How to become a Member?

How to become member?


An honorably retired employee of any Group of Service from DoT or BSNL is eligible to enroll himself as member of the Association. He has to fill up membership form available in Office or it can be down loaded from here. The Life Time membership is Rs.650/- (Rupees Five Hundred) only and Rs.100/-  Admission Fee, thus total Rs.750/-   He will also pay Administrative Charge of Rs.150/- for each financial year. For administrative convenience we are accepting Rs.700/- for FIVE years known as life time administrative fee.

Out Station can submit the form by post and remit the amount by Money Order, A/c Payee Cheque/DD in favor of BSNL & DOT PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION (INDIA)

Local member can attend the Association Office during 14.00 to 17.30 hours on Tuesday and Friday. Inquiries in this respect are well come on Phone No: 079-25500800, where Shri H. C. Bhatia, Office Secretary will be available.

The member will be eligible on payment of subscription of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – A quarterly magazine for the period he/she subscribes.

Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar District Members can attend Quarterly Get-to-Gather at Ahmedabad and Birthday Greeting Pictorial Card.

Those who are in arrears of Administrative fee, dispatching of Magazine/Birthday card/Get to Gather are suspended for him till he clears his account.

Rights of Membership: Every member who is not in arrears shall have the following rights.

(a)                             Propose nomination/stand for election of any post in the Association in Annual General Body Meeting.

(b)                           Shall vote as per rules.

(c)                            To represent his genuine grievance in writing to the Association for possible redressal.

(d)                           No members of Association shall be entitled to any benefit that Association may decide to give to its members, unless he/she has been members at least for one year and has paid all contribution/dues.


Termination of Membership: The membership of the Member can be terminated on resignation, non-payment of subscription consecutively for two years or on any activity of member, which can be harmful to the Association.


Restoration of Membership: can be done by fresh application, clearing the arrears of subscription or by acceptance of appeal by the Association.