes for success of the conference and said that this is for the first time that can see such gathering of Pensioners with number of issues. He assured that he will take due care at his level.


Shri S.K. Bhandari, PGM ATD said that he is happy to be with Pensioners. Whenever Mr. Kumpavat & Mistry are meeting him for settlement of Pensioners issue, he always helps them without any differentiation towards other Association. He is always eager to settle the Pensioners issue wherever brought to his notice. He said that all the Pensioners can act as his Sale Agents. He also assured that to begin with he will start Pensioners grievance cell and Pension Adalat in Ahmedabad District.


Smt. Sujata Ray, Pr.GM CGM Office expressed her thanks to the association for providing the opportunity to know the Pensioners woes. She said that all the medical reimbursement of Pensioners are given due care. She said that she receives many letters from different Unions/Associations, but letter received from the BDPA are distinct as they effectively represent the grievance, ventilating inner pain of Pensioners without hurting the administration. She always gave extra attention to such letters, she concluded.


Smt. Darshana Momaya Dabra, CCA Gujarat expressed her happiness to meet the Pensioners through this medium. She said that she is always ensuring that timely PPOs are issued. The delay has now come to two months from earlier time which was more. She assured that Pensioners’ Adalat will be held in three to four zones so that Pensioners need not face difficulty. For GPF and Gratuity issue, she assured to have expeditious payment. She said that her doors are always open for the Pensioner to meet and represent.

Dr.(Shri) Dimple Parekh, Parekh Hospital showed a slides show educating the Pensioners showing the necessity of due care and timely remedy to avoid more harm. Pensioners enjoyed his presentation which was mixed with satire on present doctors.


Shri A.N. Patel, President proposed vote of thanks and declared the conference concluded with national anthem.


The conference was followed with Dinner for all the Delegates and Guests.


The electronic media too provided coverage to the conference and telecasted on local channels.




The following resolutions were adopted in the 3rd Gujarat Circle Conference of BDPA held on 29.06.2010 at Thakorbhai Desai Hall, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad. .


  1. To expedite Revision of Pensioners of pre-01.01.2007 without any discrimination with the post-01.01.2007 Pensioners without further delay.
  2. Extend the benefit of adding the current IDA relief for purpose of Medical Allowance to the BSNL Pensioners each year at par with working employees.
  3. To expedite First anomaly Committee report Okayed by DoT w.e.f.  01.10.2000 which is pending with BSNL Board since last ten years.
  4. To extend benefit of new Promotion Policy of BSNL to all the Pensioners who were on roll on date.
  5. Implement the payment of IDA relief to BSNL Pensioners simultaneously with the employees.
  6. Extend concessional Tariff for Broadband connection to BSNL pensioners.
  7. Provide accommodation for BSNL pensioners’ association in the BSNL premises.
  8. Recognized Hospitals shall extend indoor treatment on the basis of BSNL MRS Medical Card issued to Pensioners
  9. To grant LTC Advance once in ten years after retirement.
  10. Revision of pension shall be carried out by the Pension Payment authority without waiting for application from pensioners consequent upon the 2nd Wage Revision Committee Report on Pension Revision..
  11. Implement the benefit of court judgments to all similarly placed in the matter of promotions.
  12. Extend Senior Citizens’ tax benefits to all aged 60 years and above Construct old age homes in all cities and District Head Quarters.
  13. Hold Pension Adalat by all the ministries once a year in Districts also.
  14. Railway concession to be 50% for all senior citizens.
  15. Fixed Medical Allowance to be raised at 10% of basic pension, subject to a minimum of Rs.1000/- p.m. or allow full reimbursement of cost of medicines for OP treatment to all those not covered by CGHS.
  16. Medical facility under CS (MA) Rules 1944 to be extended to all DoT pensioners not covered by the CGHS.
  17. Reading glasses prescribed after cataract Eye Surgery with IOL shall also to be supplied by CGHS.
  18. Pension/family pension to be paid for the whole month irrespective of the demise of pensioner/family pensioner.