On this auspicious day 12th July, 2009 Sunday, the BSNL & DoT Pensioners Association, Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad has immense pleasure to launch its own web to cater needs of Eighteen Hundred BSNL & DoT Pensioners of Gujarat in general & India in particular.Within TWENTY FOUR MONTHs period, more than 4,09,851 viewers have visited the web. We thank all the viewers.

Our aim is to fill the gape by providing up-to-date information to Pensioners without least delay.

It contains regular pages such as orders of IDA, BSNL Medical Rules, Name of Hospitals, Members Address, Birthday List and exhaustive information for members.

Your suggestions to make this web pensioners friendly are always well come and you can send email to  Phone: 079-25500800 Cell: 09879090682.

Please visit Magazine Page for October 2013, issue of BSNL NEWS GUJARAT.

BSNL Pensioners Directory 2012 - 3rd Edition released on 29.07.2012 is under distribution at concessional price. Book your copy with Shri H.C.Bhatia, Office Secretary.

The Fourth Gujarat Circle conference was held on 25.06.2012.

Shri S.C. Mishra, Member Services, DoT, Ajit Singh CGM Gujarat, S.K. Bhandari, PGM ATD, smt. Sujara Ray, PGM (Finance), S/Shri Thomas Jhon K, K. Vallinayagam, R. Venkatraman, Islam Ahmad, Islam Ahmad, had addressed Open Session of 3rd Gujarat Circle Conference.

New Year's Get-to-Gather was held on 08.11.2012 Sunday 15.00 hours at Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. A seminar on eye Care was also conducted.

24th Get-t0-Gather was held at Ahmedabad Medical Council Hall (Air-conditioned), Ahmedabad on 07.05.2011, Shri V.K. Sajnani, General Manager (A), CGM Office and. Shri Rajvir, Controller Accounts Officer, CCA Office attended the gathering.

A Get-to-Gather was held at Navsari on 24.07.2011 for Navsari, Valsad and near by villages and more than 175 pensioners participated.

A Get-to-Gather was held at Anand on 25.07.2011 for Kheda District and near by villages and more than 200 pensioners participated and 43 new members enrolled.A District Branch also formed and BDPA Office inaguarated.

25th Get-to-Gather was held at Ahmedabad Medical Council Hall, Ahmedabad on 08.11.2011 where more than 300 Pensioners attended. Officers from CCA Office Gujarat also attended. Shri D.D. Mistry was honoured for winning trophy and Cash Award from BPS as Second.

A Get-to-Gather was held at Rajkot on 11.12.2011 at GMTD Rajkot KR Exchange Conference Hall, where more than 150 Pensioners attended.

We competed our 4th Bi-Yearly Gujarat Circle and 1st All India Conference during the period from 24.6.2012 to 25.06.2012. The Delegates/observers from through out the country participatd. Open session was held on 25.06.2012 and addressed by S/Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, B.K. Sinha, PGM Ahmedabad Telecom District, Smt. Sujata Ray, PGM Finance, CGM Office, Thomas John K, K.Jayprakash, Islam Ahmad and many dignataries.

05.01.2015: We had launched our web on 12.07.2009 and now we are entering in 7th year. We have crossed viewership mark 14.10,101 which reflects its popularity. During the journey we have had to pass through number of hurdles facing ups and downs but strengthen by the support of affectionate and loveable viewership we crossed the way. We assure you that we will continue to meet your aspiration on latest news and developments on workers/pensioners arena at one place. There is long way to go and reach our goal of selfless service to fraternity. We look forward to receive your appreciation and guidance to go ahead. None is complete but task can be accomplished we there is a will. Thank you all once again.

In 59th AGM of BHARAT PENSIONER SAMAJ, NEW DELHI held at Agra on 9th November, 2014, Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (India) was elected as Secretary BSNL/PSUs.

Dinesh D. Mistry,
General Secretary.

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Latest News of 01.04.2015 - 08.15 hours.

Letters on Various issues concerning to BSNL Retirees and news for workers as well:

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Birthdays of APRIL, 2015

Pension Revision Calculator - 68.2% IDA Merger: We are in receipt of numerous requests from viewers to place Latest Pension Revision Calculator for the period from 01.01.2007 to 30.06.2012 & 68.2% IDA MERGER. For the information of our viewers the same is placed here. Click Here.

Telephone Directory : with members name, address, telephone Nos and other details for Gujarat Male, Gujarat Female and other State members is updated upto 05.07.2014. Please view membership register.Click

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Quote of the day.

01.04.2015: I.D.A. due w.e.f. 01.04.2015, there will be increase of 0.2%, making total 100.5%. The Labour Bureau of India has declared the All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) for February 2015 which is 253 points.

31.03.2015: View some snaps of Jammu District/J&K Circle conference Open Session held on 18.03.2015.. Click for Photo.

29.03.2015: 78.2 IDA Merger issue. As expected to, BSNL Corporate Office after studying the letter of DoT for 13 days asks all the CGMs to supply required within 10 days. In Turn the CGMs may ask SSA Heads to supply the same within 10 days. The circle will continue to move. Click for Letter.

28.03.2015: Medical Reimbursement Claims – Ahmedabad Tel;ecom District – About 4,000 cases are being processed for payment as fund of Rs.70,00,000 is received. Pensioners’ should check their Bank Account to check the credit.

28.03.2015: 78.2 IDA Merger issue. The GS BDPA (INDIA) writes to Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi, PM citing how the DoT processes the case in unique way. Click for Letter.

27.03.2015: The Pensioners Association at Bangalore met Shri Anantha Kumar, the Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers and sought his intervention to settle our issue of 78.2% IDA. Shri Anantha Kumar kept his words and intervened in the matter very effectively and efficiently. He collected all details from Association leaders and understood the gross injustice done to the BSNL pensioners. We express our sincere thanks to Shri Anantha Kumar, Honourable Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India for his effective intervention in our case of 78.2% IDA benefit.

27.03.2015: Then on 25.03.2015, the Association Leaders met the Secretary, Telecom and Member (Finance) and had discussion on the issue. The Secretary informed that a revised Cabinet Note is under preparation. It will be sent to the four Ministries (Law, Finance, Pension and Heavy Industries) within 15 days for their opinion on the proposal.

27-3-2015 : BIZARRE : There is no need to tell anyone that the Pension is sanctioned and paid by the CCAs who are under direct administrative control of DoT and all the figures of Pensioners retired pre-2007 & post-2007 are available with them. But in order to delay, the DoT has asked vide its letter dated 13th instant to BSNL Corporate Office to supply the information. This proves that either the DoT has no control over the working of CCAs or has no trust in figures supplied by them each month. Click for Letter.

25.03.2015: A good news for senior pensioners retired before 1-1-2006. {It is only a Court decision. No order is issued. Govt may file appeals}

Full Pension to Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years Service:

Govt Appeal dismissed by Hon’ble Supreme Court : While many Pre 2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years service have got favourable verdict from CAT and the consequent appeals by Govt are pending at various stages, Bharat Pensioners Samaj reports that SLP filed by Govt relating one of such cases against the order favourable to pre-2006 pensioner has been dismissed by Hon’ble Supreme Court. Hence it is likely that other cases would also be decided on the basis of this dismissal by Apex Court in favour of Pre 2006 Pensioners.

CENTRAL ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL ERNAKULAM BENCH in their order dated 16.08.2013 in Original Application No. 715 of 2012 with Original Application No. 1051 of 2012 in concluding para 7 & 8 ruled:

7. In the light of the above, the settled law is that in no case the pension of the pre-2006 pensioners shall be lower thanfifty percent of the minimum of the pay in the Pay Band plus Grade Pay thereon corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired. It meas that pension of a pre-2006 retiree has to be first calculated taking into account the revised pay in the pay in the Pay Band plus Grade Pay corresponding to the pay scale from which he retired proportionate to the length of his service and then find what is 50% of the minimum of the Pay Band plus Grade Pay and fix higher of the two as his pension. Hence the applicants are eligible to get the minimum pension in the Pay Band plus Grade Pay of the Deputy Office Superintendent, the post from which they had retired, with effect from 01.01.2006.

Accordingly, the O.As are allowed as under.

8. The respondents are directed to issue revised Pension Payment Order (PPO) to the applicants specifying the pensionon the basis of Para 4.2 of the O.M. dated 01.09.2008, i.e. 50% of the minimum of the pay in the Pay Band plus Grade Pay of the Deputy Office Superintendent and also corresponding family pension and grant all consequential benefits including arrears of pension within a period of 02 months from the date of receipt of a copy of this order. No costs.

(Dated, the 16th August, 2013)


The Honorable Kerala High Court at Ernakulum vide their orders 7th Jan 2o14 rejected the appeal of UOI against the CENTRAL ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL ERNAKULAM BENCH in their order dated 16.08.2013 in Original Application No. 715 of 2012 w i t h Original Application No. 1051 of 2012,

The SLP Filed by UOI in the Supreme court vide Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C)……/2014

CC No(s). 21044/2014 (Arising out of impugned final judgment and order dated 07/01/2014 in OPCAT No. 8/2014 passed by the High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam) UNION OF INDIA AND ORS Petitioner(s) VERSUS M O INASU Respondent/s was dismissed on 20/02/2015.


25.03.2015:78.2% IDA CASE: IMPORTANT MEETINGS: Shri Anantha Kumar, Honourable Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, in Narendra Modi Government, is from Bangalore city. Earlier, Shri Anantha kumar had written a letter to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications on our demand for 78.2% IDA in pension revision. During his recent visit to Bangalore city, Peensioners Association leaders met Shri Ananthakumar once again and sought his help to settle the case. Shri Anantha kumar was kind enough to assure all possible help. He wanted representatives meet him in Delhi on 24th March 2015. Com. P Gangadhara Rao, and Com. R Changappa, reached New Delhi today morning and had another meeting with Shri Anantha Kumar in the afternoon.

Late in the evening Com. Gangadhara Rao and Com. Changappa met Shri Garg, Chairman of Telecom Commission and discussed the case.

They are staying back in Delhi to have further discussion with Chairman. They will try to meet Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Honourable Minister for communications.

23.03.2015: ERNAKULAM A.G.B..: The announced AGB of BDPA(INDIA) ENK SSA was postponed due to the unexpected HARTAL declared by the LDF in Kerala on 14..03..2015. The AGB is re-scheduled to convene on 11-04-2015.The meeting will be held on 11-04-2015 ( 2nd Saturday, April 2015) at 10.00 AM in SHISHAK SADAN ( ADHYAPAKA BHAVAN HALL) Ernakulum. All concerned have been informed the new date. Chellappan K.P. Secretary, 9447341919

21.03.2015: Happy Ugadi (Gudi Padwa), Chaitra Sukladi and Cheti Chand. Let the festivals bring peace, prosperity and happiness to all the people.

21.03.2015: Since long we were demanding that payment of Medical Allowance without voucher should be extended to the retired employees, since the Management declined to restore it to the serving employees. This demand is raised in view of the fact that the retired employees, in their advanced age, find it extremely difficult to get the medical expenses reimbursed by submitting vouchers. This demand is raised in the National Council also. In this connection, the Corporate Office has now called for certain particulars from the circles.The Circle Secretaries are requested to ensure that this particulars are expeditiously sent to the Corporate Office. Click for order.

21.03.2015: BSNL's revenue for the financial year 2014-15 will be Rs. 29,000 crore, the CMD BSNL has stated, as reported by TeleAnalysis. The growth of the Company will be 4 to 5 per cent, the CMD has stated. He has also expressed hope that the Company would become profit making in the Financial Year 2018-19.

18.03.2015: The Open Session was held at 16.00 hours in Hotel Plaza, Jammu. The CGM J&k Circle was Chief Guest; A Telephone Directory of J & K Pensioners containing names/addresses of about 300 Pensioners was released by the CGM.It also contains BSNL MRS Rules, Important forms, Telephone Rules, Name/Nos of all India District/Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office bearers and other important information. Shri D.D. Mistry spoke on 78.2% IDA Merger issue, Representation to 7th CPC and other important issues. Shri M.R. Vashist spoke on 78.2% IDA Merger issue. Shr H.R. Gupta and B.L. Bhat also spoke. The CGM assured all cooperation to the Pensioners issues .It was followed with Dinner. Shri M.R. Vashist and D.D. Mistry met the Pensioners individually and discussed their individual grievances during the day.

16.03.2015: On 16.03.2015: The District/Circle Conferences of the BDPA (India), Jammu District and J & K Circle, was held. S/Shri R.M. Matoo and B. L..Bhat were elected as District Secretary and Circle Secretary respectively. S/Shri M.R. Vashist and D.D. Mistry gave brief information on pending issues.

15.03.2015: On 14.03.2015, Shri D.D. Mistry GS BDPA (INDIA) attended C.W.C. Meeting of Bharat Pensioner Samaj, at its New Delhi Office at 10.00 hours as Secretary BSNL/PSU. S/Shri A.N. Patel & J.B. Kumpavat, President and Executive President, BDPA (INDIA) attended as observer. In the meeting, Ditigal Adhar Certificate issue was discussed, BDPA (INDIA) gave consent to have portal to issue Digital Certificate from Ahmedabad Office and agreed to install necessary software in Office. When implemented, the Pensioners will be able to submit their digital certificate to their respective bank through BDPA (INDIA) Ahmedabad Office for which the Pensioner will have to visit the office personally. Next AGM of Bharat Pensioner Samaj will be held in Amritsar (Punjab) in the month of November, 2015. We have placed the issue of 78.2% IDA Merger for BSNL Pensioners. The SG BPS shared out concerned and assured all help to expedite the issue. We will submit a note on the subject to BPS to expedite the issue resolving the intricacies created by DoT Finance. We gave details of our meeting with DDG (Establishment) DoT, who has said that he is on the job and will inform us the progress on the issue within 15 days. The issue of EPS-95 Pensioners was also discussed exhaustively. A decision to convene convention of State Level Pensioners was also taken and adhoc committee was also formed to work in this direction.

S/Shri D.D. Mistry, A.N. Patel & J.B. Kumpavat will leave for Jammu on 15th Evening and will attend the District/Circle Conference during the period from 16.03.2015 to 18.03.2015 and will start for Ahmedabad on 19th March, 2015.

13.03.2015: S/Shri A,N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat & D.D. Mistry, President, Executive President & GS BDPA (INDIA) are in New Delhi from 12th Morning. They visited DoT/BSNL Office on 12th and13th March, 2015, and met S/Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, Smt. Sujata Ray, Executive Director Finance BSNL, Smt. Darshna M Dabra, DDG (Budget) and Rajvir DDG (Establisment) in DoT Office and discussed the 78.2% IDA Merger issue with them. It appears that the file has returned from Member (Finance) DoT and DDG (Establishment) is gathering required information to comply with the queries raised on the issue. It appears that the issue will be lingering on for more than one month, if it is attended to with the present speed and concern. We are trying to get it expedited. Shri Natarajan, GS AIBSNLPWA also share the concerned, when they met them in DoT Office. It is also revealed that Shri K. Jayaraman GS AI BDPA is also in New Delhi to take stock of the situation.

13.03.2015: Shri D.D. Mistry will attend CWC Meeting on Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi on 14th and will leave for Jammu on 15th evening and will be there upto 19th Morning and will attend District Circle Conferences there.

11.03.2015: Read BHARAT PENSIONER MARCH 2015 ISSUE... Click

11.03.2015: BDPA (I) Ernakulam SSA congratulate GS and his team for the efforts taken for getting implemented 78.2 % IDA fixation for the pre 10.06.2013 pensioners. Around 80-85 memorandums were sent to Prime Ministerji and Communication minister from Ernakulam SSA. We hope finally we will win our goal: Chellappan K.P.

11.03.2015: The Annual General Body meeting of BDPA(I) Ernakulam SSA will be convened on 14..03..2015 at SHISHAKK BHAVAN ( ADHYAPAKA BHAVAN) , Ernakulam at 10.00 AM. Besides the members of BDPA (INDIA), some pensioners who are still non members in any other Pension Union and members from NUBSNLW will also agreed to attend the meeting : Chellappan K.P. 91-9447341919

10.03.2015: GS BDPA (INDIA) AHMEDABAD writes on 09.03.2015 to CCA Gujarat requesting him to expedite issuance of provisional pension orders.

09.03.2015: obituary : We are shocked to learn that Shri C G Venkatesh (74), former Circle Secretary Pensioners Association, Karnataka,expired at 8.30 PM on 6th March 2015 in Bangalore. He was not well for some time past. Shri Venkatesh was very active in pensioners’ movement. BDPA (India) convey heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members.

09.03.2015: Obituary : Shri H.J. Patel, lost his mother on 03.03.2015 at Ahmedabad at the age of 95 years. BDPA (INDIA) Office bearers visited his house on 08.03.2015 and convey heartfelt condolences.

09.03.2015: Social Activities: BDPA (INDIA) office bearers visited house of Shri R.S. Prajapati, retired C.S.S. C..T.O. Ahmedabad, who is suffering from long sickness and mental agony as he lost his young son in accident.some time back..

09.03.2015: The CCA Gujarat Ahmedabad vide its press notification dated 06.03.2015 in ‘GUJARAT SAMACHAR, AHMEDABAD’ edition calls for application from those Pensioners who retired prior to October 2000 in CDA Scale and have not received PPO as per 6th CPC Notification. .. Click.


05.03.2015: The BSNL Corporate Office addresses aletter to all CGM’s for timely settlement of pensionary benefits. .. Click for order.

05.03.2015: The CGM TN Circle Chennai issues corrigendum to his earlier letter on ANNUAL LIMIT FOR OUT DOOR TREATMENT WITH VOUCHER FOR RETIRED EMPLOYEES vide letter dated 13.01.2015. .. Click for order.

04.03.2015: GS BDPA (INDIA) congratulates Smt. Sujatha Ray, who is selected for the post of Director (HR), BSNL. Smt. Sujatha Ray, who is presently the Executive Director (FINANCE ) of BSNL, is selected by the Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) for the post of Director (HR) of BSNL. Smt. Yojna Das is already selected by the PESB for the post of Director (FINANCE ). So, soon BSNL will be having two women Board of Directors, out of 5 Directors.

04.03.2015: 34th Get-to-gather – View Photographs.. Click for Photographs. In the Meeting more than 225 Memorandum addressed to PM & MOC were signed and dispatched by the BDPA (INDIA) on 03.03.2015 to expedite 78.2% IDA issue.

03.02.2015:: 34th Get-to-gather – BDPA (India), Ahmedabad was held on 02.03.2015 at 15.00 hours in Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Opp. H.K. Arts College, Ahmedabad. More than 200 Pensioners attended despite severe cold. Dr. Rashesh Solanki, NH Multi Specialty Hospital, Ahmedabad delivered lecture on preventive measure for Swine Flu. He conducted informative and educative seminar on Pancreatic problems, its symptoms and care. He interacted with Pensioners query.

Shri J.B. Kumpavat, in his introductory speed accorded warm welcome to the Pensioners and gave detailed report on multifarious activities under taken by the Association, its strength and progress. He said that despite financial constrains the get to gather are being conducted and Seminar Arranged in order to equip them with required care at old age.

Shri A.N. Patel, said that we can expand and make our presence felt only when we increase our numeric strength and financial position. .We cannot depend upon anyone for housing our office and we need a Building of our Own to maintain the smooth progress of our activities

Shri D.D. Mistry, General Secretary spoke on various issues for which Pensioners were eager to hear. He said that 7th CPC met Three C.G.P.Association on 17.02.2015 and Shri S.C. Maheshwari, SG BPS attended. The following were its highlights”
1.No cut off dates. 2.Minimum pension to be 65% family Pension 45% of last drawn, include DA in pension emoluments, bring down ratio between minimum-maximum paid, equal % rise in pension to all.3.Take ahead 5th CPC parity formula.4.Smart card to all pensioners for cashless Medical care, periodical upward revision of CGHS rates to match market rates.5.Relaxation of restriction for grant of family pension to divorced & widowed daughters. 6.Restore 100% commuted value to PSU absorbers.7.Ex-servicemen status to Defence civilian.8.BSNL pensioners be treated at par with C. G. Pensioners for pension fixation. 9.Rectify anomalies created by GP & implementation of 6th CPC. etc.etc'"

He thanked shri S.C. Maheswari for taking up issues of BSNL Pensioners requesting to treat them at par with C. G. Pensioners for pension fixation",

He also cited information from 25th SCOVA Meeting held on 3rd February, 2015, where the issues of 78.2% IDA Merger for BSNL Pensioners, Pay Anomaly and extension of CGHS Facility to BSNL Pensioners issues.

He said that Department of Telecommunications informed that as on date 867 cases are pending and out of which 665 cases pertain to BSNL. Necessary action to revise these are being taken.

He further added that on the issue of Pension Adalat, the associations wanted that they be allowed to represent the cases of the illiterate family pensioners. It was clarified that they could very well represent the cases as individuals and not as representatives of Pensioners’ Associations.

For extending Medical Facilities for existing P&T pensioners, it is said that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare intimated that various issues including the issue relating to extension of CGHS facility to P&T pensioners is likely to be considered in a meeting of the Committee of Secretaries to be held shortly. As regards, the orders dtd 01.08.1996 and 01.09.1996, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that the matter was still sub-judice.

Merger of 78.2% IDA with basic pension benefit to the absorbed BSNL Pensioners, the minutes reads “ It was informed that the proposal has been approved by Department of Expenditure, in principle. Department of Telecom informed that as per the advice of the Department of Expenditure a Cabinet Note has been prepared and sent to their IFD for approval. Department of Telecom was advised to finalise the draft Cabinet Note and circulate it to the concerned Ministries by the end of February,2015.

For extending CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees -Issue of follow up order by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare & fixation of rates of contribution & ward entitlement by DoT, it was explained that “Department of Telecom informed that since the pay structure in BSNL and Central Govt. was different, the orders of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare regarding ward entitlement on the basis of pay band/grade pay could not be made applicable in the case of BSNL retirees. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare requested Department of Telecom to suggest alternate mechanism for the retirees of BSNL. Department of Telecom was advised to send a proposal to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in this regard in a month’s time.”

Speaking on the issue of delay in Medical Reimbursement issues, he said that admittedly, there is delay in settlement of Medical Reimbursement cases to the BSNL Pensioners, throughout India, in 30 circle where ERP System is introduced at the expense of Rs.5000/- crore. Administration says, training to Officers is yet to be imparted, then how the Bill for Working Employees are settled, he said.

He requested the Pensioners to follow the procedure: viz:
1. Please delivery your claim under receipt.2.Inquire after fortnight. 3. Provide you’re Residence/Cell No. in claim. 4. Provide your blank cheque to the Section. 5. Write you’re HRD NO. YOU CAN AFTER SUBMISSION OF BILL AFTER TWO MONTHS.6.VISIT THE SECTION. 7.GIVE REMINDER UNDER RECEIPT. 8. THEN ALSO GIVE ITS COPY TO THE ASSOLCIATION IN A FORM AVAILABLE FROM ASSOCIATION OFFICE DULLY FILLED IN.

He requested the Pensioners to contribute freely for Building Fund and AIC ADVERTISEMENT Collection.

28.02.2015: 34th Get-to-gather – BDPA (India), Ahmedabad will be held on 2nd March, 2015 at Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Opp. H.K. Arts College, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad at 15.00 hours. All the members are requested to attend the same in time. Free mask will be supplied to all the pensioners attending the meeting as per Government Notification. Necessary Permission from the Collector, Ahmedabad office has been obtained.

28..02.2015: Ministry of Personel, Public Grievances & Pensions, New Delhi vide F. No. 42/39/2014-P&PW(G) Dated 26th Februry, 2015 circulates Minits of the 26th meeting of Standing Committee of Voluintary Agencies (SCOVA) held on 03.02.2015 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS (PP) at Vigyan Bhawan Annnexe, New Delhi. . Click for Minutes..

26.02.2015: ACHHE DIN AA GAYE: The BSNL Corporate Office introduced ERP Scheme spending roughly Rs.5000/ crore which has unfortunately resulted in delay in sanctioning of Medical Bill for Pensioners. All over India, BSNL Pensioners are struggling to get their Medical Reimbursement Bill passed, but they have to wait as there is no machinery to inform the Pensioners to provide wanting neither information nor the Administration has will to act and get the required information for pensioners. In majority of Circles list of empanelled hospital are never notified for Pensioners they are informed when they approach to the administration nor supplied to the Pensioners Associations despite repeated written requests. Who will bell a Cat ? There is no machinery for the Pensioners to know the status of their Medical Reimbursement claims as none from the Administration come forward to part with the information. Neither the Phone Calls are replied nor they are informed even when the Pensioners visit personally? Result the Pensioners continue to suffer.

26.02.2015: Service Unions in BSNL Conducted Impressive March to Parliament on 25.02.2015. A good and appreciable start indeed.

26.02.2015: For compassionate ground appointment BSNL HQ in a letter dated 23.02.2015 asks all the Circle Heads the details of case considered, rejected and pending. In another letter dated 23.02.2015, all the Circle Heads are requested to depute Welfare Officer and complete the work for the cases upto 31.03.2015 and submit the report.

25.02.2015:The wheels continues to move….and Pensioners continue to suffer...

AIBSNLPWA WEB: 24th February 2015



Dear Comrades,

We reproduce hereunder a posting appeared in the website of All India BSNL Exectuve Association for the information of our viewers:

We observe that many officers at the top speak nicely when leaders of pensioners meet them. But, nothing concrete is done. We do not like to comment further on this issue at this stage.

From the website of AIBSNLEA

" 23.02.2015: Meeting with Member (Services), DoT GS and GS, AGS AIRBSNLEWA Shri Kishan Singh and Shri Rakesh Sriwastava met Shri Rajeev Aggarwal, Member (Services) DoT and requested for an early reply to Member (FINANCE ) on 78.2% IDA fixation for BSNL Pensioners. Member (Services) appreciated our concern and mentioned that the issue will be resolved but getting delayed due to departmental process. He also expressed his concern that this issue could have been settled along with BSNL serving employees itself however, he advised to meet and discuss with DDG (Estt) for the early comments."

23.02.2015: G. Meenakshi, Secretary, BDPWA, Tiruchirappalli informs “We send 500 Memorandum Copies to Hon’ble Prime Miniser and Communication Minister” for 78.2% IDA Merger issue. Click to know Strenth..

20.02.2015: Department of Expenditure issues order on 31.01.2015 which says now no need for personal appearance before the Bank Pension Disbursing Officer.. Click.

19.02.2015: Bharat Pensioners Samaj ( BPS ) - As Principal stake holder of Civil Pensioners at 7th CPC round-table on 17.2.2015 represented Pensioners issues. Click.

19.02.2015: 78.2 % IDA Merger Issue: The snail is alive and moving with its speed. It is gathered that the Member (Finance).is reported to have said that she has cleared on 16.02.2015 afternoon. The file has then sent to the DDG. The DDG reported to have told the Association Persons to meet him on Thursday.

18.02.2015: PENSION ADALAT : The CCA Gujarat, Ahmedabad notifies Pension Adalat at Rajkot on 27.03.2015 for Amreli, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Rajkot and Bhuj SSAs.The last date for receiving Pensioners; Grievance is 03.03.2015. The letter addressed to Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) dated 10.02.2015 from the Office of the CCA Gujarat was posted on 11.02.2015 by speed post and was received on 16.02.2015 and was posted to all the District Secretaries of concerned SSAs on 16.02.2015 itself. Click.

17.02.2015: HAPPY MAHA SHIVRATRI ; Yesterday we had uploaded copy of Old Cabinet Memo on 68.8% IDA Merger for Pensioners. Our aim was to apprise you all, on the contents of the Memo with required details and formalities, which once again the DoT has to follow for 78.2% IDA MERGER. It was also an attempt to make you aware that Govt. is aware of Hon’ble Supreme Court judgement in D.S. Nakara & Others’ case as cited in its Para 2.5 and to avoid division amongst Pensioners. You can also know that expected expenditure for said revision was only 110 crore per year. The unique differentiation will be date of effect, notional and actual. The BSNL has promised arrear to its employee on roll from 01.01.2007, when its financial viability improves but started giving enhanced pension w.e.f. 10.06.2013. DoT should also clear its stand on arrear or pay it now, as going through earlier Cabinet Memo., there will be no financial difficulty.

16.02.2015: CABINET MEMO – APPROVED BY MOC & IT, Dated 23.12.2010.


14.02.2015: OBITUARY : A great soul & a fighter for pensioners cause comrade S.K.Vyas has left for heavenly abode.May God grant peace to the departed soul & strength to all those left behind to bear the loss (13.2.2015).

14.02.2015: BSNL HQ No: 2-01/20135-PHA Dated 13.02.2015 – “Settlement pf telephone bills in respect of telephone provided at the residence ofBSNL Officers/Officials working in the BSNL and residing in MTNL service area”


14.02.2015: BSNL HQ Circular No: 01/2015-PHA Dated 13.02.2015 – “ Provision of Disount in Billing Software for MTNL Offices/Officers/Staff “


13.02.2015: Read ‘BHARAT PENSIONER’ MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2015 Issue. Please note the emphasizes are just to draw your attention on important matter by us.

Magazine Copy - Click.

13.02.2015: We have dispatched spare copies of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – JANUARY 2015 ISSUE through Professional Courier to all the Circle/District Secretaries throughout India. Please ensure its receipt by next week,

12.02.2015: Letter No. DGM/PBBU/RA dt : 17.01.2015 from Ms Rashmi Duggal, Dy GM, SBI, New Delhi to President, BPS,New Delhi on “ SUB : SBI Pension Loan Scheme New &Revised Scheme”.

Letter Copy - Click.

11.02.2015: Over Payment cannot be recovered if it is due to error on part of Employer:

CIVIL APPEAL NO. 11527 OF 2014, (Arising out of SLP(C) No.11684 of 2012)



All the private respondents in the present bunch of cases, were given monetary benefits, which were in excess of their entitlement. These benefits flowed to them, consequent upon a mistake committed by the concerned competent authority, in determining the emoluments payable to them. The mistake could have occurred on account of a variety of reasons; including the grant of a status, which the concerned employee was not entitled to; or payment of salary in a higher scale, than in consonance of the right of the concerned employee; or because of a wrongful fixation of salary of the employee, consequent upon the upward revision of pay-scales; or for having been granted allowances, for which the concerned employee was not authorized. The long and short of the matter is, that all the private respondents were beneficiaries of a mistake committed by the employer, and on account of the said unintentional mistake, employees were in receipt of monetary benefits, beyond their due.

3. Another essential factual component in this bunch of cases is, that the respondent-employees were not guilty of furnishing any incorrect information, which had led the concerned competent authority, to commit the mistake of making the higher payment to the employees. The payment of higher dues to the private respondents, in all these cases, was not on account of any misrepresentation made by them, nor was it on account of any fraud committed by them. Any participation of the private respondents, in the mistake committed by the employer, in extending the undeserved monetary benefits to the respondent-employees, is totally ruled out. It would therefore not be incorrect to record, that the private respondents, were as innocent as their employers, in the wrongful determination of their inflated emoluments.

12. It is not possible to postulate all situations of hardship, which would govern employees on the issue of recovery, where payments have mistakenly been made by the employer, in excess of their entitlement. Be that as it may, based on the decisions referred to herein above, we may, as a ready reference, summarise the following few situations, wherein recoveries by the employers, would be impermissible in law:

(i) Recovery from employees belonging to Class-III and Class-IV service (or Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ service).

(ii) Recovery from retired employees, or employees who are due to retire within one year, of the order of recovery.

(iii) Recovery from employees, when the excess payment has been made for a period in excess of five years, before the order of recovery is issued.

(iv) Recovery in cases where an employee has wrongfully been required to discharge duties of a higher post, and has been paid accordingly, even though he should have rightfully been required to work against an inferior post.

(v) In any other case, where the Court arrives at the conclusion, that recovery if made from the employee, would be iniquitous or harsh or arbitrary to such an extent, as would far outweigh the equitable balance of the employer’s right to recover.

13. We are informed by the learned counsel representing the appellant-State of Punjab, that all the cases in this bunch of appeals, would undisputedly fall within the first four categories delineated hereinabove. In the appeals referred to above, therefore, the impugned orders passed by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana (quashing the order of recovery), shall be deemed to have been upheld, for the reasons recorded above.

14. The appeals are disposed of in the above terms.

New Delhi; December 18, 2014.

Full Judgment - Click.

10.02.2015: To-day we are dispatching copies of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – JANUARY 2015 issue to all the District/Circle Secretaries for providing to the members who complain of its non-receipt.

10.02.2015: SYSTEM CONTINUES TO BE SAME: Either discipline has become rampant in BSNL Circles or the Information sought for is impracticable or there is no will to act. Anyway, BSNL HQ satisfies itself by issuing one more reminder dated 03.02.2015 asking for the information on ANOMALY ISSUE. Click.

10.02.2015: Kolkata Telephones, New Office Bearers elected SYSTEM CONTINUES TO BE SAME: Either discipline has become rampant in BSNL Circles or the Information sought for is impracticable or there is no will to act. Anyway, BSNL HQ satisfies itself by issuing one more reminder dated 03.02.2015 asking for the information on ANOMALY ISSUE. Click.

09.02.2015: OBITUARY : Shri Thomas John, Advisor BDPA (INDIA) and All India President, NUBSNLW (FNTO) lost his mother on 08.02.2015 who expired after brief illness. BDPA (INDIA) COVEYS ITS HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES TO BEREAVED FAMILY.

07.02.2015: Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi is once again invited by the 7th C.P.C.; on 17th February, 2015 for further interaction on retirement benefits. Click.

06.02.2015: Obituary: Former Circle President, FNTO TN Circle Shri A.S. Syed Ali,expired on 05.02.2015 at Madurai. Burial at 12.00 hours to-day. BDPA (INDIA) conveys heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

05.02.2015: Inclusion of eligible officers who are due to retire before the likely date of vacancies, in the panel for promotion Click.

03.02.2015: SCOVA MEETING NEWS: BSNL ITEMS : Both the items listed at S. No 7 & 8 were discussed in detail in the presence of MOS & I ( Shri S.C. Maheshwari) insisted for a time line for final decision. Shri Shivgopal Mishra General Secretary, JCM supported in the discussion. The MOS also told BSNL/DOT representatives to give timeline. Ultimately JS DOPPW told them to resolve both the issues within a month. Details follow. Shri S.C. Maheshwari, SG BPS.

03.02.2015: SCOVA Meeting will be held to-day at 11.00 hours.

02.02.2015: Shri H.C. Bhaatia, Office Secretary will be In charge of BDPA (INDIA) Ahmedabad office since the G.S. is on leave..

02.02.2015: G.M.T.D. Nagpur issues letter dated 17.01..2015 notifying the deadline for taking treatment in 13 Hospitals of NAGPUR SSA.. Click.

02.02.2015: G.M.T.D. Nagpur issues letter dated 31.01.2015 notifying the 17 New Hospital for taking treatment in Nagpur SSA.. Click.

29-01.2015: Till 28.01.2015, we have posted total 1200 + 2500 + 850 = 4550 copies of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – January 2015 issue containing the information to be printed in our ensuing Souvenir-cum-Directory. Please verify and act as instructed therein.

29-01.2015: There was a small Birthday Function in BDPA Office on 27.01.2015 held to jointly celebrate birthday of S/Shri V.N. Changawala, D.D. Mistry and A.D. Dixit falling in this month.

27-01.2015: BSNL Corporate Office vide No: 18-1/2014-BSNL-(WL) dated 23/01.2015 noltifies uniform rates for I.Q. for different categories. BSNL Retired Officers will be Rs.150/- or Rs.75/- depending upon the City. Click.

26.01.2015: HAPPY REPBLIC DAY.

26.01.2015: On 24.01.2015, we have posted 1200 copies of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – JANUARY 2015 EDITION. Further 2400 copies will be posted on 27.01.2015.

24.01.2015: We have posted 1200 copies of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT - January 2015 issue.

24.01.2015: OBITUARY: Shri V. H. Suthar (Sr), popularly known as Major, retired LSG Telegraph Master, C.T.O. Ahmedabad expired on 21.01.2015. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

23..01.2015: To-day we will post ‘BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS’ January 2015 issue in the afternoon containing 70 pages. Click for Editorial Pages.
Click for Text File.

22.01.2015: BEWARE OF THE NEW CHEATING....!!

We are reproducing hereunder a message received from Shri K Retnakaran, Retd DE, Kollam, Kerala. Same type of information was given to me from another Retired SDE of Kollam. Again, same news is received from Ernakulam, Mysore etc. There are different types of cheats. Some Cheats got access to the records of DoT. They target pensioners. Do not get in to their trap. Hence this posting. ... P S Ramankutty

Email from Mr. Retnakaran To AIBSNLPWA

Today I received a phone call from a New Delhi No. 1203852900 and one Malhotra was on the line. He was telling that he was calling from BSNL New Delhi and informed me that an amount of Rs. 245440/- was due to be paid from BSNL on account of PF accumulations. He correctly reproduced my home address and PIN code also my date of retirement. He added that the amount would be transferred to my Bank a/c on 27-01-2015 and asked me in which bank I was holding my account. I told him that it was SBI without giving my A/c Number. He then told that there would be some formalities to be completed before making payment, for which, I was to hold the line for some time so that the relevant officer would come to the line and inform me. I held the line for some 1 -2 minutes and then another man came to the line and explained to me the formalities. He told me there should be the necessity of NOC for making payment and there would also be TDS. For fulfilling these formalities he told to take down the particulars of documents to be sent for getting NOC. The documents are; Photo, Aadhaar card copy, PAN card copy and SBI cheque for Rs. 24000/- drawn in favour of DAVIS VALUE CARD PVT LTD NEWDELHI. Till this stage I heard his words. Even before that, I understood that this was a fake call for cheating as being read in news papers and from SMS received over phone announcing winning of lotteries. But this is a new attempt and a new field the cheats have chosen. Do not give any credence to such calls and get cheated.

With regards,
K. Retnakaran, Retired DE Kollam

21.01.2015: GS BDPA is personally indebted to one and all, who from abroad and all corners of the country conveyed their Best Birthday Greetings to him through mail, email, face book, twitter, Apps, Messages, phone and in person. This has generated feelings of oneness amongst all and will provide more strength and courage to him for carrying out his assigned social services to one and all..The love, affection and blessings expressed by them are acknowledged with deep gratitude.

20.01.2015: BDPA (INDIA) convey Birthday Greetings to Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA, who has completed 71 years and wish that MAY GOD give him enough courage to carry on his services for BSNL AND DOT PENSIONERS.


18.01.2015: Read ‘BHARAT PENSIONER’ January 2015 issue. Click.

16.-01.2015: DoT has issued order, appointing Shri Anupam Srivastava as the next CMD of BSNL.ON 15.01.2015. for a period of one year. Following this, Shri Anupam Srivastava has taken over charge today, as the next CMD BSNL. We convey our Greetings to him on taking reign of new assignment. Click.

15..01.2015: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue : The 26th SCOVA Meeting will be held on 3-2-2015 in New Delhi arranged by Department of Pension and pension welfare. The minister is the chairperson of the SCOVA meeting. Pensioners’ problems are discussed in that meeting. Officers from all Ministries will attend the meeting. DOT officers are also attending the meetings. Our 78.2% IDA pension revision & Pension anomaly cases are already there in it. It will come again on that day and replies about the progress of these cases will be given by DOT officers. Should be hope that this time DOT officers will give realistic replies in that meeting with sincerity?

15..01.2015: : 78.2% IDA Merger Issue : So spoke the viewer : You have taken an appreciable effort to hurry up the demand. It is better to do this sending of memorandum by all BSNL & DOT PENSIONERS will be so effective if a consolidated effort with other same purpose serving unions support also gained. As told as a story by one pensioner from Tiruchy the unjustified delay, the delay due to not knowing the authority under whose level is to be decided that may be thought in other way.

Firstly :

The officials in service from 1.1.2007 & to all who continued service after 10-06-2013 had got fresh fixation after 10-06-2013 with fresh formula , where as the rest who have ended service before 10-06-2013 but were in service as on service 1-01-2007 were not given fresh fixation. As a general rule once if fixation is given to a person for a particular period whoever in service during that time should be given fixation. The denial is fully objectionable and opposable at the BSNL itself which cannot be defended by the department on any natural paces or department rulings. Since it is a matter to be settled at the department level other parties (DOT DOE DOP PW) are asking this and that which is not relevant for the pensioners who were assured of fund from the consolidated fund of India. Here the question raised by DOE about ceiling and other things is not to be raised or not to get clarification. So please think in that angle and put forward the idea with legal basis to get the solution to 78.2% issue. This idea was earlier told to some pensioners union which was not accepted on the plea that the issue is going to settle in the near future which may not be spoiled by other means. But I hope there is nothing wrong in seeking that way to achieve the goal.

The another question is ;

When the serving employees were denied medical facility that was stopped to the pensioners where the pensioners of other government organization are getting. if the method applied to BSNL employees is holds good to its pensioners then the fixation should also be extended simultaneously . So we can argue in that angle also.

T Karuppiah Retd SDE Rajapalayam Tamilnadu 09486104237.

14..01.2015: Wish you all Happy Lohari, Pongal and Makarsankranti.

13..01.2015 : Kind attention – District/Circle Secretaries BDPA (INDIA) – Printed copies of Memorandum on 78.2% IDA Merger and other important issues have been posted to all concerned including active Pensioners. We request to ensure that Memorandum reach to them by the end of the Month, as the SCOVA meeting is scheduled to take place in first week of February 2015 and we wish to administer all possible pressure for the expeditious settlement of long pending issue. If necessary they should get more copies prepared at their end. All the viewers who are visiting our web are requested to act by downloading the Memorandum which is available on web news dated 09.01.2015. The same Memorandum is being printed in center pages of the ‘BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT’ January 2015 issue with a request to post them at the earliest. In a democratic set up, it is the number that counts, so join the move and make it grand success. We assure you that we are committed to get justice to all the pensioners without any compartmentalization amongst us.

12..01.2015 : S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat, D.D. Mistry and N.G. Parmar attended “BESNA CEREMONY” of late Shri M.S. Chavda, Retired SDE, at Gandhinagar and offered condolences to bereaved family on 11.01.2015. Other prominent members of BDPA (INDIA) also joined.

09.01.2015 : CDA from January 2015 will be 113% as AICPI-IW for November is 253.

09.01.2015 : 5th Circle Working Committee Meeting of BDPA (INDIA), Gujarat was held at Ahmedabad at 11.00 hours on 08.01.2015 under the Presidentship of Shri A.N. Patel. Office bearers and District Secretaries from Ahmedabad, Kheda, Vadodara, Surat, Valsad, Rajkot. Mehsana and Junagadh attended. The following business was transacted:

Minutes of previous meeting dated 06.10.2015 were read and passed.

The G.S. explained present position of 78.2% IDA Merger issue and said that despite our pressure from all the corners, there is no indication for acceleration of process and it has moving at snail speed in a regime of Government that works with motive of good governance. It was decided that the G.S. will write a letter to all the MPs of Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha to invite their attention towards the agony of BSNL Pensioners with unwholesome attitude towards senior citizens. It was also decided to request all the members to write a letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Moldi and Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications.The other BSNL affiliates of Bharat Pensioner Samaj will also requested for similar action from their end to strengthen movement. The request will contain our demands for (a) 78.2% IDA Merger (b) Expedite Anomaly issue for BSNL Pensioners in their Pay Fixation who suffered loss due to CDA/IDA formula during their retirement time.

(3) Merger of 50/% IDA as the total IDA has crossed 100.% on 01.01.2015.

(d) Restoration of Medical Allowance in Cash.

The said Memorandum will be published in January, 2015 in center pages so that members can take it out and post after signing. The District Secretaries were also given the printed copies of Memorandum. Out State District Secretaries are being posted their copies to-day. Click here for Text of Memorandum.

The Motivation procedure for publication of ‘BSNL PENSIOERS DIRECTORY CUM HAND BOOK 2015” was also approved with details work allotment for various committees which will work to incorporate the matter in different segments. The District Secretaries were given target to hold the conference in time.

The tentative dates for holding 5th Gujarat Circle Conference and 2nd All India Conference were decided as 16.06.2015 & 17.06.2015. It was decided to hold Get to Gather in the first week of March 2015 at Ahmedabad for which Rs.100/- donation will be collected from each participations. The date will be notified on booking of venue in our ensuing magazine.

In the Meeting 30 new Life Time Members were enrolled.The G.S. stress upon the office bearers to work hard for enrollment of more members to have our voice heard.

08.01.2015:: OBITUARY : Shri Patel Shantilal Kalidas, Membership No. 856, expired on 4.01.2015. He was born on 11-Jun-1925 and retired on 30-Jun-1983 as Telegraph Master, from C.T.O. Ahmedabad. We convey our heartfelt condolences.

07.01.2015: I.DA. Orders Iissued by DPE issued Vide No: W-02/0002/2014-DPE (WC) – GL-I/15 on 05.01.2015 making total IDA 100.3% . Click.

07.01.2015: OBITUARY : Shri Manabhai S. Chavda, Member No.58, Retired SDE, C.T.O. Ahmedabad residing at Gandhinagar expired due to severe heart attack on 05.01.2015 and cremated on 06.01.2015 at his native place. He was born on 01.09.1948 and took VRS on 01.08.2006. His “Besna: will be held on SUNDAY, 11.01.2015 at E-401, 'Vedika Habitat' City Pulse, Randesan Road, Opp.BAPS Kanya Vidyalaya,Randesan, Gandhinagar – 382007 (Phone No: 079-23600490). We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

07.01.2015: OBITUARY : Shri P.S. Chauhan, retired SS C.T.O. Ahmedabd expired on 04.01.2015. He was retired from C.T.O. Ahmedabad and was working as Time-Keeper. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved Family.

07.01.2015 : THE STORY OF 78.2% I.D.A Merger :

Mr. A owes Mr. B Rs.68.8 thousand. One day A calls B and hands over the amount. B goes home happily and later finds that A owes Rs.78.2 thousand (9.4 thousand more). So next day B claims this to A, and A says “I don’t have that much money to pay you”. B says to A, “I know you have enough money, so please pay”. After much pursuing, A agrees to pay the balance amount (Rs.9.4 thousand), and tells B that he will instruct his wife madam C to pay this as soon as possible.

B waits enough for this “as soon as possible” to happen and approaches C for the balance amount, telling “ I have waited for more than 5 years so please arrange to pay.” This time madam C says to B, “Please get the approval of my husband A again”. B becomes more frustrated and shocked to hear this and B reports to A, pleading, “Please give me this balance amount Rs.9.4 thousand, if it is legitimately due to me (B) and if not please refuse straight away, without resorting to this hide and seek for 5 ½ years.”

As usual the common BSNL pensioner after serving 30 to 40 years for the country is carrying on his living on the trust and hope in the Lord God and the great mother country India, whose basis all along has been in her “words and deeds”.


* - The above story is to illustrate the state of affairs in getting the 78.2% prevailing as on date and it is an individual’s opinion and creativity of a BDPA member and not intended to hurt anybody.

A refers to GOI.
B refers to BSNL Pensioners.
C refers to DPE, DOT and BSNL.

A. Vincent Paulraj
Retired D.E. BSNL, Trichy, Tamil Nadu.
Ex-President BSNL and DOT Pensioner Association, Trichy, TamilNadu – 620102.
Mobile: 094431-39555. Landline: 0431-2780999.

05.01.2015: OBITUARY : Br. NATARAJAN, GS AIBSNLPWA’s FATHER-IN-LAW expired on 03.01.2015 night at Cuddalore (Tamilnadu). He was 90. He was sick for some time. We convey our heartfelt condolences to Br. Natrajan.

03.01.2015: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue : Shri M.R. Vashist, All India President, BDPA (INDIA) informs, the file is still in the office of the DoT, in Finance Section and it will go to the Secretary DoT after its clearance by Finance. Then the Cabinet Note/Memo will go to all four nodal ministries for their approval and there will be no hurdle as they have already examined and given consent. Thereafter it will to to MOC and Cabinet for approval. This may take minimum two months. BDPA (INDIA) is chalking out its programme on 8th January, 2015 to press for the issue. The details will be published on web and also in January 2015 issue of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT. All the Districts will also be given in-put of the 8th January, 2015 meeting with a request for follow up at their respective districts.

01.01.2015: THE AICPIN FOR NOVEMBER 2014 STOOD AT 253 : The All India Consumer Price Index (AICPIN) for November 2014 stood at 253 and the Dearness relief (DR) has now reached 112.292 If the AICPIN for December 2014 also remains at 253 then the DR will be 113% w.e.f., 01.01.2015 i.e., a rise of only 6% can be expected – Secretary General. BPS.

01.01.2015: S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat and D.D. Mistry met the CGM Gujarat, GM(A) O/O CGM and PGM (Finance), o/o the CGM Gujarat in their respective offices and discussed irritating issues of the BSNL Pensioners which included delay in Medical Reimbursement, Delay in replying to letters from SSA Heads seeking information/clarification, delay in Pay Fixation Cases in Court Cases etc.

01.01.2015 : BDPA (INDIA) C.H.Q. wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

01.01.2015: In the month of November, 2014 total 29600 AND in December 2014 total 37611 viewers visited our web and we thank all of them for their trust and confidence in us.

31.12.2014: AICPI for November, 2014 remains 253 and as such there will be increase of 2.2% I.D.A. w.e.f. 01.01.2015.

31.12.2014 : IN NEWS : Shri Mansukhbhai P. Tankaria, Membership No.1642, was born on 7th July, 1942 and retired on 31stJuly, 2002 from the Office of the Superintendent In Charge, Central Telegraph Office, Rajkot serving unblemished in Telegraph Office. He was active in Trade Union Activities and play key role in functioning of All India Telegraph Traffic Ministerial Employees Union serving the employees. He provided free photograph in All the Circle Conferences which are in treasurer with us. After retirement he has joined BDPA (INDIA) and contributes Rs.100/- per month regularly as donation. An article on his photograph journey was published in AKILA published from Rajkot on 29.12.2014. Click.

30-12-14 : \\Telecom secretary Rakesh Garg pulls up BSNL executives for 'Delayed Decisions' – Extracts:

29-12-14 :KOLKATA: Telecom secretary Rakesh Garg has warned that top BSNL executives could face administrative action if "delayed decision making" on their part results in a failure to meet the March 2016 deadline set by the Prime Minister's Office for concluding the national broadband venture.

"There is a need to improve decision-making and administrative action should be taken against officers who are not taking decisions or are delaying them, which is holding up the project," said Garg, according to the minutes of a recent internal review meeting of the national broadband venture with BSNL's leadership.

Garg's ultimatum was triggered by a revelation that "all BSNL circles are lagging behind schedule in issuing work orders and in finalising tenders relating to the broadband project", the meeting minutes showed, a copy of which was reviewed by Economic Times.

The stakes are high since the national broadband network is positioned as the communications backbone of the Modi government's Rs 1.13 lakh-crore 'Digital India' venture, through which it aims to deliver e-services to rural end-consumers, which could be homes, schools, hospitals, banks or other institutions. The project is already three years behind schedule.

G.S. BDPA (INDIA) Writes : Will the similar yardstick applicable to those from DoT who are delaying 78.2% IDA Merger issue for the Pensioners since last EIGHTEEN Months?

29-12-14 : Snaps of Rajkot Sneh Samelan – Get to Gather – held in November, 2014. Click.

27-12-14 : A note on the meeting between the JAC and the BSNL Management,held on 22.12.2014, on the 30 point charter of demands. It appears that nothing tangible emerged in the meeting which included item on 78.2% IDA Merger for Pensioners reading “23) Revision of pension to retired officials based on 78.2% IDA merger.” Click.

27-12-14 : Also read what Mr. D. Chandrasekharan, CS TN Circle has to say : “This issue is also to be dealt with the DOT. Had the BSNLEU followed the advise of the then HM(c), Sri.A.Raja, this situation would have been changed and the pre-2007 pensioners, post 2007 pensioners, serving employees of Non-Executive and Executive would not have suffered the loss of wages as well as pensionary benefits. This case should be taken up with the DOT only and if necessary the HM(c) may also be approached by the unions / Associations to follow the Govt. orders of 78.2% IDA merger for revision of pension as well as refixation of pay from 01.01.2007. It may also please be noted that the agreement made by the recognized unions for merger of 68.8% IDA for working employees can cot legally be binding on the pensioners of pre-2007 retirees.”


25.12.2014: Our Heartiest Wishes to Hon’ble Shri Atalji on his 90th Birthday. Let us pledge to observe the Birth Anniversary of Atalji, as “The National Good Governance Day” and hope an golden era for Pensioners will also dawn up. We also congratulate Hon’ble Shri Atalji and Madan Mohan Malviyaji on announcement of “Bharat Ratna” to them.

23.12.2014: BSNL Corporate Office vide its No: No 64-133/BB/Tariff/14-15 dated 17.12.2014 on – “ To stop printing and distributing the bills to BSNL employees for their residential service landline/broadband connections - reg.” So keep eye on your email to pay the bill or face disconnection. Click.

22.12.2014: BSNL Notifies Recruitment for the 962 Post of JAO. Last Date 31.12.2014. Click.

22.12.2014: S/Shri J.B. Kumpavat, D.D. Mistry, A.M. Makwana, K.S. Modi, M.C. Waghela, M.M. Sadhu and V.N. Changawala attended ‘SHRADDHANJALI’ programme held at Medical Association Hall, Ahmedabad on 21.12.2014 in memory of late Shri Rambhai Ishwarbhai Rami, retired TM C.T.O. Ahmedabad and paid tribute to his services.

20-12-14 : OBITUARY : We are shocked to hear shocking news of sudden demise of Br. Chhidu Singh, a dedicated worker and Deputy General Secretary of AIBSNPWA.He left for heavenly abode today morning due to a massive heart attack at New Delhi leaving all of us in ocean of sorrow. He was very active and never left behind to discharge his duties towards BSNL Pensioners. We convey our Heart Felt Condolences to his family. BSNL Pensioners fraternity will always remember as one of the Pioneer of the Pensioners Welfare Movement. G.S. BDPA (INDIA), AHMEDABAD.

20.12.2014: Revision of pay scales and allowances w.e.f. 01.01.2007 as per DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 – Merger of 78.8% IDA for BSNL Employees/Pensioners item No.10 ATR SCOVA. Click.

18.12.2014: Agenda Items for 26th SCOVA Meeting scheduled to be held in January 2015. Click.

17.12.2014: Pensioners’ day message from GS BDPA (INDIA) :

To-day is 17th December, which is being observed as “Pensioners; Day” every year by all the Pensioners. This reminds us of Shri D.S. Nakara who relentlessly pleaded in the apex court for the cause of pensioners which resulted in the Land mark Appex court judgement in Writ petitions numbers 5939-41 of 1980 and judgement was delivered on this day.

The ‘Honourable apex court’ observed that where all relevant considerations are the same, persons holding identical posts may not be treated differently in the matter of their pay merely because they belong to different departments. If that cannot be done when they are in service, can that be done during their retirement? Expanding this principle, one can confidently say that if pensioners form a class, their computation cannot be by different formula affording unequal treatment solely on the ground that some retired earlier and some retired later.

To-day, we remind to the authorities in DoT to stop their game which is penetrating in the interest of BSNL Pensioners. A futile exercise in the name of Cabinet Note is nothing but back door effort to divide and deprive the BSNL Pensioners their rightful claim of 78.2% IDA Merger from 01.01.2007 at par with other PSUs. We have to be on guard to save our destiny and make our future brighter by collective efforts to get justice.

To-day, BDPA (INDIA) will visit the Pensioners Residence who are above 80 years and cannot participate in our activities despite their will as health comes in-between. We will greet them at residence with sweet, banquet and share their sweet memories and take their blessings.

16.12.2014: BSNL Corporate Office vide No:273-18/2013/CGA/E-IV dated 15.12.2014 issues clarifications on “Compassionate Ground Appointment – Change of procedure – doubts regarding.” Click..

16.12.2014: Smt.Yojna Das, Sr.GM (BFCI) is selected as Director (Finance).:BSNL's Director (Finance) post was lying vacant since November, 2013. The Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) conducted the selection yesterday the 08-12-2014,to fill up this post. 10 persons appeared in the selection. Smt.Yojna Das, who is presently SR. GM (BFCI) is selected for the post. She will take over as the next Director (Finance) of BSNL soon. BDPA (INDIA) heartily congratulates Smt. Yojna Das.

12.12.2014: BHARAT PENSIONER – DECEMBER 2014 Click.

11.12.2014: Woes of BSNL Pensioners. Click.

10.12.2014: Pensioners Day Message from Shri S.C. Maheshwari, Secretary General, Bharat Pensioners Samaj. Click.

07.12.2014: Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi-11 0003 vide No: NO.7/3/2013-P&PW (F), dated 2nd December,2014 issues clarification on “ Subject: Payment of Death Gratuity to a minor – regarding” Click.

07.12.2014: RAJYA SABHA STARRED QUESTION NO-187 raised by Smt. Vijila Sathyananth on “Revamping of BSNL “ is answered by MOC on 05.12.2014. Click.

07.12.2014: Only three BSNL territorial circles made profit in 2013-14 – a press Report by the Economic Times dated 05.12.2014: Click.


04.12.2014: Know your Income Tax applicability for assessment year 2015-16: Click.

02.12.2014: Method of pay fixation in IDA Pay Scale in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 01.10.2000 and opted IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion – BSNL CO vide No: 1-15/2011-PAT(BSNL) dated 01.12.2014 addressed to all Heads of Telecom Circle, citing its earlier letter dated 12.11.2014 further reads, “ ..that DOT has further sought the following information “ How was the pension of the absorbed employees, who opted for CDA pay scale and who retired from BSNL without any further promotion regulated on retirement? Was he allowed pension based on CDA pay scale or IDA Pay scale? How his Dearness Relief who have never retired was regulated – whether under CDA rates or IDA Rate?”

2. In this regard kindly intimate whether there is any case of absorbed e employee in group ‘C’ & ‘D’ cadre (Non-executive) who have never switched over to IDA pay scale and retired from BSNL with pension in CAD Pay.

3.This information may kindly be provided along with the information called for earlier vide this office letter dated 12.11.2014 at the earliest to enable this office to transmit the same to DOT.

02.12.2014. Income Tax Deduction from Pension: The Sr. Post Master, Navrangpura Head Post Office, Ahmedabad citing the Sr. SPO’s Letter No: IR/P&T Audit/Navrangpura HO/2012 dated 17.09.2014, writes to all Pensioners vide its letter No: E107/I.Tax/14-14 dated 21.11.2014 that it has been objected that it has to make deduction of Income tax from salary as well as from Pension. It further reads as under”

Hence this office will deduct the income tax from your pension @ usual rate. You are, therefore, requested to intimate savings if any, made by your for that savings. In case no any intimation is received from you, the tax will be deducted from your pension @ usual rate.

Further, Copy of your PAN Card also is to be supplied at the earliest. In case the same is not received by this office, the I.Tax wil be deducted @ double the rate of usual rate of Tax.

Your above information is to be submitted within 15 days from the receipt of this letter. In case the information is not received, in stipulated time Tax will be deducted straightway.

01.12.2014: Shri D.B. Gohel, M.No. 736, Rajkot writes I have respect and regards for BDPA (INDIA) and as such in a recently held Get to Gather at Rajkot he has donated Rs.1100/- towards Building Fund and says he will further donate 50% of arrear received on settlement of 78.2% I.D.A We thank Shri Gohelbhai for his noble gesture towards BDPA (INDIA) and hope this will be inspiration for others to follow.

01.12.2014: In the month of November, 2014 total 29600 viewers visited our web and we thank all of them for their trust and confidence in us.

01.12.2014: The Government is thinking to reduce retirement age from 60 to 58 years for all C.G. Employees/PSUs. . Click.

01.12.2014: Obituary : Shri P.J. Shah (Dhruv), expired on 28.11.2014, at the age of 89 years. He was Born on 18.11.1924 and retired as Head Clerk on 30.11.1982 from the Office of the Chief Superintendent, Central Telegraph Office, Ahmedabad. BDPA (INDIA) convey heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

29.11.2014: No change in the AICPI for Oct-14. It remains as 253. If there in no increase in Nov IDA hike from 1.1.15 will be 2.2%. For increase of 1pt (2.4%), 2pt (2.7%).

27.11.2014: 78.2% IDA MERGER ISSUE – The Cabinet Note is under process and is likely to be submitted to the Secretary, DoT by week end.

27.11.2014: 26th meeting of Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) scheduled to be held in the month of January, 2015 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS (PP).-BPS Invites Agenda items from its stake holders. Ministry of P.P. G & P, Dept. of Pensioners Welfare vide No:F. No. 42/39/2014-P&PW(G), dated 34.11.2014 invites items for inclusion in agenda.

27.11.2014: Shri D.D. Mistry, GS and S/Shri A. K. Patel and N. A. Patel met Shri Gopal Joshi, CCA Gujarat on 26.11.2014 and discussed various Pensioners related issues. GS also met Shri Jajoo, Dy. CCA and discussed the pending issues and also the road map of CCA for future pensioners. Now Gratuity, Computation and GPF amount are directly credited in the Pensioners Bank Account, curtailing delay.

27.11.2014: BDPA (INDIA) express its solidarity with JAC’s programme of to-day.

24.11.2014: District Conference BDPA Kottayam:

The District Conference of BDPA(INDIA) was held on 11.11.2014 at Ananda Mandiram Hall Thirunakkara, Kottayam .Shri K.N.Babu President presided in the meeting. .K.K.Gopkumar inaugurated the meeting. Messers K. P.Chellappan (District Secretary BDPA,Ernakulam), P.I.Vincent (Distrct Secretary NUBSNLW (Kottayam),District Secretary BDPA, Kottayam KPC Nair,Sasi kumar PR Nair spoke.

Out of 100 members of BDPA, Kottayam unit more than 52 members attended. A large number of ladies also participated

Shri Kaimal who spoke in the meeting claimed he is the senior most present with 79 years age. Mr Antony Sir who is nearing 94 could not make it to attend this meeting owing to an accident.

The meeting concluded with lunch to all participants. Following were unanimously elected as office bearers .Shri Gopkumar conducted the election.

President Shri K.N.Babu (09447039297)
Secretary Shri K.P.C.Nair (09400445388 )
Treasurar Shri C.K.Hari Kumar ( 08281042490)

and 8 otherrs including Smty Marykutty Augustine (Vice President 09447063888),Smty Rani P Joy (Org anizing Secretary 09495848646), Smty Brijit Cyriac(Asst Treasurar 09447776912),

President Kerala (email).

24.11.2014: SCOVA 26 is likely to be held in 2nd week of December 2014. Agenda is called for.

23.11.2014: The Govt. of India increases FMA limit from Rs.300/- to Rs.500/- per month. Click.

23.11.2014: On 22.11.2014, Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) addressed Open Session of 2nd District Conference of Junagadh District, where more than 200 Pensioners/invitees were present. The Mayor of Junagadh City also addressed the session. Shri D.D. Mistry enlighten the audience on pending irriating issues of Pensioners including Anomalies, 78,.2% IDA Merger issue, Medical Allowance, 7th CPC and its relevancy for BSNL Pensioners etc. Shri D.V. Lavadia spoke on pending issues and submitted his annual report and accounts for previous year.

21.11.2014: The 33rd Get to Gather – Sneh Samelan – of BDPA (INDIA) was held on 20.11.2015 at 15.00 hours in Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall (Air-conditioned) under the Presidentship of Shri A.N. Patel.Shri J.B. Kumpavat anchored the event in his own meticulous and appreciable manner involving the entire audience. The hall was jam packed beyond its capacity and as such the pensioners were accommodated on dias and adjoining two rooms as more than 450 pensioners make it a point to attend it. Shri D.D. Mistry, GS was honoured with garland and banquet for his election as Secretary BSNL/PSUs in 59th AGM of Bharat Pensioner Samaj on 09.11.2014 at Agra. Shri D.D. Mistry enlightened the audience on pending burning issues of BSNL/DOT Pensioners, its present position and the efforts being made by the BDPA (INDIA) in collaboration BPS New Delhi. He stressed over the issue that legal struggle is imminent as the Government is contemplating to deprive the pensioners from their legal right of IDA Merger w.e.f. 10.06.2013 instead of 01.01.2007. It will also deprive the pensioners from their right of leave encashment, gratuity and computation. Shri Pandya enlightened the meeting over numerous provision of RTI to get the information. The Doctors from SAL HOSPITAL Ahmedabad spoke on TKR and Cardiac Care and replied various queries of the members. It was decided by the audience that hereafter the meeting will be held by collecting contribution of Rs.100/- from each member attending it so as make the BDOPA (INDIA) comfortable. Shri A.N. Patel in his concluding speech thanked members and offered regret for inconvenience caused due to space problem. He also throw light how the BDPA (INDIA) office is functioning regularly and issuing journal uninterruptedly. The meeting was concluded with Dinner and exchanging pleasantries amongst pensioners. Click.

21.11.2014: The G.S. BDPA (INDIA) will addressed new year get to gather of Junagadh Telecom District, Junagadh at 09.00 hours where the dignitaries of the city will also make their august presence.

19.11.2014: 33rd Get-to-gather of BDPA (INDIA) Ahmedabad will be held on 20.11.2014, Thursday from 15.00 to 18.00 hours at Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Near Natraj Cinema, Opp. H.K. Arts College, Ashram Road.Ahmedabad. It will be New Year’s first Get-to-gather and as such it is named as ‘SNEH SAMELAN’. Shri D.D. Mistry, GS will speak on latest position of 78.2% IDA Merger issue. He will be honoured in the meeting on his election as Secretary, BSNL/PSUs in 59th AGM of BPS on 09.11.2014. One Hour Seminar on R.T.I. ACT 2005 will be conducted by the experts, followed with a talk on ’TKR & Cardiac care’ by distinguished doctors of SAL HOSPITAL and will be concluded with Dinner at 18.00 Hours.

19.11.2014: View Photographs of 59th AGM of BPS at Agra on 09.11.2014. . Click.

18.11.2014: On 17.11.2014 afternoon, S/Shri J.B. Kumpavat, D.D. Mistry, R.C. Sharma, K.S. Modi, H.C. Bhatia, A.K. Patel and other members of the Association visited residence of Mrs. R.S. Suthar, who expired recently and offered condolence to the members and guided them for family pension procedure.

17.11.2014: In 59th AGM of Bharat Pensioners Samaj, we submitted some resolution on our behalf. Click.

17.11.2014: In 59th AGM of Bharat Pensioners Samaj, passed the following resolutions. Click.

16.11.2014: On 14.11.2014, S/Shri M.R. Vashist President, D.D. Mistry GS and R.C. Sharma visited DoT New Delhi Office and met Pension Section Officers and than met Shri R.K. Mishra, DDG (Establishment) and discussed the 78.2% IDA Merger issue. It was revealed that as per approval from DoE, the file will be submitted to Cabinet for approval w.e.f. 10.06.2013, i.e. same date as given to working employees. For this, the issue is divided in two parts. First, file is already moving and has gone upto Member Finance and will to the Secretary and then MOC for approval seeking approval to prepare Cabinet Note. Simultaneously, the work of Cabinet Note is also on the way. It was also revealed that MOC does not take time to clear file. However, looking to intricacies involved in the issue, we do not expect any miracle to happen.

16.11.2014: On the issue of extending benefit of deferred option under para 4 of dop&pw no. 4/18/87-P&PW(D) dated 05.07.1989 to the absorbed Group C & D Employees in BSNL– DoT asks the BSNL to furnish some information and in turn the BSNL Corporate Office has asked vide its letter No. 1-15/2011-PAT (BSNL) dated 12.11.2014, all its CGMs to furnish those information so as to compile them and forward to DOT. Click.

16.11.2014: Obituary : Mrs. Suthar Ranjanben Shantilal, H-2, Hirakunj Flats, Opp.Water Tank, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad -380061 Member. No. 5067 expired on 14.11.2014 in brief illness. She was born on 15.07.1948 and retired on 31.07.2004. She was retired from the office of the Chief Sujperintendent, C.T.O. Ahmedabad. In her last visit to BDPA Office she had donated Rs.2000/- towards Building Fund. Her Photo is published in October, 2014 issue. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

14.11.2014: On 13.11.2014, S/Shri M.R. Vashist President, D.D. Mistry GS and R.C. Sharma Treasurer, met Shri S.C. Mahwshwari, S.G. Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi at Gurgaon and acquainted themselves on working pattern of BPS. They also discussed various Pensioners related and future road map of BPS. SG BPS assured to his full support to settle Pensioners issues through BDPA (INDIA). Now BDPA (INDIA) will be able to approach Pensioners portal of Pension Ministry through BPS Portal which will help us to accelerate settlement of the issues.

13.11.2014: S/Shri M.R. Vashist President, D.D. Mistry GS and R.C. Sharma Treasurer, met Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, Adviser Finance in BSNL Corporate Office as good will gesture and discussed various BSNL Pensioners related issues. He assured to extend all possible help to resolve issue of 78.2% IDA Merger.

13.11.2014: On 10.11.2014, the Govt. launched “AADHAR BASED DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE FOR PENSIONERS” – It is an Aadhar-based Digital Life Certificate, which will be an enabling mechanism which would benefit the common man. The proposed digital certification will do away with the requirement of a pensioner having to submit a physical Life Certificate in November each year, in order to ensure continuity of pension being credited into his account. The Department of Electronics and IT has developed a software application which will enable the recording of the pensioner's Aadhar number and biometric details from his mobile device or computer, by plugging in a biometric reading device. The software application system will be made available to pensioners and other stakeholders on a large scale at no extra cost. It can be operated on a personal computer or a smartphone, along with an inexpensive biometric reading device. This facility will also be made available at Common Service Centres being operated under the National e-Governance Plan, for the benefit of pensioners residing in remote and inaccessible areas. We well come the step taken by Hon’ble Narendra Modi’s Govt. Click.

12.11.2014: In reshuffling, Hon’ble Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad continues to be MOC & IT. We hope that now he will be able to devote more time and attention to BSNL issues as well. We hope issue of 78.2% IDA Merger will move speedily now. Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) is in New Delhi from 12.11.2014 to 14.11.2014.

09.11.2014: The 59th Annual General Body Meeting of the BHARAT PENSIONER SAMAJ, NEW DELHI was held on 09.11.2014 at Railway Institute Hall, Agra-Cantt. S/Shri M.R. Vashist, President, D.D. Mistry, GS and R.C. Sharma, Treasurer represented BDPA (INDIA) in the meeting. The delegates and observers from throughout the country participated. The meeting commenced with National flag hoisting and registration of delegates. It was inaugurated by lightening a lamp, well coming of dignitaries, garlanding them and honouring them. A beautifully and artistically designed and informative Souvenir was released in the meeting. The programme of honouring Platinum Age brotherhood members and awards to the Association was carried out gloriously. Shri S.C. Maheshwari, submitted his report and accounts for the year 2013-14 and budget estimates for the year 2014-15. The SG read out the resolutions to be adopted by the AGM. BDPA (INDIA) also submitted few resolutions relating to BSNL/DOT Pensioners. The large numbers of delegates participated and made the meeting lively.The amendments to the Constitution as proposed were adopted. Shri S,C, Maheshwari was elected as SG and also a elections for other post was held unanimously.Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) was elected as Secretary, BSNL/PSUs. The details of the meeting and photographs will follow soon.

07.11.2014: DOT pension Budget Estimate (on the heads ofpension) for 14-15 shows separate accounting estimates for CDA pension, BSNL IDA pension. Though MTNL IDA pension is also placed accounting estimate is yet to be given for MTNL. For CDA the estimates are : For Pension 1373.1388 cr, For FP 282.4667 cr, Commutation 401.5935, Gratuity 527.4047. For BSNL IDA pension the estimates are: Pension 2008.8512 cr, FP 413.2353 cr, Commutation 587.5165 cr, Gratuity 771.7053 cr... Total Retirement benefits commitment of DOT is estimated as 6386 cr barring MTNL. (Information through RTI).

06.11.2014: BSNL HQ Vide No: BSNL/MRS/M2/Genl/2011-12/65 dated 05.11.2014 on “ Sub: BSNL MRS – Issuing Authorization letter / Scrutiny of Medical claims – reg” says “ DGMs at SSA level may be authorized to sign the permission letter for taking medical treatment in nearby SSA in the absence of GM/PGM to avoid delay, since some GMs are looking after many SSAs.” Click.

04.11.2014: Ministry of Finance, forwards our representation on IDA Disripancy in calculation, to it relates to them. Click.

04.11.2014: Department of PG/ & PW forwards our representation to the DoT for taking necessary action and to inform back. Click.

04.11.2014: The Circle Secretary, BDPA (INDIA), J & K requests for financial help for Pensioners of Srinagar who has faced agony of nature recently. The BDPA (INDIA), Ahmedabad has contributed Rs.25, 000/- to make beginning. Others may contribute by sending their contribution to us through cheque or bank transfer in favour of BSNL & DOT PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION, AHMEDABAD. Click.

03.11.2014: From to-day BDPA (INDIA) will resume its routine work from 14.00 to 17.30 hours from Monday to Friday and will observe BSNL Holidays as its premises remain locked during that period.

02.11.2014: Consumer Price Index (IW) for the month of September 2014 is 253. No increase when compared to August, 2014.

01.11.2014: Performa for Information of Retired Employees for ‘E.R.P.’ Click.

01.11.2014: Web Viewers: In the month of October, 2014, total 40220 viewers visited our site. We thank all of them. In order to cater more news, we are updating our web shortly. We also thank those who are sending their contribution of Rs.50/- towards web maintenance.

31.10.2014: The Office of BDPA (India), Ahmedabad will open on 03.11.2014 at 14.00 hours and work up to 18.00 hours. It will observe Holiday on 04.11.2014 being Idd-Holiday and restriction on vehicle movement in area.

We have already posted BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJRAT – October, 2014 issue on 15/16.10.2014 in GPO Ahmedabad. Members are requested to wait for some time as due to heavy workload in Post- Offices, it may be delayed.

Further members are requested not to trust some statements made by sister unions in their meeting to the effect that Magazine are printed in short number and that is why they are not receiving. This is calculative move to tarnish our image. Let us state that we are printing 1000 more magazine for future members and complimentary readers. So please do not move away with such irresponsible statements.

We pay our tribute to late Smt. India Gandhi, Former PM on her 30th Death Anniversary.

We also join countrymen in remembering late Shri Sardar Vallabhai Patel, First Home Minister, on his Birth Anniversary.

29.10.2014: Know the performance of BSNL – Balancesheet – Cash Flow and Income & Expenditure for 2013-14. Click.

. Click.

. Click.

28.10.2014: The BSNL HQ issues fresh instructions/procedure for Compassionate Ground Appointments and writes to all CGMs and also endorses order for calculating vacancies and replying judicial cases based upon the new procedure. Click.

. Click.

. Click.

26.10.2014: B.D.P.A. (INDIA), Ahmedabad convey hearty thanks to one and all, who through mail, email, messages, apps and phone calls conveyed HAPPY DEEPAVALI and New Year. We also reciprocate and convey our greetings to them. We wish that New Year bring prosperity and hearty life to all the Pensioners and well wishers.

25.10.2014: The CCA Karnataka is to hold Pension Adalat for DoT/BSNL Pensioners/Family Pensioners in third week of December, 2014. The Pensioners can represent their grievance latest by 22/11/2014 by post/Fax/Email (Fax-080-22201104, The cases involving legal/succession issues and policy maters willnot be entertained. The venue and date will be intimated directly to each applicant.


24.10.2014: The Ministry of P.P.G & Pensions, New Delhi forwards our rep;resentation on 78/2% IDA Merger issue to Shri Prachis Khanna, Director (Esttt), MOC & IT New Delhi for further comments/action. Click.

24.10.2014: The Ministry of Finance, DoE, New Delhi reply dated 15.10.2014 to the DoT on 78.2% IDA Merger issue. It agrees for revision w.e.f. 10.06.2013 with Cabinet Approval and denies increase in Computation & Gratuity for those retired during the period from 01.01.2007 to 09.06.2013.The letter says it has approval from Minister Finance. Click.


19.10.2014: EPFO seeks govt nod to invest in shares : The Employees Provident Fund Organization, which manages retirement savings of close to Rs 7 lakh crore, is making a fresh pitch for investment in shares — public sector stocks, to begin with — after managing to extract support from at least two union representatives on its board.

18.10.2014: 300 copies Sent through Courier to Surat and Ranchi. All Districts 10 copies sent through Professional Courier. 350 copies also posted to Officers, subscribers and complimentary readers. Please note that as per yesterday’s media report there is heavy accumulation of magazines on Ahmedabad Railway Station Plat Form No.12 and there is every possibility of mail being delayed. Please bear with us.

17.10.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger issue - The Under Secretary, DoE has reportedly cleared the file suggesting to the DoT to obtain Fresh Cabinet Approval for Pre-Post 01.01.2007 Pensioners. Details are awaited.

17.10.2014: BSNL Pensioners News Gujarat – October 2014 issue -2500 copies are posted. For Surat and Ranchi, it will be sent in one lot to the District Secretaries as desired by them through Courier.

16.10.2014: BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – October 2014 issue – 1000 copies posted on 15.10.2014. Read Editorial of October, 2014 Click Here for Text.

16.10.2014: The G.S. BDPA (INDIA) writes to Sri. Pon. Radhakrishnanji ,Hon'ble Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India, New Delhi inviting his attention towards the erroneous calculation of IDA w.e.f. 01.10.2014 and requests him to intervene. Click Here for Text.

Anexure 1 Click Here for Text.

Anexure 2 Click Here for Text.

15.10.2014: Resolutions to be placed in the 59th AGM of Bharat Pensioner Samaj, to be held at Agra on 9th November, 2014 are placed here for information of all the Members. Click Here for Text.

14.10.2014: Due Diwali Festival nearing, we will start posting of ‘BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS’ October 2014 issue from 15th October, 2014. It contains total 76 pages. Click Here for Text.

13.10.2014: BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – October 2014 issue is under print and will be posted on 15.10.2014 to avoid Diwali Heavy Rush. We have incorporated complete Memorandum submitted by the BHARAT PENSIONER SAMAJ, New Delhi to 7th C.P.C. for information and keeping record.

11.10.2014: The DPE’s orders for IDA W.E.F. 01.10.2014 making total 98.1% (increase of 6.8%) is endorsed by the BSNL HQ on 10.10.20144. Click

09.10.2014: The DPE issued orders for IDA W.E.F. 01.10.2014 making total 98.1% (increase of 6.8%). Click

08.10.2014: The 4th CWC of BDPA (INDIA) was held on 07.10.2014 at 11.00 hours in BDPA Office. Representatives from Valsad, Surat, Vadodara, Kheda, Mehsana, Rajkot and Ahmedabad participated. It was tentatively decided to hold 4th Gujarat Circle Conference and 2nd All India Conference in the month of June, 2015. It was also decided to publish ‘BSNL PENSIONERS HANDBOOK CUM TELEPHONE DIRECTORY 2015. A committee was also formed for the publication of the same. It was decided to accelerate membership enrolment programme to meet with targets. Issue of 78.2% IDA merger was also discussed threadbare and all shown their disappointment, agony and dissatisfaction towards the authorities for handling it with lukewarm response. The GS was asked to pressurize the issue with the help of all the concerned associations and move jointly in this direction. It was decided that now Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar District will held their get-to-gather separately as other districts are convening their own functions for the districts.

08.10.2014: BSNL Corporate office issues instructions to all concern for pensioner contribution at the maximum of scale from Octoer, 2014. Click

We welcome Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, who has joined BSNL CO as adviser and hope now we will be able to get our 78.2% IDA Merger Issue accelerated.


05.10.2014: Shri D. Chandrasekharan, AGS FNTO prepares notes on IDA Calculation procedure with dictionary meaning the system adopted so far and puts full stop on the discussions over the issue of rounding off. Click

04.10.2014: The working committee meeting notified on 6th October, 2014 now stands postponed to 7th October, 2014, as 6th is Holiday. All concerned are requested to take note of the change. The time and agenda remains the same.


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01.10.2014: Web Viewers: In the month of September, 2014, total 46,289 visited our web. We thank one and all for their visit and trusting us for latest news for Pensioners/Workers. We are coming before you shortly in new design and latest devices for easy access to us.

30.09.2014 INCREASE IN IDA W.E.F. 1.10.2014: Based upon AICPI (253), IDA increase w.e.f. 01.10.2014 will be 6.9% (rounding off to next higher point) or it will be 6.8% if rounding off not considered. This will make total IDA 98.2% or 98.1%. In past the DPE had not considered rounding off to next digit.

30.09.2014: C.D.A. w.e.f. 01.07.2014 – Ordedrs issued for Pensioners on 29th September, 2014 Click

29.09.2014: BDPA (INDIA) extends its support to JAC’s call for two hours walk-out on 30.9.2014.

29.09.2014: 78.2 IDA. Merger Issue: We regret that despite promise in SCOVA Meeting held on 5th September, 2014, DoE has not issued any clarification though promised to issue the same within a week and as such DoT maintains that unless they receive required clarification, it cannot move. What prevents DoT to inquire the status from DoE is hundred dollar question. It appears certain that even DoE submits required clarification, as revealed, it may suggest Cabinet for All the BSNL Pensioners instead of deviding the Pensioners in three categories as suggested by DoT. We also endorse the views of DoE for similar uniform treatament for all the Pensioners.

27.09.2014: Bonus for Railwaymen Declared - Railway Board has sanctioned 78 days PLB – Productivity Linked Bonus to Railway Employees for the year 2013-14 and that Orders for this 78 days Railway Productivity Linked Bonus has been issued by Railway Board.

26.09.2014: BSNL CO issues clarification on renting out vacant quarters to family pensioners. Click

26.09.2014: Advance of Pay to BSNL employees of J&K : A demand for payment of 3 months pay as advance to the BSNL employees of flood affected J&K was made today and the Management has agreed to positively consider.

26.09.2014:31st National council – Brief.(SOURCE:nftevellore)

The 31st National Council meeting was held today. CMD, also being the Director (HR), chaired the meeting.

The issues of Stagnation, Wage Erosion and JTO RR were also discussed. The Management said that they are on the Job. The Management told that, on the issue of× Wage erosion on 1.1.2007 of Recruits, they have already agreed to give one increment but Unions are not agreeing. Finally, it was agreed, in principle, to compensate the loss on that date. Payment of PLI to staff was also discussed.

Discussion on new items :

1. Restructuring of Pay scales compatible to wages after 78.2 IDA merger : Staff side argued for changing the Pay scales due to more instances of Stagnation after 78.2 IDA merger. Difficulties in modifying the pay scales was pointed out by the Management.

2. Difficulties faced due to ERP implementation : Staff side put forth the difficulties faced by Staff and Administration in Circles were ERP has been implemented. Management will try to address the problems as soon as possible.

5. Inclusion of Brothers/ Sisters as dependents for BSNLMRS : Financial implication to be worked out first.

7. Payment of Medical allowance to retired employees : Management suggested payment of 7 days wages as allowance. Staff side demanded improvement on the offer of 7 days wages.

10.Restoration of one extra increment inlieu of Grade IV : Management will give a note to Staff side on why it may not be possible.

19. Negative Marking System : Management said that negative marking system prevails only in objective type exams.

24.09.2014: We have uploaded alphabetic list of members as on 23.09.2014. All who have enrolled recently are requested to ensure that their names are enlisted therein.In case of discrepancy of any, please send mail to repeat as out hotmail id is locked as it was hacked sometimes ago.

24.09.2014: 60 Days Bonus for Postal Employees for the year 2013-14 -Order issued on 22.09.2014

23.09.2014: BSNL Pensioners – Please Note – To get payment of Medical Reimbursement, it is necessary to have your HR No. All those who retired earlier and not having their HR Nos. are requested to contact their parent unit and get the HR No. to avoid further hardship while submitting/receiving the bills.

22.09.2014: Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad asks Finance Ministry to hasten I-T refund of Rs.7000 crore to BSNL and the Telecom Commission is taking steps to arrange an early Rs 6,794 crore refund for BSNL's surrendered 4G airwaves. Click

22.09.2014: BSNL CO issues clarification on NEPP and asks to settle the old case if considered otherwise. Click

19.09.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue – The File is moving with snail speed and as such we will have to wait further. It appears that DoE is not in favor of dividing the Pensioners in two segments i.e. Pre-2007 & Past-2007 Pensioners. If what we presume comes true, the DoE may direct DoT to get fresh approval for all the Pensioners without any line of demarcation. We know that DoT had proposed approval for Pre-2007 Pensioners with Cabinet Approval and Post-2007 within the Powers of DoT. Let us wait further for two/three days for final reply of DoE, which ought to have been received on 12th September, 2014 as promised in SCOVA meeting held on 5th September, 2014.

19.09.2014 : BSNL Corporate Office asks all CGMs to expedite submission of Pension cases before six months. Click

19.-09.2014: BSNL Corporate office issues clarification on how to work out ceiling on BSNLMRS Outdoor Claims. Click

17.09.2014: S/Shri D.D.Mistry, A.N. Patel & V.N. Rathod attended CWC Meeting of FNTO at Bangalore on 15.09.2014 and 16.09.2014. They made all endeavor to expand activities of BDPA (India).

17.09.2014: BDPA (INDIA) meeting to be held to-day at DAVANGERE (Karnataka) is postponed due to unforeseen reasons. It will be held shortly.

17.09.2014: Bihar Circle : Patna BDPA (INDIA) enrolls 32 members.We convey our heartiest congratulation and hope it will expand further very soon.

13.09.2014: S/Shri A.N. Patel and D.D. Mistry are commencing their journey for Bangalore from to-day afternoon. They will attend the CWC Meeting of FNTO and explore the situation to form BDPA(INDIA) in Karnataka on 15th & 16th September, 2014.. The programme of Davangere has been postponed due to sudden pressing reasons. It will be held shortly in the next month.

11.09.2014: J & K Water Disaster: Unforeseen disaster has struck on J & K and it is resulted into havoc for the citizens. On 7th September, 2014, Hon’ble PM Shri Narendrabhai Modi has declared the situation as national disaster. The Government machinery is providing all possible assistances to the all concerned. We are aware of our limitation to extend financial help to a level of satisfaction but feel that we have to contribute our mite to overcome the agony.

To begin with, BDPA (INDIA) decides to extend financial help to the BSNL & DOT Pensioners in the area. A fund known as “BSNL & DOT Pensioners Relief Fund” is being created , by donating Rs.25,000/- by BDPA (India). We request all the Districts/Circles to extend their helping hand towards the fund. The details will be gathered by our J&K unit. The last date for receipt of donation is 31st October, 2014 as we contemplate to distribute it in the first week of November, 2014.

You can send the money through Bank Transfer as detailed below:


Name of Bank: CANARA BANK.
Name of Branch: Bhadra Branch. .
Name of City: Ahmedabad. .
S.B. Account No: 0317101027159 .

Please do inform us after effecting Bank Transfer to Shri R.C. Sharma, Office Secretary, on phone No. 079-25500800 and send Xerox copy of your remittance with covering letter may kindly be send to us for issuing Receipt. Our Working Hours: 14.00 to 17.00 hours from Monday to Friday.

Details of Committee Formation etc follows.

10.09.2014: G.S. BDPA (INDIA) conveys his heartiest thanks to one and all who call on him on 09.09.2014 on receiving message that “ I am in Singapore and need financial help….. etc”; which was in consequence to hacking of my email id. I am happy that none has become victim of ill motive of the hacker. In such case, it will always be advisable to contact concern person on phone and not to reply such email. I am also thankful to Shri S.C. Maheshwari SG BPS who also shared my concern and informed all concerned accordingly.

09.09.2014: PLEASE NOTE : My email account has been hacked by hacker and he is sending email/calls demanding money on my name saying I am in Singapore and needs money. Please ignore all such messages and do not reply to any mail received from that email id.

08.09.2014: 78.2% IDA MERGER ISSUE & ANOMALY FOR October 2000 to July 2001 Retirees: Feedback is placed now for information of members. Click

08.09.2014: Second Get-to-Gather of Surat & Tapti Districts was held on 07.09.2014 at Surat. S/Shri D.D. Mistry, A.N. Patel and J,B, Kumpavat addressed. A Directory of Surat & Tapti Pensioners containing information of 245 members was also released. More than 200 Members attended and 17 new members were enrolled during the meeting. Details report follows.

07.09.2014: Second Get-to-Gather of Surat & Tapi Districts will be held at 10.00 hours on 07.09.2014 at S.M.C. Senior Citizen Hall, Ishita Park, Adajan Road, Surat. S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat, D.D. Mistry, H.C. Bhatia & N.A. Patel from BDPA (INDIA) Ahmedabad will attend the gathering. Members can contact Shri M.M. Ghadiali, Cell No: 9979202065 for further details.Third Edition of BSNL PENSIONERS DIRECTORY 2012 will be available for sale at concessional rates at the venue.


Memories of moments celebrated together.
Moments dat have been attached in my heart, .
.4ever. Make me Miss U even more this ONAM. .
Hope dis ONAM brings in Good Fortune &.
Abounding Happiness 4 U! .



05.09.2014: 78.2% IDA MERGER ISSUE – SCOVA MEETING – In to-day’s SCOVA Meeting Director from the Department of Expenditure assured That “ "WITHIN A WEEK, D.O.E. WILL CONVEY ITS DECISION TO THE TELECOM DEPARTMENT." Details follows.>

05.09.2014: Cabinet approves 7%hike in CDA for CG Employees/Pensioners. Now, total CDA 107%. Orders to be issued.

04.09.20O14: 78.2% IDA Merger issue to be discussed in 25th MEETING OF SCOVA ON 5th SEPTEMBER 2014 - ACTION TAKEN REPORT ISSUED BY DOP&PW on 02.09.2014 indicates no change in the present status on merger of 78.2% IDA with basic pension and removal of anomaly in pension of the absorbed BSNL pensioners who retired between 1.10.2000 and 31.07.2001; which are appearing at Serial No. 9 and 10 respectively of the ATR. The ATR does not suggest any change in position on those two issues from that as were reported earlier. Click

03.09.2014: BSNL CO vide No: 4-3/2013-PAT(BSNL) dated 26-Aug-2014 circulates CAT Bangalore judgement dismissing OAs 115 to 128 of 2013 filed by Sh. N.T. Nalvadi and 13 others against fixation of pay and consequent recovery in terms of DoT letter dated 17.12.2008. The applicants had challenged the rerixation of pay in terms of DoT OM No. 1-1(1)/06-PAT dated 17.12.2008 related to non-applicability of option for retaining the CDA pay scale till the DNI falligafater 1.10.2000, when the employee got promkoted before 1.10.2000 and opted for pay fixation in the promoted scale from the DNI in lower scale undedr FR22(1)(a)(i). Click

03.09.2014: The Hon’ble Minister of Communications, Sri Ravishankar Prasad, insists on change of mindset to revive BSNL to its past glory in the recently held conference of circle heads. But the million dollars question is, will we? or rather will the officers majority of whom still now are interested in working in the opposite directions? See the video.

02.09.2014: BSNL HQ Vide No: 38-30/2013-Pens(B) dated 01.09.2014 says, Release of Pension and Pensionary benefits in view of the judgment dated 14.08.2013 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in CA No. 6770 of 2013 – State of Jharkhand & Others (Appellants) V/s Jitendra Kujmar Shrivastva & Another (Respondent) not applicable for BSNL Pensioners. Click

01.09.2014: 78.2% : IDA Mergeer issue for Pensioners – GS BDPA (INDIA) writes to Hon’ble P.M. Shri Narendrabhai Modi requesting to cause early decision in the issue. Click

01.09.2014: Web Viewers: In the month of August total 41,711 visited our web. We thank one and all for their visit and trusting us for latest news for Pensioners/Workers. We are coming before you shortly in new design and latest devices for easy access to us.

31.08.2014: IDA from 1.10.2014. Price Index for July is 252 points. IDA due is 97.9% if there is NO increase or decrease in Aug-14. For increase of 1pt in 8/14 IDA will be 98.2%, 2pts-98.4%, 3pts-98.7%, 4pts-98.9%. For decrease of 1pt in 8/14 IDA will be 97.6%, 2pts-97.4%, 3pts-97.1%, 4pts-96.8% Present IDA is- 91.3%= D. Chandarasekharan.

31.08.2014: Retirements: Eighteen Employees retired on 31.08.2014 from Ahmedabad Telecom District and S/Shri A.N.Patel, K.S. Modi & D.V. Limbachia wished them happy retired life on behalf of BDPA (INDIA) and extended them invitation to join Pensioners fraternity in a function held on 30.08.2014 in PGM ATD Office. Copy of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – JULY 2014 issue was also given to them.

30.08.2014: Anomaly – For Period from October 2000 to July 2001 – BSNL CO issues third reminder to all CGMs vide No: 40-27/200-Pen(B)/(Misc) Dated 28.08.2014. Click

29.08.2014: Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, MOC assures Pensioners Delegation in Chennai that their demand for benefit of 78.2% IDA Merger and Extension of 7TH CPC recommendations to BSNL Pensioners will be looked into.

26.08.2014: No TA, DA to fight case against dept: High court, Ahmedabad -TIMES NEWS NETWORK, Aug 26 2014 : The Times of India (Ahmedabad) : A retired BSNL employee fought a 14-year-long legal battle over his claim of travelling allowance for his visit to the Supreme Court to contest a case against his own department.

In this long litigation, ×Dahyabhai Prajapati's claims to TADA were turned down first by the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and now by ×Gujarat high court.Both the CAT and HC said that ×Prajapati cannot claim TADA from BSNL for fighting a case against the department.

Prajapati's fight for allowances began in 2000, when he won a departmental case before CAT. BSNL unsuccessfully moved the HC, and then carried the matter to the apex court.Prajapati got a notice from the SC, and he preferred to appear and fight his case as party-in-person.

Prajapati had to frequently go to ×New Delhi for SC proceedings. He claimed TADA for his ×Delhi visit and got the amount on a couple of occasions. Once he even got advance for the visit. But after some time, the department objected to this TADA. The department sought to recover the amount that had been given to him earlier.

Prajapati moved the CAT in 2000 claiming that he is entitled to TADA, when he has to go to attend court proceedings. CAT turned down this plea in 2011. He moved the HC, which also rejected his petition and said that ×Prajapati cannot be given allowances to fight a legal battle against the department.

A bench of ×Justice Akil Kureshi and Justice Mohinder Pal said that ×Prajapati was contesting the case in his personal capacity. The rules say that TA DA can be given when a government servant appears in court proceedings to give evidence in a case to which the government is a party or in a departmental inquiry held by authority .The court further said that employee is eligible to claim TADA if he wins case against the department, but it is not the case here and ×Prajapati is not entitled to travel allowance for court proceedings.

25.08.2014: G.S. BDPA (INDIA) requests Shri S.C. Maheshwari, Secretary General, Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi to pursue the item of 78.2% IDA Merger in SCOVA Meeting scheduled to take place on 5th September, 2014 at 11.00 hours. Click

23.08.2014: The BSNL CO vide F.No. 30-1/CVC Comp/1/2014-VA dated 22.08.2014 addressed to all Vigilance Heads, BSNL Telecom Circle, says “ Under the above back ground, it is requested to kindly devise a special mechanism and a monitoring system for time-bound disposal of disciplinary/vigilance cases against the retiring/retired employees. In no case the settlement of the case is delayed for more than five years.”

23.08.2014: OBITUARY: Shri P.F. Patel, Retired CTM C.T.O. Ahmedabad and active workers of BDPA (INDIA) expired to-day morning after brief illness. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

22.08.2014: Vide our letter No: BDPA (I)/NRM/PPO/2013 dated 5th May, 2014 addressed to the CCA Gujarat, we had represented a case for ”Non-payment of Family Pension Since May, 2003 to till date – Case of Smt. Nirmalaben R. Master, Nadiad.” The letter got attention from DoT New Delhi and also from DOPPW&PW, who have addressed to the CCA for early action. We had discussed the case in Pension Adalat on31.07.2014, but till we are awaiting decision from CCA Gujarat and PGM ATD Ahmedabad. Click

21.08.2014: The Secretary Expenditure of MOF expressed to NC JCM of CGE leaders that normally IR is given when delay in constitution of CPC. Since 7th CPC has been setup timely, IR was not considered necessary. However staff side may approach 7th CPC for Interim Report on IR and DA merger.

21.08.2014: The Heads of Circle Conference is being held on 21st and 22nd august, 2014 at New Delhi at BSNL Corporate Office.

21.08.2014: Bizarre : The CCA Gujarat has appointed Mr. Singh as Nodal Officer to meet the Pensioners on every Wednesday during 15.00 to 16.00 hours. Shri D.V. Lavadia from Junagadh had send written intimation in advance with details of his problem to meet him on 20.08.2014. When he me the officer, he was informed that Shri Varma who is handling his case is on leave and as such and he cannot have any say. The Pensioner had intimated to the Nodal Officer well in time for his issue and supplied relevant papers. In the circumstances, it was duty of the Nodal Officer to study the issue and convince the Pensioner on the Official stand or assured for re-examination of the issue.He should have considedred the difficulties of the Pensioner to Travel from JUNAGADH to Ahmedabad at the age of 75 years. This is the fate of DOPPW&PW orders for Pensioners in Gujarat.

20.08.2014: Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Pension & Pensioners’ welfare, New Delhi vide F.NO. 42/29/2014-P&PW(G) Dated 12th August, 2014, convene 25th Meeting of SCOVA on 5th September,2014 at 11.00 hours, under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS(PP).

19.08.2014: BDPA (INDIA) commenced a Seminar-cum-Camp for those who are suffering from hearing defects. It will be from 18.08.2014 to 22.08.2014 at Association Office. Shri J.B. Kumpavat, Executive President inaugurated the Seminar. Nine pensioners took advantage. It will continue up to 22.08.2-014. Those who have enlisted their name are requested to attend the same in given time. Those who have not registered can contact Shri H.C. Bhatia, Office Secretary, during the period from 14.00 to 18.00 hours on phone No. 079-25500800.

18.08.2014 : OBITUARY : Com. Padmavathi Natesan, Veteran Trade Union Leader passed away at TRICHY on 17.08.2014, after prolonged illness. It is a great loss to TU Movement. Her body donated Tamilnadu Medical College. We pray the almighty to rest her soul in peace.

Janmashtami scraps greetings images for orkut, facebook
Happy Janmastami

17.08.2014 : Social : Shri D.D Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) paid visit to Shri N.G. Parmar, Executive Committee Member at his Residence as he had undergone surgery and confined to be bed since last two months and improving. .

16.08.2014: BSNL & DOT PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION (INDIA), C.H.Q. Ahmadabad accord hearty welcome to Shri ANIL Kumar, CGM Gujarat, who joined on 14.08.2014. While assuring our best cooperation, we wish him all success in boosting the image of BSNL Gujarat and achieve remarkable progress in all fields.

16.08.20014: OBITUARY: Shri B. R. Mehta- Messenger (Rtd) Veraval Member Sr. No. 798 expired on 07th Aug.2014.We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.


14.08.2014: Viewers please note that our broadband service is not working since 09.08.2014 and we are managing updating. Complaints to authorities yield no result. Please bear with us for some time.

13.08.2014: OBITUARY: Shrimati Chandrikaben Ambalal Patel, wife of Shri A. B. Patel, State Secretary, Ahmedabad expired on 7th August, 2014. We convey our heartfelt condolences to Shri A.B.Patel.

12.08.2014: MOC reply in Parliament on BSNL losses and action being initiated. Click


08.08.2014: BSNL CO issues Second Reminder on 07.08.2014 to all CGMs vide No: 40-27/2011-Pen(B)/(MISC) to expedite information on rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01.10.2000. Click

04.08.2014: The o/o the CGM Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai vide his No. BSNL/APTB/Medical clarifications/O9-10 Dated 04.02.2011 reiterates instructions on reimbursement of Medical Expenditure. Click

03.08.2014: SUPPLEMENTARY MEMORANDUM BY BPS FOR BSNL PENSIONERS TO 7TH CPC - Same fitment formula for absorbed BSNL pensioners:

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) was carved out of DoT and the employees working in Department of Telecom were enmasse transferred to BSNL on optional basis. Before formation of BSNL, there were several rounds of discussion with unions. It was agreed to extend the retirement benefits on combined service in accordance with CCS Pension Rules 1972. The Government of India agreed to pay pension/family pension from ‘Consolidated fund’. Accordingly Rule 37-A was incorporated in CCS Pension Rules 1972 which was published in Government Gazette on 30/9/2000. The employees of DoT were absorbed in BSNL in the year 2002 but with retrospective effect from 1/10/2000. Their pay scales were also revised from CDA pattern to IDA pattern retrospectively from 1/10/2000 with industrial dearness allowance. The employees who retired from BSNL after 1/10/2000 have rendered their maximum service in Department of Telecom. Most of them have served in DoT for more than 30 years. Most of the 6th CPC recommendations like Gratuity, Enhanced Pension, Age-related additional pension, Minimum/Maximum pension etc. were made applicable for those BSNL retirees. The Government of India is honouring its commitment of paying pension from the Consolidated Fund. In fact those who retired from BSNL after 1/10/2000 are actually BSNL retirees but Government Pensioners.

Their pension was calculated on the basis of last 10 months average emoluments for those who retired prior to 1/1/2006 and 50% of last pay drawn or last 10 months average whichever is beneficial for those who retired after 1/1/2006 as per 6th CPC recommendations and they are getting industrial dearness allowance every three months. Their pension was revised w.e.f. 1/1/2007 on the basis of pay revision effected from 1/1/2007 for serving employees in BSNL. The pay revision from 1/1/2007 for BSNL employees was implemented on the basis of recommendations of Second Pay Revision Committee for Public Sector Employees headed by Justice Jagannath Rao. But for those who retired from BSNL after 1/1/2006, the recommendations of 6th CPC, like 50% of last pay drawn as pension, Minimum pension of Rs.3500/- Enhanced family pension for 10 years for those who died in harness etc. were implemented from 1/1/2006 onwards. This duality should be put an end to.

The absorbed employees in BSNL from DoT are covered under CCS Pension Rules 1972.

Explanation under sub-rule 8 of Rule 37-A of CCS Pension Rules 1972 states “The amount of pension/family pension of the absorbed employee on retirement or on death from Public Sector undertaking shall be calculated in the same way as calculated in the case of a Central Government servant, retiring or dying on the same day”.

The Department of telecom vide its O.M.No.40-13/2002-PEN.(T) dated 15/1/2003 clarified the following doubts:-

Doubt 3 – What will be the emoluments for determining the retirement Gratuity/Death Gratuity on IDA pay scales?

Clarification – As per Rule 50 (5) of CCS (Pension) Rules, the emoluments for the purpose of Gratuity admissible shall be reckoned in accordance with Rule 33, provided that if the emoluments of the Government servant have been reduced during the last 10 months of his service, otherwise than as a penalty, average emoluments as referred to in Rule 34 shall be treated as emoluments.

Doubt 4 – Whether the minimum pension of Rs.1275 p.m. as well as maximum pension of Rs.15000 p.m. (i.e., 50% of average emoluments in all cases) as applicable in the CDA pay scale is also to be applicable in IDA pay scales?

Clarification – The ceiling minimum and maximum pension as existing in CCS (Pension) Rules shall continue unless specifically approved otherwise by the Government.

Doubt 5 – Whether commutation of pension as applicable at 40% (maximum) on CDA pay scale is also to be applicable in IDA pay scales?

Clarification – Yes.

Hence they should be considered as Government Pensioners. 6th Pay Commission’s recommendations were made applicable to them except the fitment formula. We request that the fitment formula recommended by 7th CPC, be made applicable to them also. The only difference may be, it would be in IDA Pay and IDR instead of CDA Pay and CDR. Sub-rule 10 of Rule 37-A of CCS Pension Rules 1972 states “In addition to pension or family pension, as the case may be, the employees who opted for combined service shall also be eligible to Dearness Relief as per industrial dearness Allowance pattern”. Further, as per the Apex Court judgement, Pay and DA/DR should be on IDA pattern only after 1980.

The commission is requested to consider this demand, applying the same fitment formula to absorbed BSNL pensioners on par with Central Government Pensioners, without changing the IDA pattern, positively and recommend to the Government accordingly.

The viewers are requested to go through the above Memorandum and can suggest supplementary to above if anything is left out. Click FOR FULL MEMORANDUM BY BPS.

03.08.2014: Pension Adalat : For Ahmedabad, Nadiad, Mehsana, Palanpur and Himatnagar SSAs was held on 31.07.2014 at 11.00 hours in Conference Hall of CCA Office. Shri Gopal Joshi, CCA conducted the proceedings. Ten cases were received for the Adalat and were discussed. The BSNL authorities were instructed to either settle the case or give specific reason and avoid remarks like “case in progress’ ‘under examination’ etc.

03.08.2014: PENSION ADALAT TAMILNADU CIRCLE: Meeting of Tamilnadu Circle will be held on 3rd September in Chennai. CGM CHTD, CGM TAMILNADU, CGM STP, CGM STR, DOT pensioners can represent their grievances like change of address, bank problems, pension revision, family pension, IDA problems to the adalat meeting. Officers from Banks, Postal Department, All CGM Offices will attend the meeting. Grievances should reach the following addres before 25th July 2014. We have already published this information in our website on 15.7.13.

Address: Jt. CCA., o/o Principal Controller of Communications Accounts, No.60, Ethiraj Salai, Tamilnadu Circle, Egmore, CHENNAI-600008

03.08.2014: BSNL Corporate office;s latest orders says there will be only one common approved empanelled hospitals for CGM CHTD, CGM TN, CGM STR, & CGM STP employees and pensioners living in Chennai. CGM CHTD is nodal officer for approving the hospital list for Chennai on behalf of all CGMs offices in Chennai.

According to that CGM CHTD has now released the new empanelment of hospital for all BSNL Units in Chennai city on 21.7.14.

This hospital list will be effective from 1-7-2014 to 30-6-2015.

01.08.2014: BSNL Corporate Office makes look after arrangement for the posts of CGM Gujarat & PGM ATD Ahmedabad and accordingly S/Shri A.L. Patel Sr.GMTD Nadiad and D.P.Padhiar Sr.GM Ahmedabad will hold the charge of CGM & PGM respectively w.e.f. 01.08.2014.

01.08.2014: S/Shri A.N. Patel, D.V.Limbachia and K.S. Modi attended Retirement Function of A.T.D. Ahmedabad at 14.30 hours in ATD Office and invited retirees to join BDPA (INDIA) and wished them Happy Retired Life.

01.08.2014: Web Viewers: In the month of July 2014, total 44310 viewers visited our site. We thank all of them. In order to cater more news, we are updating our web shortly. We also thank those who are sending their contribution of Rs.50/- towards web maintenance.

30.07.2014: Pension Adalat for Ahmedabad, Himatnagar, Palanpur, Mehsana Nadiad, SSAs will be held on 31.07.2014 at 11.00 hours on 6th Floor, Conference Hall of C.C.A. Office. All the employees retired from BSNL & DoT from these districts who have submitted their grievance are requested to attend the same in time.

29.07.2014: S/Shri J.B. Kumavat, Executive President and D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) met Shri S.C. Misra, Member Services, DoT in his office on 28.07.2014 and conveyed him greetings and wish him happy retired life, as he is retiring on 31.07.2014. He was wished by offering flowers, Shawl and memento of BDOA (INDIA). Issue of 78.2% IDA merger was also discussed with him exhaustively. It was transpired that as reported, the proposal has been sent to DoE and on approval from DoE, DoT may issue order for those who were on duty on 01.01.2007 to 09.07.2013 and for Pre-.01.01.2007 BSNL Pensioners, Cabinet Note will be prepared.. Click.

We feel that it will be encumber some task to process the Cabinet Note as the proposal envisages notional fixation of Pension for which normal rules do not permit and relaxation if given by competent authority will be sought for by DoT specifically permitting them for the same. Initially the Unions should have emphasized upon the issuance of Presidential Order for merger with effect from 01.01.2007, which would have made the work of Cabinet Note easier for pre.01010.2007 Pensioners. We will have to continue our struggle.

29.07.2014: GS BDPA conveys HAPPY IDUL FITUR (RAMZAN) to all members.

27.7.2014: our web.

You know that daily an average more than 1200 visitors view our web to get glimpse of latest news for pensioner. To meet with your aspiration, BDPA (INDIA) has to daily spend its considerable time to cater the news from various sources. We have also to pay web charges to the company, developer and expenditure for broadband /related services. For the purpose, we have to spend approximately Rs.30, 000/- per year.

If you are regular visitor and feel that it is an important web for the Pensioners and required to be continued, we solicit financial assistance of Rupee Fifty per year from you. The noble work will give inspiration and strength to the Association.

We are proud to say that in these days BSNL PENSIONER is financially well placed and can easily contribute Rs.50/- per year.

Awaiting your response.

27.07.2014: OUR OPEN REQUEST to Shri Ravi Shanker Prasad, MOC & IT.

The First Floor of Central Telegraph Office, Bhadra, Ahmedabad is completely vacant since last seven years awaiting hazard to happen as no care is taken of the old building converting into ghost house. The BSNL has started to give its buildings on rent to private companies which are appreciable step. The office of the C.C.A., Gujarat Circle has number of times approached the authorities to make the same available to him for office use offering rent and also undertaking responsibility to restore its glory. The BSNL authorities are not hearing repeated requests of the C.C.A. Gujarat for obvious reasons best known to them. Had it been occupied, the BSNL could have earned crores rupees. Needless to pay, BSNL is paying huge amount to State Authorities towards various taxes though the Building is completely unoccupied.

The C.T.O. Building being centrally placed and near Municipal Bus Stop, it will be easy for the Pensioners to visit the office for their pensionary problems earning blessings from them.

We do not know the reason for keeping the space idle and also denying the same place to the Ministry’s office, who is the owner of it.

Will the Hon’ble M.O.C. & IT intervene?


26.07.2014: Congrats: Now the BSNL Pensioners will not wait for their Gratuity/GPF payment from the CCA Ahmedabad. On 25.07.2014, the CCA Office added a new feather in cap by reverting to e-payment to BSNL Retirees who will get their Gratuity/GPF amount directly deposited in their Bank Account. The CCA Gujarat inaugurated new device known as e-PAYMENT. It will do away with issuance of physical cheques by the o/o CCA. By utilizing NEFT RTGS & CBA transfer of fund will now be quicker. The Pensioner can track his payment through mobile or internet ( ) maintaining full privacy. S/Shri .D.D. Mistry, A.N. Patel & J.B. Kumpavat witnessed process of such payment in CCA Office on 25.07.2014 and congratulated Shri GOPAL JOSHI, CCA and his team for unique achievement.

26.07.2014: Feedback on BPS Preliminary meeting with 7th CPC on 23rd July 2014 - Pension to BSNL pensioners. It was submitted that since they are governed by CCS(Pension) Rules 1972. They be treated at par with C.G.Pensioners for the purpose of revision of Pension, Chairman advised to submit separate Memorandum. Click

26.07.2014: DoT’s letter dated 11th July, 2014 sent to DoE, sent by REGISTERED POST is delivered to DoE at 01.30 PM on 25.07.2014 which will be expeditiously replied, says the sources.

25.07.2014: Standing committee meeting held on 22.07.2014 – Extracts of Discussion.

2.Settlement of anomalies that arose in the first wage revision: Management Side said that their proposal has been sent for the approval of the DoT. If this proposal is accepted, the serving employees, as well as those who retired after 01.10.2000, will get the pay / pensionery benefits prospectively. The Management Side accepted to send one more reminder on this to the DoT.

3.Option for pay fixation on DNI after 01.10.2000, in respect of those Non-Executives who were promoted before 01.10.2000 : The Staff Side expressed their dissatisfaction that the case was adequately not presented by BSNL to the DoT and DPE, which had resulted in the rejection of the same. The Staff Side told that the case should again be taken up with DoT, with all the details, for which they would provide necessary inputs. This was accepted.

24.07.2014: “BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT” July 2014 Edition – 2000 copies posted on 23.07.2014. Click FOR Title and Editorial.

23.07.2014: ‘BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT’ JULY 2014 is ready and under dispatch. One Thousand copies posted on 22.07.2014. Click.

23.07.2014: BSNL HQ vide communication No; 3 17-O3/2O14-Pers.i Dated 22.07.2014 posts S/Shri ANIL KU;MAR (CGM Chhatisgarh) and RAM CHANDRA RAI (Sr.GMTD Azamgarh) as CGM Gujarat and PGM A.T.D. Ahmedabad. We welcome them. Click.

22.07.2014 – S/Shri D.D. Mistry, A.A. Patel, A.K. Patel and N.A. Patel visited house of late Shri M.V. Mistry, who expired on 17.07.2014 and offered condolences to bereaved family.

21.07.2014: BDPA (INDIA), Alappuzha District Branch in Kerala Circle formed. S/Shri P.J. George, A.O. Pater, N.P. Soman and Bhavanchandran elected as President, Vice President, Secretary and treasurer respectively.

21.07.2014: BDPA (INDIA) BIHAR CIRCLE FORMED - A general body meeting of BSNL & DOT PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION (INDIA) was held on 12.07.2014 under the Presidentship of Shri Keshaw Singh, Retd SDE BSNL at Telegraph Recreation Club, Patna. S/Shri Ram Yatan Singh, Sr TOA (P), Kirshna Kant Sharma, Sr TOA (P), Keshav Singh, Cell No: 09431037888 , SDE, and Shri Sheo Bachan Sah, TS were elected as Circle President, Executive President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We welcome them. We also thank Shri R.P. Sinha for his initiative to strengthen us.

20.07.2014: Timely and expeditious disposal of pension cases of the BSNL Pensioners – BSNL CO vide letter No: 40-14/2013-Pen-(B) dated 16.07.2014. Click.

18.07.2014: NEW SECRETARY (TELECOM): Govt has appointed Shri Rakesh Garg IAS (1980 UP cadre) as the new Secretary, Telecom and Chairman of Telecom Commission. We welcome the new Secretary.

Obituary: Shri Manojbhai V. Mistry Member No.35,, Retired S.S.S. C.T.O. Ahmedabad expired on 17.07.2014 morning at his Ahmedabad Residence. He was born on 16.01.1939 and retired on 31.01.1997. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

17.07.2014: DoT after taking complete four month’s time prepares reply to DoE’s three queries in an unique way. To suggest two proposals, it takes such a long time as if experts have had to be consulted. Click.

16.07.2014: On completion of Maintenance work, Our Web is now ready for you. It will now be updated shortly. Please bear with us for few hours more. We regret for inconvenience caused to our valued visitors.

13.07.2014: Seventh Pay Commission invites Shri S.C. Maheshwari, General Secretary, Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi for preliminary interaction on 23rd July, at 10.45 hours Click.

13.07.2014: BDPA (INDIA) web was launched on 12.07.2009 and completes five years of its effective existence and reach to the web visitors’ figure of 11,78,181.We thank all the readers for their trust and regular visit.

10.07.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue: Present Position: It is gathered that the issue is receiving attention in DoT and the file is likely to be submitted to MOE after approval of the Secretary, DoT. It also appears that attempt has been made to devide the Pensioners in two segments. Pre. 01.01.2007/ Post 01.01.2007. It suggests for Cabinet Approval for Pre.01010.2007 Pensioners and seeking approval for post 0101.2007 Pensioners by DPE. We have strongly reacted on the move and addressed a letter to Hon’ble MOC on 09.07.2014. Click.

10.07.2014: BSNL HQ isses REMINDEDR to expedite information of Anomaly. Click.

10.07.2014: BSNL HQ endorses DPE Order on IDA w.e.f. 01.07.2014.. Click.

09.07.2014: BSNL HQ issues clarification with regards to production of live certificate and appearing in person for continuance of residential telephone to retired employhees on our representation which was pursued vigorously by our Vice President Shri H.R. Gupta, Jammu Tawi, who had met Shri R.K. Upadhyaya, CMD BSNL and discussed, who had assured to issue clarification based upon our representation. Click.

09.07.2014: Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare,3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,Khan Market, New Delhi-l10003 vide No: F. No. 42/20/2014-P&PW(G) dated 07.07.2014 on the subject: “25th SCOVA Meeting under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS (PP)-Rescheduling of date.” Reads “It is intimated that owing to unavoidable circumstances, the 25th meeting of the Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) earlier proposed to be held on 24th July, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS (PP) will be rescheduled. The date, time and venue of the SCOV A meeting will be notified on finalization .”

08.07.2014: DPE issued I.D.A. orders w.e.f. 01.07.2014 Click.

08.07.2014: MOF clarified that as per 6th CPC recommendation Govt has taken a position of no more merger of DA- A signed letter from DOE has been sent to JCM NC Secretary in this regard.

07.07.2014: The C.D.A. increase w.e.f. 01.07.2014 will be 7%.

06.07.2014: Meeting with Shri Gopal Joshi, CCA Gujarat: S/Shri D.D. Mistry, GS and R.C. Sharma Treasurer met Shri Gopal Joshi on 04.07.2014 and discussed the following.

1. Non-Receipt of of Family Pension since 2003 : Case of Smt. Nirmalaben Master was discussed at length. It was brought to his noltice that initially the Pensioner herself had approached the office and as her representations did not yield result, she approached the BDPA (India). The case was forwarded to CCA office on 05.05.2014 with all the required documentary proof and his office had called for report fromk PM Nadiad. When we lodged our grievance with Pension Ministry again on 02.07.2014 report is called for. The CCA assured to look into the case assuring the monitoring at his level.

2. A case of Sjhri D.V. Lavadia, Junagadh (pre-01.01.2006) whose Pension Revision Case is pending , the CCA said that the GMTD Junagadh is not suppluying the Service Book. The GMTD had to supply the authentikc information to finalise the case, as he the authority.

3. A case of non receipt of FMA of of Shri M.G. Patel, retired Sr. TOA, O/O GMTD Valsadwas also discussed. CCA said that the GMTD Valsad in not respecting the orders of CCA though the issue is decided twice in Pension Adalat. He expressed his helpless in the issue .

4. Provision of Web for Pensioner : He replied that he cannot go ahead as NIC is involved.

While discussing the other issue, it was revealed that CCA had called for Service Book of all the DoT Pensioners and also trying to get service book of retired BSNL Employees so as to effect the pension revision etc. in future. The space problem to store the files was also discussed. The DoT is permitting to fill only 10% posts to deploy the Retired Personas so the shortage continues and there appears no sign of recruiting the staff for CCA though fully justified. Majority of time of CCA office is utilized towards realization of spectrum charges.

04.07.2014: BSNL CO Vide No. 3 1 7-0412012-Pers,I(Pt) Dated: June 30,20t4 on “ Sub: - Transfer & Postinqs in CGMs Grade of ITS Grouo'A':reoardinq” posts Shri R.N. Sudhakar as CGM J & K Circle w.e.f. 01.07.2014.

03.07.2014: Sri. M F Farooqui, Secretary , Telecom (as well as Chairman, Teleom Commission) retired on 30.06.2014. Shri Sewak Ram Sharma IAS, Secretary, Electronics & Information Technology is assigned additional charge of Secretary, Telecom for a period of three months from 01.07.2014.

03.07.2014: Shri R K Upadhyay, CMD BSNL also has retiredon 30.06.2014 and Sri A N Rai, Member, BSNL Board is assigned charge of CMD for three months.

03.07.2014: BSNL CO has issued fresh instructions to stop recovery from the Group C & D officials who had opted for the IDA payscales from the date of their subsequent promotion, after 1-10-2000. Click.

Unique order : knowing fully well that after fourteen years, there will be rare to rarest cases pending for recovery and DoT may take further yerar to gather to decide the issue which is already decided for Group B.- GS BDPA (INDIA),

02.07.2014: PENSION ADALAT: CCA Gujarat notifies Pension Adalat at Ahmedabad on 31.07.2014 for Ahmedabad, Himatnagar, Palanpur, Mehsana Nadiad SSAs. All the employees retired from BSNL & DoT from these districts can submit their grievances to the Assistant CCA (Pension) at CCA Gujarat Office latest by 08.07.2014.

02.07.2014: There is system failure and hence no update.

01.07.2014: New IDA Due w.e.f. 01.07.2014 will be 91.3%, increase of 2.9%. Present IDA 88.4%.

01.07.2014: During the month of June 2014 total 38440 viewers visited our web whereas in May 2014 32170 had visited. We thank all of them and assured that we will continue to serve you with latest news and views for the Pensioners and workers as well.

01.07.2014: Shri D. Chandrasekharan, C/S FNTO Tamilnadu & AGS celebnrates his 66th Birthday on 01-Jul-2014. BDPA INDIA wishes him happy and pleasant birthday and New Year full of healthy life and activities.

30.06.2014: Shri B.K. Sinha, CGM Gujarat is retiring on superannuation to-day afternoon. BDPA (INDIA) convey him happy and wealthy retired life and thanks for the cooperation extended to the Association by him.

30.06.2014: S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat, K.S. Modi & D.V. Limbachia will attending retirement function of the PGM ATD Staff and convey our best wishes and extend invitation to join BDPA (INDIA).

30.06.2014: Shri Chandrahas, GMTD BSNL is arrested by the CBI on the charge of accepting Rs.2 lac from JTO Shri Yashpal. News Report. Click.

29.06.2014: A Meeting of JAC with Director H.R. on 27.06.2014 - A brief by BSNLEU. Click.

28.06.2014: HAL to introduce Pension Scheme for its Executives. Click.

28.06.2014: Meeting of Standing Committee of NC brief. Click.

28.06.2014: “Benefit of merger of 50% DR effectively amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of revision of pensionary benefits of BSNL IDA Pensioners/Family Pensioners w.e.f. 10.06.2013.” BSNL HQ replies to DoT letter No: 40-13/2013-{en(T) dated 26.09.2013 vide its letter No: 1-19/2012-PAT(BSNL) Dated 03-June-2014. Click.

GS BDPA (INDIA) – unique example of efficient administration.

27.06.2014: MoS (Personnel) Dr. Jitendra Singh addresses pre-retirement counseling programme and says the retirement issue is to be handled with social mindset. Further PIB Note says “Realizing the potential of such a large section of experienced, capable and productive workforce, the Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare has conceptualized such pre-retirement counseling sessions for retirees.” Click.

26.06.2014: Meeting with Shri S.C. Misra, Member Services, DoT: To-day morning, Shri M.R. Vashist, All India President, BDPA (INDIA) met Shri S.C. Misra, Member Services, DoT and discussed the progress of 78.2% I.D.A. Merger issue for BSNL Pensioners. It was revealed during the discussion that the file is still with the Member Finance for furnishing some data since long. It will be expeditiously moved at his level, he assured.

G.S. BDPA (INDIA) : As we have rightly pointed to in our letter to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, MOC on 23rd June, 2014 saying “In the office of the Secretary, DoT, till the egoistic attitude of the officers prevails upon and takes weeks together to decide as to whether the issue involved requires consent of Cabinet or otherwise or any issue. The file is being shunted amongst the officers of the DoT, BSNL CO and Department of Expenditure playing blame game.”

Now the alternative before us is to approach Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, MOC, New Delhi. We request all the members and viewers the web to write post card to MOC with the text provided below.

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad,
Hon’ble Minister for Communications & IT, Govt. of India,
107, 1st Floor, Sanchar Bhawan,
Rafi Marg, New Delhi – 110 003

Hon’ble Sir:

“The file for 78.2 % I.D.A. Merger for Pre/Post 01.01.2007 BSNL Pensioners for extending benefit of 78.2% IDA Merger w.e.f. 01.01.2007 is long pending in the office of DoT though the said benefit already extended to working employees. Kindly intervene. “

Pensioner’s name & Signature with City.

25.06.2014: Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi finalizes the Common Memorandum proposed to be submitted by all the Pensioners Association. We will submit supplementary Memoranda to BPS on 5th July, 2014. All the interested members can send concrete suggestion supported with relevant documents latest by 30th June, 2014. Click.

24.06.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger issue : Citing maxim of new Govt. “Minimum Govt. Maximum Governance” GS BDPA (INDIA) writes to Hon'ble MOC to intervene in the issue as it is entangled between the indifferent approach of the Officers. Click.

23.06.2014: The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has asked the DoT to resubmit the file recommending names of the CMD BSNL, incorporating views of the new MOC. Earlier name of Shri Anupam Shrivastva’s was recommended by the ACC.

22.06.2014: DPE Vide F.No. W-02/0017/2014-dpe-(WC)-GL-XI/14 dated 21st May, 2014 issues “ Clarifications regarding Introduction of Pension Scheme and Post Superannuation Medical Benefits in CPSEs.” Click.

20.06.2014: Shri S.N. Sharma, Circle Secretary, FNTO, M.P. Circle, passed away to-day morning. GS BDPA (INDIA) CHQ conveys its heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

19.06.2014: Pension Anomaly – Retired from October 2000 to July 2001 - Delay game continues between DoT – BSNL HQ & CGMs – avoiding settlement or the issue ever after lapse of 12 years and data collection game continues. The Data is available with DoT & BSNL as was asked for long back but none is prepared to have homework done and continue to play. See letter of BSNL HQ dated 18.06.2014 to CGMs after taking 40 days for its reading by BSNL HQ and expecting reply by 30.06.2014 by CGMs.An example of efficient working by BSNL HQ. Click.

19.06.2014: DoT New Delhi vide No: 40-20/2011-Pen(T) dated 12.06.2014 circulates updated forms to be submitted by retiring Govt servants before eight months of their retirement for finalizing their pension. Click.

16.06.2014: News: from Press Information Bureau : 13.06.2014:

Interactive Conference with Secretaries (Pension) of State Governments:

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions stated that Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare is working with the vision of ensuring a life of dignity for Pensioners.

The goal is to ensure 100% payment of all retirement dues and the delivery of Pension Payment Order to retiring employees on the day of retirement itself. To this end the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare has taken a number of steps including review of forms, simplification of procedures and issue of clarificatory instructions thereof etc. An online Pension Sanction & Payment Tracking System called BHAVISHYA has been launched. By ensuring complete transparency, this system would obviate delays in sanction and payment of pension.

In furtherance of what the Prime Minister has been insisting upon, i.e. benefits to reach to all the States and not merely restricted to Centre, the Department of P&PW, for the first time, convened a meeting with Pension Secretaries of State Governments with intention to share experiences and exchange views on common pension related issues and also to impress upon them that the vision of ensuring life of dignity for pensioners, passes on the State government pensioners too.

Invoking PM’s mantra of “Skills, Scale and Speed”, Dr Jitendra Singh, MOS (PP) stated that the Department of Pension should look into the urgent need to utilize the skill and experience of the pensioners for the betterment of the Society. This was especially necessary in view of the increase in the number of retiring employees and increased life span.

Dr. Jitendra Singh further suggested that pre retirement counseling workshops which are being institutionalized by the Department of Pensions for the Central Government retiring employees should also be organized by the State Government for the state employees. Workshops should also be geared to prepare even the younger employees to be ready to face life after retirement.

He opined for old and disabled pensioners, there should be a mechanism for delivering pension at the doorstep. The Workshop was attended by 23 States /UTs. The response of the participants was very enthusiastic and they complimented Secretary (AR& PG and Pensions) Shri Sanjay Kothari for the same. There was a general request for regular interactions of this nature.

14-6-2014: BSNL HQ issues clarificatory orders for regularizing expenditure on indoor treatment where no CGHS rates are prescribed. Order.

13.06.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger - the Department of Expenditure had asked some queries about the case.DOT Directorate delayed the reply to the queries due to some difference of opinion amongst the top officers in DoT as to whether fresh Cabinet approval is required or not to extend the benefit to pre-2007 pensioners. The file is cleared by Member (Finance), Member (Services) and Additional Secretary, Secretary and will move further. (Source: K. Jayaprakash GS FNTO after meeting Shri S.C. Misra Member Services on 12.06.2014).

12.06.2014: Obituary : Smt Rashida Begum, Wife of Br. Islam Ahmed, President NFTE, expired today (12. 06.2014). Her burial will take place at 5PM, June 12th at Nazarganj near Allahabad. BDPA (INDIA) conveys its heartfelt condolences.

11.06.2014: Information from the sources reveals that the DOT has decided to seek cabinet approval for extending the benefit of 78.2% IDA Merger to pre 2007 BSNL pensioners. It is likely that the Presidential Order may be modified since there is no provision to revise pension notionally assuring pension w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Better late than never.

11.06.2014: In a meeting with one of the GS of Pensioners Association on 09.06.2014, Shri Prachish Khanna, Director (Establishment) said that ” The file is being processed and certain clarification is again being sought from BSNL regarding exact conditions of the agreement with BSNL Management and the unions on 78.2% IDA merger.” Though the CMD BSNL has already clarified the issue, the Director desires he should get reply to his query officially.

10.06.2014: In the month of May, 2014, there was heavy retirement and there is a scope for enrolment of maximum number of retirees as our members. All the District/Circle Secretaries are requested to move and ensure that we enroll maximum member in this month. Any organization is judged by its numerical strength and we cannot leg behind.

10.06.2014: We thank our Members from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vyara who are regular donor on their pension-day and contribute regularly without any break. We hope others will follow them and make our organization financially strong.

10.06.2014: We convey birthday greetings to all the Pensioners on their birthday and in return we get their phone calls/letter appreciating our gesture. We will be glad if they spare one rupee per day and contribute Rs.365/- on their birthday as Building Fund.

08.06/2014: Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi. Agenda Items for SCOVA Meeting.

07.06.2014: On our request, Shri S.C. MaheshwariSecretary General, BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ, New Delhi includes our demands in the BPS proposed agenda for 25th SCOVA meeting sent to MS Sujasha Choudhury Dy. Secretary (P) DOP &PW 3rd floor,Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market New Delhi -11003 with reference to F. No. 42/29/2014-P&PW(G) Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003 Date: 5th June, 2014.

Regarding: 25th meeting of Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) scheduled to be held in the month of July, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble MOS (PP).


Bharat Pensioners Samaj forward hereunder the Agenda items for inclusion in the final Agenda of 25th SCOVA meeting: Extracts:

2. Difficulties of BSNL pensioners:

a) The BSNL Pensioner has to depend upon two authorities’ i.e. District Head, i.e. SSA and Pension Head, i.e. CCA. The SSA comes into picture for payment of Medical Reimbursement for which a scheme known as BSNLMRS is in force. The payment is made quarterly. In number of cases Pensioners are kept waiting and are not informed about the status of their claims. Though there are clear orders from the BSNL Corporate office to effect payment through ECS, it is not being done.

b) In the number of cases, the Pensioners have pending grievance relating to pay-fixation, promotion etc and has to approach the authorities. There is no machinery for the Pensioner or Pensioners Association to approach the BSNL Authorities and as such they have to struggle indefinitely for settlement of their grievance.

c)The CCA’s are holding Pension Adalat for DOT/BSNL pensioners’ at Circle Level dividing the Circle in few parts and each part has Pension Adalat only once in a year .

In such Adalats, for cases related to BSNL which constitute 80% of the total cases one Officers from BSNL attends the Adalat. All the cases related to BSNL are made over to him for further disposal which never happens & Pensioners have to suffer making the exercise futile.

Our proposal :

i. Impress upon BSNL Authorities, at all Levels to be accessible to Pensioners Associations.
ii. BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi may be requested to entertain/respond letters from Pensioners Association, regarding the issues which warrant its intervention .
iii. BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi may be requested issue instructions to the Chief General Manager Telecom at Circle/District i.e. SSA level to entertain and respond to correspondence from Pensioners Associations.
iv. The Associations should be given time for the meetings to raise pensioners issues at Circle/SSA Head.
For BSNL Pensioners Separate Pension Adalats should be held quarterly as is being done by the Controller of Communication Accounts, in each Circle for DOT Pensioners.
vi. Nodal officer for Pensioner should be appointed in SSA/CCA to settle the Pensioners issues.
vii. Like Central Government Pensioners, Pension of BSNL Pensioners should also be revised simultaneously whenever revision takes place The BSNL Pensioners association should be given opportunity to submit their Memorandum on Pension related issues and should also be heard by Wage Revision Committee of BSNL, whenever it takes place.

4(ii) P&T Dispensaries:

Following the recommendations of the V CPC and VI CPC, 19 P&T Dispensaries in 12 CGHS Cities have been merged with the CGHS. Instead of now allowing all P&T pensioners irrespective of the station they live, only those who are living in these 12 Cities have been allowed to participate in the CGHS. These instructions are discriminative as all other Central Pensioners are permitted to join CGHS irrespective of the fact where they are living. These instructions to be withdrawn and all P&T Pensioners may be allowed to avail CGHS facilities.

4(iii) CSMA Rules 1944: The CSMA Rules, 1944 should be extended to pensioners living in non-CGHS areas and stations, which are at present not covered by CGHS.

BDPA (India) is thankful to Bharat Pensioner Samaj for extending help to resolve our difficulties. For complete agenda, please visit this web on 8th.

06.06.2014: GS BDPA (INDIA) writes to the Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble MOC on “Revision of pay scales and allowances w.e.f. 01.01.2007 as per DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 – Merger of 78.8% IDA for BSNL Employees/Pensioners.” Click.

05.06.2014: APPEAL TO MEMBERS:“Interact with Hon'ble PM Page” at or portal has provided a platform to every common citizen of this country to make a direct interaction with PM and submit his grievances. It has been informed that PMO public response unit shall be reviewing these submissions and guide the authorities to take necessary action to ensure that grievances are settled. We request each and every deprived pensioners to submit their grievances on 78.2% IDA merger or any other pension related problems and suggestions directly to this portal so that the deprivation attracts new government’s attention and they take all the necessary actions. Please click on Interact with Hon'ble pm, select "grievances" in the subject field, fill up your name and email id (address not compulsory) and copy-paste the following in "your queries/ comments" field, fill up "verification code" and then submit.

Subject: A request to instruct the DoT to issue early order for 78.2 PERCENT IDA Merger for all the Pensioners.

Respected Shri Narendrabhai

Department of Telecommunications has allowed 78.2 per cent IDA merger from 1st Jan 2007 to all BSNL serving employees following the order issued DoT on 10th June 2013 but till date even after one year the said benefit is not extended to about one lakh retired BSNL employees by DoT. The Department of Telecom is causing irritation and heart burning amongst the Pensioners by delaying the issue. The DoP & PW has already issued orders long back for all PSUs, BSNL Management has also consented for the same for Employees Pensioners and already implemented for working employees, but DoT is delaying.


05.06.2014: On 3.06.2014, Pensioners Welfare Association office bearers met DDG (FEB), DoT Shri S.K. Tiwari and discussed regarding 78.2% IDA Pay fixation of BSNL Pensioners. DDG (FEB) mentioned that matter is under consideration in his office and draft has been prepared which will be sent to Member (Finance) tomorrow as since last two days she is on leave. He clarified that as per Member (Finance) view case is not required to be send to cabinet but as per his view it needs cabinet approval.

By Association it was clarified that 15.02.1011 IDA pension revision order was issued for the BSNL pensioners who retired before 01.01.2007 wherein cabinet approval for pay fixation was taken on 68.8% at par BSNL's serving employees and now BSNL employees are given 78.2% IDA pay fixation w.e.f 01.01.2007, hence the pension should also be revised notionally as per 78.2% fitment benefit. In case of BSNL pensioners retired during 01.01.2007 to 10.06.2013, pay fixation has to be done as the serving employees of BSNL got it.

DDG (FEB) was convinced that BSNL pensioners who retired during 01.01.2007 to 10.06.2013 needs only pay fixation on 78.2% at par with BSNL's serving employees but for BSNL pensioners retired before 01.01.2007, cabinet approval on pay fixation on 78.2% may be required. However, he assured that tomorrow, he will put up a consolidated note to Member (Finance) for approval.

GS BDPA writes: Thus a pointed dispute in thinking of the autocrat on settling issue which is long drawn since last one year and none is there to contain it resulting into depriving the Pensioners of their legitimate right and tarnishing the image of the DoT.

05.06.2014; Pension Adalat : All the BSNL pensioners/family pensioners who are drawing pension from CCA (Merut) U.P (West) may please read the News (notice) published in Hindustan (HINDI) newspaper on date 29/5/2014. They are requested to send their Grievances up to 17 June 2014 by addressing to Group Captain Ramesh Mishra (joint controller) O/O The controller of communication accounts, U.P (west) Circle, Brahmpuri Telecommunication Bhawan Delhi RoadMeerut – 250002. The Pension Adalat will be held on 30/06/2014 between 11 hours to 15hours.

04.06.2014: Shri Gopinath Munde, Hon'ble Minister for Rural Development dies in a road accident at New Delhi this morning, and succumbed to the injuries. BDPA (INDIA), expresses its shock over the untimely demise of Shri Munde and pays its respectful homage to him.

04.06.2014: The CGM Ahmedabad vide letter No: FA/305/BSNL & DOT/Pen Asso/12-13/134 dated 17.06.2014 says, “Para No.8.10 of BSNLHQ New Delhi letter No: BSNL/39-3/SR/2012 dtd 20-9-2012, regarding fees for supplying the certified copy of service book to the BSNL employee serving/retired which is reproduced as under: “ and says fee is now is Rs.500/-. Click.

04.06.2014: The government has approved another extension for BSNL Chairman and Managing Director R K Upadhyay till the end of June when he will turn 60 years, the retirement age.

03.06.2013: FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS/ASSOCIATIONS, NEW DELHI vide No: Forum/GL dated 26.05.2014 submits representation to Hon’ble Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Communication Minister, convey congratulations with exclamatory mark details their demands and in the list last issue of 78.2% IDA Merger. Extracts:

10. 78.2% IDA merger for the BSNL Pensioners: BSNL employees have been granted 78.2% IDA merger fixation notionally w.e.f. 01-01-2007 and actually from 10-06-2013, the date on which DOT issued orders for the same (DOT 64-01/2012-SU dated 10-06-2013). But the pensioners who retired before 10-06-2013 have not received the same in their pension, as separate orders are required, which are yet to be issued. To settle the issue, the Presidential Directive issued by DOT has to be revised to extend the benefit of merger of 50% IDA with basic pay w.e.f. 01-01-2007, effectively amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of fitment and pay fixation on actual basis, instead of notional pay fixation keeping the arrear payment deferred as per agreement. This fixation is based on the govt. orders of the VI Central Pay Commission and is implemented in all Departments and PSUs. But the BSNL pensioners are denied the benefit of the same. This is pending long in DOT /Dept. of Expenditure without any decision, resulting in deprival of the same to the BSNL pensioners. Favourable decision may kindly be taken in the matter at the earliest which will be a great relief to these senior citizens.

02.06.2014: Dr. Jitendra Singh, Udhampur constituency is the new Minister in charge of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, in the office of Prime Minister. We convey our congratulations to him.

02.06.2014: The all India Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of April 2014 was 242 points, i.e. 3 points increase from 239 of March 2014 and if this remains steady, then, the Rate of IDA will be 90.8 Percent from July.

02.06.2014: Former Organizing Secretary of FNTO, Shri P.D. Thomas passed away at Trichur. His body will be taken for funeral at 3.30 PM from his residence at Trichur. GS BDPA conveys heartfelt condolences.

02.05.2014: Web Viewers: During the month May, 2014, total 2,170 persons visited our web. We thank all of them for their trust and reliance upon us for latest news.

31.05.2014: In Ahmedabad Telecom District, more than 87 employees are retiring today and joining pensioners’ fraternity. In the CGM Gujarat Office 15 and from Mehsana Telecom District 55 employees are retiring and joining pensioners’ fraternity. We accord them hearty well come.

30.05.2014: Extracts from the Minutes of the 30th meeting of the National Council held on 23rd April, 2014 under the chairmanship of Director (HR), BSNL Board and circulated vide No. BSNL/39-3/SR/2013 Dated, the 28th May, 2014 :

7.10 Pay fixation in case of Non-Executives absorbed in BSNL, who have opted for IDA pay scale from the date of promotion after 01.10.2000.

Staff side members mentioned that in case of executives are given option of their pay fixation for IDA pay scale from the date of promotion after 01.10.2000 and requested that the same may kindly be implemented in respect of the Non-Executives also.

Management side replied that similar to Executives’ pay fixation in IDA Scale from the date of promotion after 1.10.2000, the case of pay fixation of non-executives who have opted for pay fixation in IDA scale from the date of promotion falling after 01.10.2000, has been referred to DoT for obtaining approval of the Govt. DoT decision in this regard is still awaited.

29.05.2014: GS BDPA (INDIA) conveys congratulations and best wishes to Hon’ble Shri Narendrabhai Modi, PM Click. and Hon’ble Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications. Click.

29.05.2014: Shri J.B. Kumpavat (09426059599), Executive President, BDPA (INDIA) is conveyed Birthday Greetings by GS BDPA (INDIA) on completion of 71 years, wishing him healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

29.05.2014: Shri N.K. Patel, Sr TOA TG retiring from o/o the CCA Gujarat gave Dinner to retired Telegraph Fraternity, working colleagues, officers of CCA/GM (E) and well wishers at Hotel Perennia at 12.00 hours. S/Shri Gopal Josh CCA, Jazu Jt. CCA and other officers from CCA Office also attended. GS BPD (INDIA) wishes him happy retired life and extended invitation to join BDPA (INDIA). Click.

29.05.2014: Shri A.D. Dixit, CWC Member BDPA (INDIA), Gujarat Circle is bereaved as he lost his brother two days’ ago. We convey our heartfelt condolences to him and his family members.

27.05.2014: Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad is our New Telecom Minister -, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, has taken over charge as the Telecom Minister. He is an advocate by profession. BDPA (INDIA) heartily welcomes Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad and hope that he would take the necessary steps not only to revive the embattled BSNL and MTNL but also settle long pending issue of 78.2% IDA Merger for the Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2007.

27.05.2014: BDPA (INDIA) C.H.Q. Ahmedabad conveys heartiest congratulation to Hon’ble Shri Narendrabhai Modi & his team of Ministers on taking their oath on 26.05.2014 and wishes all success. We also hope that new government with maximum governance will resolve all pending issues of Pensioners’ of the country.

24.05.2014: Shri Panchal Subhashchandra M. (Membership No.2490) Retired JTO, Ahmedabad donated Rs.5000/- towards the Building Fund to BDPA (INDIA). We appreciate his noble gesture for helping hand. Many Pensioners whose Birthdates falls in May, 2014 have also donated liberally towards the Building fund. We thank them all and hope other will follow.

24.05.2014: Shri B.C. Trivedi, District Secretary, Mehsana Telecom has enrolled five members who are retiring on 31.05.2014 and assured to enroll 30 more before month end, as total retirement on month end in his district is 52. We congratulate him for his mission and wish him all success. We hope other will also follow.

23.05.2014: 78.2% IDA MERGER ISSUE – It is still with Internal Finance, DoT.

23.05.2014: Thanks

I personally thank all those friends and colleagues who conveyed their condolences on the demise of my mother, in Person, over Phone and SMS.


21.05.2014: View glimpses of 32nd Get-to-Gather held on 19.05.2014. Click.

20.05.2014: The 3rd C.W.C. of BDPA (INDIA) Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad was held on 19.05.2014 under the Presidentship of Shri A.N. Patel. The meeting viewed progress made in 78.2% IDA Merger issue and shown disappointment towards the snail speed of movement in settling the a vital issue. It was decided to wait for some time more as new government is taking over and watch its approach towards the Pensioners. It was also decided that the GS BDPA (INDIA) will initiate move for joint struggle for settlement of the issue with all the Pensioners Associations in BSNL and sought for assistance from Bharat Pensioner Samaj New Delhi. He was also authorized to visit New Delhi as and when necessary and to coordinate/move the issue. The Audited Accounts for the year 2012-13 was read and passed. It was made clear that in the next year account, the CHQ quota will reflect. The separate Account for BDPA (INDIA) CHQ is also opened in Canara Bank with Rs.22, 000/- balance. The All India Accounts for the year ending March 2013 was also passed in the 2nd CWC of BDPA (INDIA) at Chennai, which will reflect in Gujarat Account in the next year. It was decided to start preparation for ensuing Circle Conference due in June, 2015 for which agenda will be included in the next Gujarat CWC Meeting to be convened in the month of July/August, 2014. The progress made in the membership enrolment during the year 2013-14 was also placed in the meeting. During the year we have enrolled 512 + 10 = 522 members from Gujarat, as against approximate retirement of more than 1500. All the District Secretaries were requested to move in this direction to make strong BDPA (INDIA). GS enlighten the role we have to play in 7th CPC Memorandum and also other pensioners’ related issues. We have raised a demand for PENSION ADALAT by the BSNL HQ/CIRCLEs/SSAs, as majority of our issues are related to Pensioners service period and the CCAs have no control over the BSNL Administration. Click.

20.05.2014: The 32nd Get-to-Gather Cum Seminar on Diabetic was held at 15.00 hours in Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall (Air-Condition), where more than 350 pensioners were present. Dr. Bansi Saboowala, reputed personality on the subject delivered his speech and interacted with the Pensioners queries. Free diabetes camp was also held where more than 150 pensioners took advantage. Apollo Pharmacy issued free ATM cards to all the Pensioners Present in the camp offering 10% discount on the medicines with free delivery at their door step.

Shri J.B.Kumpavat, Executive President, A.N. Patel President, V.N. Rathod, Jt. Secretary also spoke in the gathering furnishing details of working of the Association, its activities stressing on the role the Pensioners Associations have to play for betterment of Pensioners social status. Shri B.M. Bhavsar, Advisor AIBSNLREA Guj Branch said that after all are Pensioners and no one is executive or non-executives. We have to work with shoulder to shoulder to make our Pensioners more comfortable. A request for donating Rs.365/- by each Pensioner on his birthday towards the Building Fund was made which met with thundering response from the Pensioners.

Shri D.D. Mistry GS BDPA spoke at length various Pensioners related discussed in the morning 3rd CWC Meeting of Gujarat Circle and gave latest position of the 78.2% IDA Merger issue and said that now when government is taking over with stability, we have to wait for some time and then move with full force. He stressed on importance for submitting Out Door Medical Claims as majority of Pensioners notwithstanding the fact that they under to outdoor treatment, do not prefer their claim which works as negative factor in achieving our demand for Out-Door Medical Allowance without Vouchers. A need for appointment of Nodal Officer by Corporate Office, followed with the Circles and SSA heads was also necessary for the Pensioners, as now the tendency to ignore and ridicule the pensioners in on increase in BSNL Offices. He also requested the members to clear their Administrative Charges which are very meager as against the cost of magazines and greetings cards and get to gather. He thanked the Pensioners for their presence in hot season when mercury has touched 41 degree and there is heavy marriage season. The function concluded with dinner.

20.05.2014: Obituary: Shri K.Vallinayagam, ex-GS FNTO’s mother Mrs. Muthu Alagammal aged 87 yrs passed away to-day morning. We convey our heartfelt condolences to Shri K. Vallinayagam and pray Almighty to give courage and strength to him to overcome from shocking loss.

20.05.2014: Shri M.N. Karia, Member Nol.351, from Rajkot passed away on 15.05.2014. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

18.05.2014: 3rd C.W.C. of BDPA (INDIA) Gujarat will be held on 19.05.2014 at 11.00 hours in Association Office. The Notice has been posted to all the members through courier. It will be followed with the 32nd Get-to-Gather at 15.00 hours in Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Opp. H.K. College, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. A Seminar on Diabetics’ and issuance of ATM Card for Medicines will be issued there. All are requested to attend the same with their residential proof etc.

17.05.2014 : Election Result - 2014. Click

16.05.2014: D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) addressed Gujarat State Branch of AIBSNLREA’s Annual General Body meeting on 15th May, 2014 at Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Opp. Old Natraj Cinema, Ashram Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad between. He spoke on the latest position of 78.2% IDA Merger issue at length detailing the history and present position. Dr. Shashank Rathod, Eye Care Hospital gave lecture on eye-care and its care. He also replied various queries raised by the Pensioners. Shri G. Parmar, AGM CPPC SBI Gandhinagar also spoke and informed on the latest development for the Pensioners issues.S/Shri Nayi, Bhavsar B.M. and A.B. Patel, office bearers of AIBSNLREA Gujarat also spoke. The Pensioners +70 were also honoured by shawl by the Association.

14.05.201: 3rd C.W.C. Meeting of BDPA (INDIA), Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad will be held on 19.05.2014 at 11.00 hours to transact the agenda already notified and sent to all concerned. It will be followed by 32nd Get-to-Gather at 15.00 hours on the same day at Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Near Natraj Cinema, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

12.05.2014: 2nd District Conference of BDPA (INDIA), Mehsana Telecom District, was held on 10.05.2014 at 10.30 Hours in Shrimali Wadi, Patan. Shri B.K. Patel presided over the meeting. Shri M.G. Desai, DGM (CFA), Mehsana Telecom District and Shri Patel DET Patan attended. Shri M.G. Desai inaugurated the conference by lighting a lamp. Shri B.C. Trivedi accorded well come to all Guests and Pensioners. He said in two years growth of BDPA (INDIA) in Mehsana District is high. He enumerated the cases settled by him and thanked the administration for cooperation extended to him in settlement of pensioners grievances. Shri Chaudhary, President also spoke and said that Trivedi has worked well in last two years.

Shri M.G. Desai said that growth in membership reflects the unique working of the association. He said in this century the Unions are strength and can survive only with united and rightful approach to the burning issues of the members. He said that despite all sympathies towards the pensioners, the administration has to follow the determined policy by the BSNL Corporate and can not deviate. He assured all the cooperation to the Association.

Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA spoke on all burning issues such as Anomalies, Medical Related Issues and 78.2% IDA issue. He explained at length the issues and assured that we will achieve our goal shortly and get the issue of 78.2% IDA Merger favourably.Shri D.D. Mistry said that Mehsana District got 2nd rank for enrolment of members in Gujarat Circle in the year 2013-14 and also maintained the flow of enrolment of members for each month without any break which deserve praise from one and all.

Shri H.C. Bhatia, Office Secretary asked the Pensioners to represent their cases systematically and send three copies to the Association. The members themselves have to address their grievances to the authorities endorsing copies to the association for further follow up, he concluded. S/Shri V.S. Thakor & B.C. Trivedi were elected as District President and District Secretary respectively for the year 2014-16.

Shri V.S. Thakor, I.L. Sathwara, B.K. Suthar and others also spoke More than 150 Pensioners attended the conference. It was followed with Dinner. Click.

10.05.2014: Sub: ‘Calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of pension payable in respect of BSNL absorbed employees” Ref: Circulars no 269 dated 08.12.2011, 269A dated 26.04.2012, 269B dated 11.12.2012 and 269C dated 22.04.2013 issued by CA section and available on intranet.

The BSNL HQ vide Circular No. 269D – No: 500-57/BSNL/2014-15/CAI/Vol V-Part I/57 dated 09.05.2014 says :

“ This office is receiving queries from various Circles regarding calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of pension payable in respect of BSNL absorbed employees. The matter is under pursuance with DoT and till the final decision on this matter is received from the DoT, Circles are requested to follow the existing instructions communicated vide circulars under reference above.


09.05.2014: A second get-to-gather of Mehsana Telecom District, will be held on 10.05.2014 at 09.30 hours, Saturday at Shrimali Brahman’s Wadi, Veri Chakla, Opp. Chhatrabhuj Bag, Baehind S.T. Stand, Patan. S/Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA), N.A. Patel, H.C. Bhatia and R.C. Sharma will also attend the gathering. All the Pensioners are requested to attend in large number and make it grand success. For further details, please contact Shri B.C. Trivedi, District Secretary.

08.05.2014: Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions , Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi Vide No. 1I27/2011-P&PW (E), dated 7th May, 2014 – issues Office Memorandum on “submission of undertaking by retiring Government servant along with pension papers - reg.” Click.

08.05.2014: BDPA (INDIA) VADODARA TELECOM DISTRICT - 2nd Sneh Samelan – Get-to-Gather was held on 07.05.2013 at 11.00 hours on 07.05.2014 at Kachhia Patel”s Wadi, Vadodara. More than 250 Pensioners attended. Shri N.S. Chauhan D.S. gave details of activities of the previous years and thanked the Pensioners for their active participation and contribution to make the unit strong. Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) inaugurated the eve by lighting a lamp and spoke on present irritating issues of the pensioners and latest status. He said that Vadodara District ranks first for its unique correspondence and its achievements. Click.

06.05.2014: 2nd “Sneh Milan” – Get-to-Gather of Baroda Telecom District BDPA (INDIA) Members will be held on 07.05.2014, Wednesday, at 09.30 hours in Parishram Hall, Shri Kachhia Patel’s Wadi, Siya Baag, Vadodara. All are requested to attend the same in time. Shri D.D. Mistry, H.C. Bhatia, R.C. Sharma, A.D. Dixit & V.N. Changawala will also participate from Ahmedabad.

05.05.2014: BSNL is the leader in the wired and wireless broadband service (both wired and wireless). In the wired broadband segment, BSNL is having 9.98 million customers and Airtel is having 1.39 million customers. In the wireless broadband segment, Airtel is having 10.6 million customers and BSNL is having 6.38 million customers. Others in this segment are Reliance with 6.98 million, Idea with6.5 million and Vodafone withm6.14 customers. TRAI Release.

04.05.2014: BSNL CDS Rules (Hindi) – Corrected up to 24.01.2013. Click.

02.05.2014: Web Viewers: During the month April, 2014, total 37,130 persons visited our web. We thank all of them for their trust and reliance upon us for latest news.

29.04.2014: DOP&PW INVITES SUGGESTIONS TO REVIEW OF RULE 32, 33 AND 56 TO 82 OF CCS (PENSION) RULES 1972 - Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare, vide its OM No. 1/19/2013-P&PW(E) dated 24.04.2014, has invited suggestions from all stake holders to review of Rule 32,33 and 56 to 82 of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972. Send your suggestions directly with a copy to us. Click.

29.04.2014: BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – APRIL 2014 issue – 130 copies sent courier to Ranchi BDPA (India) Secretary on 28.04.2014 through Professional couriers.

28.04.2014: STATUS OF THE CASE DEALING WITH 50% IDA MERGER AMOUNTING TO 78.2% IDA AS ON 1/1/2007 as reported by Sri Rakesh Srivastava.

We met with Member (S) on 11.4.2014 to discuss this case. Member(S) opined that this case has not been dealt appropriately by DOT/ BSNL/ Unions & Associations and arbitrary imposition of cut-off date of 10th June 2013 was not correct and proper and it was gross injustice to the pensioners to deny the arrears of pension w.e.f. 1.1.2007.

It was pointed out to Member (S) that as per agreement reached in July/ August 2012 between BSNL Administration and the respective Unions/ Associations in BSNL, the wage revision @78.2% IDA merger (as on 1.1.2007) was to be implemented and paid from current date. Payment of Arrears w.e.f. 1/1/2007 to date of agreement was to be deferred/ held in abeyance to a future date till financial condition of BSNL improves. DOT should have issued orders in accordance with the letter and spirit of agreement reached by BSNL Management & Unions. Instead DOT has played spoil sport and issued a cut-off date of 10th June 2013 for 78.2% IDA merger (as on 1.1.2007).

It was also pointed out to Member (S) that as per commitment made by DOT in several SCOVA meetings benefit of 78.2% IDA merger (as on 1/1/2007) was to be given to all the BNL Pensioners as given to working Employees of BSNL, and the same commitment needs to be fulfilled.

Member (S) was of the opinion that this case should be taken up strongly by all the BSNL Unions/ Associations. He lamented the fact that inspite of his repeated exhortations all the BSNL Unions/ Associations are not serious in taking up this matter. He further opined that this problem could be resolved easily through a fresh Cabinet Note for revision of DOT orders dated 10/6/2013 to enable payment of arrears to all the employees in BSNL as envisaged in the agreement reached by BSNL Management & Unions. Issue of Pensioners shall automatically get resolved.

It was again pointed out to Member (S) that commitment made by DOT in several SCOVA meetings should be fulfilled first, and as and when the BSNL Employees get their dues w.e.f. 1/1/2007 as per the revised Cabinet Note the same can again be extended to the BSNL pensioners. But Member (S) was not in favour of piecemeal implementation of 78.2% IDA merger (as on 1/1/2007) for the BSNL Pensioners and he preferred to expedite revision of earlier DOT order dated 10th June 2013 through a Cabinet Note.

P.S. by Shri Rakesh Srivastva - Getting a fresh cabinet note moved and approved in DOT is going to be long drawn process. Commitment made by DOT in several SCOVA meetings to extend the benefit of 78.2% IDA merger for Pensioners should be honoured and implemented at the earliest.

The concerned file dealing with 78.2% IDA merger for BSNL pensioners was with Director (FEB) on inward path on 11th April 2014. The file is again with Director (FEB) on outward path on 25th April 2014. It may reach Member (F) on 28/4/2014.

This case was discussed in detail with Director (Estt) and DDG (TPF) on11.4.2014. DDG (TPF) categorically stated that he did not foresee any problem in resolution of this issue because all the points raised by Deptt. of Expenditure have been satisfactorily answered by DOT.

G.S. BDPA (INDIA) – We do not endorse the view to settle the issue in piecemeal way. Now when we have waited for more than a year, we can wait for one month more, but we want settlement of the issue in one stroke without any division. Pension Arrear cannot be deferred because the employees have agreed to defer their wages on revision. We cannot expect notional pension revision to take place when rules don’t permit. Further, we cannot encourage a concept of making three divisions amongst pensioners’ fraternity. All the Pensioners irrespective of their date of retirement should get their pensionery benefits available to them. We have to insist for implementation of DPE orders giving effect of 78.2% IDA Merger w.e.f. 01.01.2007 and cannot give long rope to BSNL/DoT to have change in cutoff date prescribed by DPE.

27.04.2014: General Advice to all our friends and family members:

Do exercise Your Right of Voting in this on-going Lok Sabha Elections in India but do not break relations with your Near and Dear Ones just because of difference of opinion in candidate selection or liking of a Political Party.

Sometimes within our home we have difference of opinions or thinking process but it does o mean we won’t talk to each other our leg pull or backbite as one does not agree to our point of view. We can just discuss the merits/demerits of anyone but we should not argue with each other as there is never an end to these talks.

26.04.2014: BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – APRIL 2014 ISSUE; Posted to all the Members, Subscribers, Advertisers & Complimentary readers. All are requested to wait for their copy till 5th May, 2014 and then to lodge a complaint with their delivery post office and revert to us for your copy.

25.04.2014: We receive number of query on our yesterday’s news item, where a words “impracticable” and “hurdle” are used. What we have stated is a picture emerged from the conversation some association bearers have had with the responsible officers in Government and NOT OUR VIEW. From the beginning our view is that the revision should take w.e.f. 01.01.2007 for pre-post 2007 employees/retirees and pay/pension fixation should take effect from 1.01.2007 following the same yardstick which was followed at the time of earlier fixation. To pay the arrears to working employees, issue squarely lies in the court of BSNL. The Associations/Unions have sharing concern have agreed to defer the payment of Pay Arrear for sometime which has been clearly admitted by none but the CMD BSNL himself in a letter addressed to the Secretary, DoT. For Pension Arrear and other pensionery benefits there is no option left to anyone’s choice.

24.04.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue: The queries are yet not responded by the DoT, as the root cause of the issue is the impracticable agreement by the Unions/Association with the BSNL Management. The date of effect of the 78.2% IDA merger has to be from 01.01.2007 and not any other date as pension contribution has been made on maximum of scale w.e.f. 1.01.2007 and the Pensioners cannot be deprived of the benefit of arrear w.e.f. 01.01.2007; and the apparently the Agreement comes has hurdle for issuance of orders w.e.f. 01.01.2007. We are pursuing the issue with concerned authorities.

24.04.2014: BSNL & PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – APRIL 2014 Edition. Colour Pages


23.04.2014: BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – APRIL 2014 ISSUE – 3,000 Copies posted on 22.04.2014 and rest 1000 copies will be posted to-day. The District Secretaries extra copies will be dispatched on 24.04.2014.

23.04.2014: S/Shri A.N. Patel, J.B. Kumpavat & D.D. Mistry, met Shri Parmar, PGM (Fin), o/o CGM Gujarat on 22.4.2014 and extended their greetings.

22.04.2014: BSNL HQ Vide Circular No.43 and its No: 14-1/2012-PAT (BSNL) dated 21.04.2014 endorses DPE order dated 03.04.2014 on I.D.A. w.e.f. 01.04.2014. It is reflects working of Corporate Office which took 20 days to endorse the routine order. Click.

22.04.2014: ‘BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT” APRIL, 2014 issue containing 84 pages will be posted to-day to all the Members. For complimentary copies, subscribers and Officers it will be posted to-morrow. Click.

22.04.2014: Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray, joins her duties as Executive Director Finance, BSNL, New Delhi on 21.04.2014. We convey her our best wishes and assure our co-operation.

21.04.2014: Meena Agarwal, Secretary , 7th CPC New Delhi vide D.O No. 7CPC/15/Questionnaire 9th April, 2014 asks information from all Secretaries Govt. of India. Click

20.04.2014: S/Shri J.B. Kumpavat, D.D. Mistry & R.C. Sharma call on Shri A.A. Patel at his residence on 19.04.2014 morning and inquired for his health, as he had undergone cataract operation recently.

19.04.2014: ‘BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT’ April, 2014 issue in press and will be posted to al members on 22.04.2014 as scheduled. It carries total 84 pages.

19.04.2014: The JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE OF UNIONS & ASSOCIATIONS OF NON-EXECUTIVES, New Delhi vide is No: JAC/2014 dated 09.04.2014 submits Memorandum to the CMD BSNL on long pending issues.09.04.2014. An extracts from the said Memorandum is placed below:

(22) Option to the Non--Executives, for fixation of pay on promotion, on the date of next increment which fell after 01.10.2000.

(23) Revision of pension to those who retired between 01.01.2007 and 10.06.2013, based on 78.2% IDA merger.

(24) Settlement of the anomalies that have arisen in the first wage revision.

(27) Payment of arrears to the serving employees on merger of 78.2% IDA merger.

However, we feel that the following issues too could have been added.

1. Revision of Pension for pre-2007 Pensioners by merging 78.2% IDA w.e.f. 01.01.2007 with due arrears.

2. Payment of arrears for retirees between 01.01.2007 to 10.06.2013, though it demands payment for arrears to serving employees on merger of 78.2% IDA.

3. Implement of CAT order for extra increment to those who were given one extra increment as the time of retirement, as they could not get 10% BCR. The Management had promised to orders while implementing it for 44 applicants and has back out by approaching the apex court.

When they submitted 30 items in Memorandum, inclusion of 3 more items would have not harmed them.

17.04.2014: BDPA (INDIA) conveys heartiest congratulation to Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray, on her appointment as Executive Director (Finance) in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. The letter No. 1-5/2010 SEA BSNL (Pt IV), dated 16th April, 2014 reads “Competent Authority is pleased to appoint Smt Sujata Tapan Ray (Staff no. 80041), an absorbed IP&T AFS officer, presently working as PGM (Finance)/IFA, Gujarat Telecom Circle, Ahmedabad, as Executive Director (Finance) in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in the IDA pay scale of Rs. 62,000-80,000/- with immediate effect for a period of five years from the date of her assumption of charge of the post or till the date of her superannuation or until further orders, whichever is earlier.”

16.04.2014: TIME LIMIT FOR REDRESSAL OF PENSIONERS’ GRIEVANCES: DoP&PW Vide its OM F. No. 55/18/2014-P&PW(C) dated 28.03.2014 asks all the Ministries/ Departments reiterating its previous orders indicating the time limits for various actions prescribed to deal with the grievances of the pensioners in a time bound manner. Click.

16.04.2014: BSNL HQ Vide No: BSNL/Admn.I/25-24/13 dated 15.04.2014 empanelled “ Vision Eye Hospital” Sector 7, Hohini, New Delhi for “Eye care centre” from 3rd April, 2014 to 31st December 2015.

14.04.2014: HAPPY BAISHAIKHI: The auspicious festival of Baisakhi is celebrated on first day of Vaisakh month (April-May) according to the Nanakshahi calendar. Hence, the festival of Baisakhi is also popularly known as Vaisakhi. According to Gregorian Calendar, Baisakhi falls on April 13 every year and on April 14 once in 36 years. This variation in date is due to the fact that date of Baisakhi is reckoned according to the Indian solar calendar and not the lunar calendar.

12.04.2014: Modify Presidential Order on payment of 78.2% IDA merger - Forum resolves to raise the demand before the DoT : The meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations was held on 09-04-2014, reviewed the issue of revision of pension to the retirees, based on 78.2% IDA merger. It is learnt that the settlement of the issue is getting delayed in view of the fact that the Department of Expenditure has raised certain queries to the DoT, on it's proposal to revise pension notionally from 01-01-2007 and payment from 10-06-2013. It is learnt that the Dept. of Expenditure has asked the DoT, how pension could be fixed on notional basis. The meeting of the Forum discussed the issue at length and came to the conclusion that the Presidential Directive issued by the DoT on 10-06-2014 is the root cause for all the problems, wherein it is mentioned that fixation of 78.2% IDA merger would be done notionally from 01-01-2007 and payment would be made only from 10-06-2013. Hence, the meeting unanimously decided to demand the DoT, to modify it's Presidential Order issued on 10-06-2013, to the effect that actual payment on 78.2% IDA merger will be made from 01-01-2007 itself, both for the serving employees, as well as for the pensioners. It is decided to seriously persue this case with the DoT.

Our Note: Thanks God, after Nine Month Maturity has born in to the minds of the Unions to see light of the day. Hope it will not be illusory and followed with due sincerity and all force. We extend our support to the move.

10.04.2014: The C.D.A. for Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2014. The Orders are issued on 09.04.2014. Click

07.04.2014: Aware of the fact that now a day politicians are fully engaged in their battle for survival, GS BDPA (INDIA) has one more endeavor to invite attention of Shri Rahul Gandhi, on the struggle of Pensioners for settlement of their long pending 78.2% IDA Merger issue. Click.

06.04.2014: Web Viewers: During the month of March, 2014, total 47,199 persons visited our web. We thank all of them fror their trust and reliance upon us for latest news.

05.04.2014: DPE issues orders for reduction in I.D.A. w.e.f. 01.04.2014. Click.

04.04.2014: The CMD BSNL issues reminder on the issue of settlement of pre 2006 CDA pension revision cases, asking the latest reports. Click.

04.04.2014: The ONGC is following a method of annual cash reimbursement for Uniforms, stitching Charges, Washing Allowances and Canteen Subsidy to its Employees. This year the cost for the same is fixed as Rs 84332. The reimbursement would be on the basis of quarterly installments as Rs 21083/-

04.04.2014: Smt. Geeta Rau, ED (Finance), retires and the BSNL HQ issues orders for Looking After the duties of Executive Director (Finance) by Shri John A Thomas .will look after as ED (Finance), BSNL.

03.04.2014: DoT’s letter on CGHS facilities for BSNL Employees/Retirees endorsed by the BSNL. Click.

03.04.2014: List of Empanelled Hospitals for New Delhi as on 31.03.2014. Click.

02.04.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue – Our information reveal that the queries raised by the Department of Expenditure have been prepared and reply has been sent to the Department of Expenditure by DoT.

31.03.2014: I.D.A. w.e.f. 01.04.2014 - There is reduction of 2.1% and as such it will be 88.4%.

31.03.2014: Chennai BDPA (INDIA) CWC PHOTOS.

31.03.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue & Pension Anomaly Case : DoT is preparing the reply to the queries raised by the Dept. of Expenditure on both issues.

31.03.2014: DoT asks the CCA Offices to fix one hour in a week to hear Pensioners grievances by particular Officer. Click.

31.03.2014: Happy Gudi Padva & New Year

Masti kabhi na ho low

Dosti ka surur chaya rahe

Dhan aur Shorat ki ho bauchar

aisa aye apke liye Ugadi ka tyohar.

Happy Ugadi 2014!!

29.03.2014: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue – The DoT has so far not replied to the Dept. of Expenditure query.

29.03.2014: The order on C.D.A. w.e.f. 01.01.2014 has been issued for Working Employees by Ministry.

29.03.2014: We have strongly opposed the Corporate Office letter, vide which the one extra increment granted in lieu of Grade IV, to the officials one year prior to their retirement was withdrawn, and has demanded restoration of that one increment. The Corporate Office has requested the CGMs to furnish certain in formations in this connection. The concerned are requested to issue reminder to their earlier representation to their SSA Head with a copy to the concern CGMs. Click.

27.03.2014: Pension Contribution & Leave Salary Contribution of BSNL deputed in DoT Letter No. 500-57/BSNL/2011-12/CA IV/Vol V-part I dated 14.03.2014. Click.

27.03.2014: Obituary: We are deeply grieved to know that the daughter of Bro. Shri Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE BSNL, passed away at Allahabad on 24.03.2014. She has been ailing and was under treatment for the past several months. BDPA (INDIA) conveys heartfelt condolences to Shri Islam and members of his family.

27.03.2014: Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) has returned from his tour to-day morning and reached to Ahmedabad. the web will be updated in the evening.

24.03.2014: Second C.W.C. 0f BDPA(INDIA) was held on 21.03.2014 at 14.00 hours. More than 35 Office bearers, Invitees and Circle/District Secretaries participated. Shri M.R. Vashist, All India President presided over the meeting. The minute of 1st CWC Meeting were passed. Accounts upto 31st March, 2013 was also adopted. It was decided that vacant posts will not be filled till next year. The 2nd AIC will be conducted in Tamilnadu Circle, at Trichy. Details to follow. Shri D.D. Misry was elected as AGS – FNTO NUBSNLW in 4th AIC on 22.03.2014. BDPA congratulates him on his election as AGS. GS BDPA (INDIA) will returned to CHQ Ahmedabad on 27.03.2014.

21.03,2014: The C.W.C. of BDPA (INDIA) will commence at 14,00 hours on 21.03.2014 at notified venue.GS BDPA (INDIA) will greet Open Session of 4th AIC of FNTO.

18.03.2013: S/Shri D.D. Mistry & C.W.C. Members will commence their tour to Chennai on 19.03.2014 and will reach Chennai on 19.03.2014. The web will be updated from time to time.The Ahmedabad BDPA (INDIA) Office will remain closed from 18.03.2014 to 28.03.2014.

17.03.2014: The Central Working Committee Meeting of BDPA (INDIA) will be held on 21.03.30214 at Chennai under the Presidentship of Shri M.R. Vashist. All the concerned are once again requested to make it convenient to attend the same in time. The meeting will also chalk out further programme for expediting the finalization of 78.2% IDA merger issue for the BSNL Pensioners.

17.03.2014: The Open Session of 4th A.I.C. FNTO will be held on 21.03.2014 at Sri Balaji Maal, sushantha Gosh Arangam, Chrompet, Chennai. Shri M. R. Vashist, All India President, D. D. Mistry General Secretary and Shri K.K. Gopakumar, CWC Member, will also address the Session. View the Poster for further details. Click.


This Holi Make A Wish,

Take A Chance To Do Something Good

Because Holi Is All About Good Things

And Good Things Are Supposed To Be Start On An Auspicious Day

Have An Abounding Holi

15.03.2014: 78.2% IDA merger to Pensioners : It is reported that the DOE has sought for the following clarifications from the DoT.

Whether fresh cabinet approval is required?

2. Whether the expenditure will exceed 60% of what BSNL pays to Govt. of India as per Finance Dept order?

3. Is there any precedent to extend increased gratuity, commutation etc on Notional pay?

13.03.2014: Shri K. Jayaprakash, GS FNTO met Shri S.C. Misra, Member services, DoT. It was informed that the file on 78.2% IDA Merger issue for Pensioners is pending for clarification on pension contribution sought for by the Department of Expenditure.

12.03.2014: Status of 78.2% IDA for BSNL pensioners:- The information reveals that the Director (Admn), Department of expenditure has seen a note in file regarding 60-40% pension contribution by BSNL which may create problem. He has returned the file to the concerned officer and instructed to “Delete” the note and resubmit.

Our say: This is nothing but delay tactics as 60-40% has no relativity. However, we can have our only after seeing complete note.

12.03.2014: Shri A.N. Tripathi, President, Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi visited BDPA (INDIA) office at Ahmedabad on 11.03.2014 at 16.00 hours and addressed Central Working Committee Members. He assured full cooperation from BPS. Few irritating issues alike (1) issuance of Pre-2006 Pensioners PPO (2) Service Book Not available (3) Disconnection of Family Pensioner’s residential telephone connection by Junagadh GM (4) Not meeting Pensioners by certain CGMs (5) need for separate Pension Adalat by BSNL etc. were discussed. He also spoke on various activities under taken by the BPS and approach to 7th CPC.

11.03.2014: BSNL paid Rs. 126.67 crores penalty to DOT on account of incomplete consumer application form (nfteweb).

08.03.2014: Vasan Eye Care Hospitals, New Delhi empanelled. Click.

08.03.2014: Saket City Hospital, New Delhi empanelled. Click.

07.03.2014: Govt. has approved 8.75% interest on EPF for year 2013-14.

07.03.2014: BSNL retirees receiving Central Civil Pension can opt for CGHS. Click.

07.03.2014: Corporate Office Circular N0.104 on special discount scheme for serving/retired employees of BSNL under EVDO and NIC postpaid data plan. Click.

06.03.2014: Issue of DA Merger will have to be considered by the 7th Pay Commission only, as the Govt. could not take decision thereon because of negative recommendations by the 6th Pay Commission vide Para 4.1.18 of its report, wherein it had recommended that the DA should not be merged on reaching 50% on the ground that the Increments had been recommended to be on percentage basis (instead of fixed ones in each Scale earlier). Now, the ball is in the court of 7th CPC. Thus, we cannot expect any development before the formation of new Government at Center which will be formed after 15th May, 2014.

06.03.2014: BSNL PENSIONERS CAN OPT FOR CGHS : The DoT has issued an order that BSNL retirees can opt for CGHS which covers only 25 cities in India, if they desire for which huge amount has to be paid by the Pensioner(details awaited).

06.03.2014: Cashless service in private hospitals (empanelled by CGHS) withdrawn from March 7, 2014. Patients will henceforth have to cough up hospital charges and later claim the amount from the government, according to the new rule which will affect 50 lakh serving employees and over 30 lakh pensioners, as well as their family members.

05.03.2014: 78.2% IDA merger to Pensioners, the file is awaiting its clearance by Department of Expenditure and Pension is with DOP&PW. We are watching developments.

03.03.3014: Shri Chandrasinh J. Chaudhary, Retired C.S.S. from Vyara joins stream of regular donors from January, 2014 by contributing Rs.200/- per month to BDPA (INDIA). We convey our hearty thanks to him for noble and inspiring gesture to strengthen the BDPA (INDIA).

02.03.2014: In the month of February 2014, total 42011 viewers visited our web. We thank them for their visit and assure to cater latest news-update for workers and pensioners as well.

01.03.2014: The Cabinet gave its approval to the Terms of Reference of 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) and also released of additional installment of dearness allowance to Central Government employees and dearness relief to Pensioners, due from 1.1.2014. Click.

01.03.2014: The Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pension, DOPP&W New Delhi issues notification dated 20.02.2014 of 35 pages modifying the various forms to be filled up at the time of retirement. This will be useful to those who are to retire hereafter. Click.

01.03.2014: Obituary: Bro. Umraomal Purohit a legendry leader of trade union movement, Secretary Staff Side JCM National Council and the President of All India Railwaymen’s Federation expired at Mumbai in hospital at 4.15 AM on 27th February, 2014.We convey our heartfelt condolences.

01.03.2014: Settlement of grievances arisen due to implementation of Non-executive Promotion Policy (NEPP) – BSNL HQ vide No: 13-5/2013-Peb.(B) dated 28.02.2014 issues reminder to affected circles to submit required data. Click.

28.02.2014: Obituary: Shri G.I. Daruwala, Retired Section Supervisor, C.T.O. Ahmedabad expired on 26.02.2014 at Ahmedabad. He was born on 18.01.1923 and retired on 31.01.1981. We had visited his residence on 17.12.2013 on "Pensioners Day". He was hale and healthy and was renovating his ancestors’ house and staying in rented house supervising the work of his new house. We have printed his photo in January, 2014 issue of our magazine. Each year he was posting us New Year Greeting in Greeting Forms purchased by him when he was in service. He expired at the age of 91 years. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family. He was like by all his colleagues for his noble nature.

28.02.2014: Cabinet to meet to-day to clear populist measures:

The Union Cabinet may decide on a series of populist measures and some ordinances on anti-graft and protection of rights bills at a meeting possibly the last before the model code of conduct could come into force for coming Lok Sabha polls which include.

Hiking dearness allowance to 100 per cent from existing 90 per cent, which will benefiting 50 lakh employees and 30 lakh pensioners. The hike in DA would be effective from January 1 this year.

Another proposal which will bring cheers to pensioners is to ensure Rs 1,000 minimum monthly pension under the pension scheme run by retirement fund body EPFO, which would immediately benefit 28 lakh pensioners.

Sources said the cabinet may also consider raising the retirement age of government employees from 60 to 62 years. The raising of superannuation age was originally a part of the Terms of Reference of the Seventh Pay Commission. Since the Commission report is expected not before 2017, a decision on raising the retirement age cannot happen before that.

So, the reference to retirement age has been removed from the ToR of the 7th Pay Commission and it is speculated that the same may be brought as a supplementary agenda.

When the model code of conduct goes into force with the announcement of the election schedule, no populist measure can be made public and any policy decision can be announced only with the clearance of the Election Commission.(PTI).

27.02.2014: Meeting with Officers of Department of Expenditure on 78.2% IDA : On 26.02.2014, in a meeting with Union Representatives, Shri Vijay Kumar Singh Director (ADM), Department of Expenditure, Shri Vivek Ashish, Under Secretary and Shri Sanjay Kumar, Section Officer, issue of approval for 78.2% IDA for BSNL retirees was discussed. All the officers assured that the delay has taken place as they were fully engaged with the restructure process of BSNL/MTNL being proposed by the Empowered Group of Ministers. However, they assured that the process of approval for 78.2% will start by today/tomorrow and will be finalized without further delay.

26.02.2014: The Department of Pension & Pensioners has since issued the Minutes of the 24th Meeting of SCOVA held on 05.02.2014 vide its F. No. 42/2/2014-P&PW(G) dated 24.02.2014. These issues are in respect of (i) Anomaly in fixation of pension to DOT Employees absorbed in BSNL who retired between 1.10.2000 and 31.07.2001 and (ii) Merger of 78.2% IDA with basic pension benefit to the absorbed BSNL pensioners. Extracts.

26.02.2014: ONGC is the top profit making PSU in 2012–13 : ONGC is the top profit making PSU in 2012-13, with Rs.20,926 crore profit. Power major NTPC retained it’s position as the 2nd highest profit making PSU. However, Fertiliser Corporation of India has jumped to the 3rd position, replacing Coal India Limited, which is pushed down to the 4th place. NDMC is in the 6th position, followed by Indian Oil Corporation, Power Finance Corporation, Power Grid Corporation of India and GAIL. In the same period, BSNL has incurred a loss of Rs.7,884 crore.

26.02.2014:50% DA Merger, Retirement Age 62 and Interim Relief – Cabinet is likely to clear some of these demands..!

This week may bring cheer to central employees and pensioners.

Central Govt. employees and pensioners will find reasons to celebrate this week. The union cabinet is likely to clear some long awaited demands for it’s staff in the next meeting later this week The F.M., currently on foreign tour, likely to return India on 26th February and after which cabinet meeting is likely to take place.

According to information available with us, merger of 50% D.A., an additional hike of 10% D.A. from 01.01.2014, granting of Interim Relief and enhancing retirement age to 62 years are under the consideration of Govt. and some of these are to be approved in the next cabinet meeting.

As the notification of loksabha poll may be issued in the first week of March, this would be the last cabinet meeting before the code of conduct comes into force.

So the central employees and pensioners may definitely hope for some bonanza to be announced this week.(Source:

24.02.2014: The Budget session is over. The Finance Minister is back from his foreign tour. We are expecting the clearance of the file of 78.2% IDA Merger by this week end. Members should not feel panic as some are spreading rumors that if the elections are declared our file will not be cleared.

21.02.2014: Terms of Reference For 7th Pay Commission: In order to benefit over 50 lakh employees and over 30 lakh pensioners, the Cabinet also approved terms of reference for seventh pay commission. This includes merging dearness allowance above 50 per cent with basic pay. Currently DA is around 90 per cent of basic pay and another hike of 10 per cent is expected soon. DA is calculated on the basis of change in retail inflation. (The Hindu: BusinessLine).

21.02.2013: This will pave the way for following the same for PSUs Employees and Pensioners. The relief will come for CG Employees/Pensioners only after commissioning of work by the 7th CPC and acceptance of the same recommendation by the Government of India. So there is a long way at go.

20.02.2014:Govt likely to increase and merge dearness allowance with basic pay:

Mahendra Kumar Singh,TNN | Feb 20, 2014, 01.08 AM IST

NEW DELHI: The government may increase and merge dearness allowance (DA) with basic pay with the Union Cabinet expected to include the proposal as part of the terms of reference of the 7th pay commission.

The move will facilitate announcement of interim relief to more than 50 lakh government employees and 30 lakh pensioners by the newly-constituted pay commission before the code of conduct for the Lok Sabha polls come into force.

Central government employees unions have been demanding that besides raising DA to 100%, the government should revise the pay and merge DA with basic pay, considering market inflation and price hike of essential commodities.

As per practice, DA is merged with basic pay when it breaches the 50% mark. DA merger helps employees as their other allowances are paid as a proportion of basic pay.

An official said if merger of 50% DA with basic pay was decided, it could lead to hike in salary by around 30-35%. He added that there were instances of announcing interim relief to employees apart from DA by a newly constituted pay commission prior to their implementation.

Merger of 50% DA with basic pay was done in the 5th pay commission, but the 6th commission did not recommended it.

The Centre is expected to announce next month a hike in dearness allowance by 10% which would make it 100% of basic pay. It will be the second double digit DA hike in a row as the government had announced a hike of 10% in September last year, effective from July 1, 2013.

An official said hike in DA will not be less than 10% and would be effective from January 1 this year.

19.02.2014: The CMD's DO letter No. 40-23/2013-Pen(B) Dated 18.02.2014 to CGMs on settlement of revision of pension of pre-2006 CDA pensioners. Unfortunately, this D.O. does not reflect pending pre-2006 cases with the CCA Gujarat/GMs for want of service books. Are these pensioners fall in category of pre-2006 Pensioners? Their cases are shown settled by the CCA Gujarat, as per the said D.O. Click.

18.02.2014: ONE RANK ONE PENSION: Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said on Monday that the fund allocation for one rank, one pension in the interim budget presented by him was in keeping with the estimate given by the Defence Ministry. This was not final and the government would provide more if needed, he added.

Asked if he had agreed to the one rank, one pension demand after Rahul Gandhi pushed for it, Mr. Chidambaram said: “The Budget speech was written many days ago; if the Congress vice-president anticipated very cannily what was going to be in budget, then I congratulate him.”

“We need a young fighting force, we need young jawans and we need young officers. We also need to take care of those who served in the defence forces only for a limited numbers of years. The government has, therefore, decided to walk the last mile and closed the gap for all retirees in all ranks,” he said.

Welcoming the government’s intent, members of the armed forces and retired defence personnel felt the fund required would be nearly five times the allocation of Rs. 500 crore.

They said the Expenditure Secretary had informed the Rajya Sabha committee in 2012 that to fully implement the scheme, nearly Rs. 1,800 crore would be required annually and would entail a 10 per cent hike every year.

But, for the moment, the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) welcomed the announcement. Lieutenant-General (Retd) Raj Kadyan of the IESM, who was among those who met Mr. Gandhi, said: “We are very happy at this development. Ex-servicemen are not concerned whether it is politics or impending elections that has motivated the Centre to implement this.”

In the past three years, the government tried to address the issue twice, in 2010 and in January 2013. But each time, parity in pension of defence personnel proved elusive.(Souce: The Hindu).

17.02.2014: Karnataka Circle is holding Pension Adalat in March, 2014. Last date for sending representation is 20.02.2014. Click.

17.02.2014: Principal CCA Maharashtra Circle held its Pension Adalat on 14.02.2014 in the Conference Hall of PGMT, Nagpur. The Adalat was chaired by the Principal CCA Maharashtra and attended by the PGM Telecom and Director of Accounts (Posts), Nagpur. The following issues were discussed in the meeting. (1) delay in payment of revised DA to the BSNL pensioners drawing pension through post offices in Maharashtra Circle, (2) delay in payment of earned leave encashment on superannuation, (3) timely updating of official website of CCA Maharashtra, (4) Circulation of minutes of the Pension Adalat held in Maharashtra Circle, (5) Payment of arrears of CVP in respect of Post-2007 BSNL pensioners as per clarification issued by DOT on 10-06-2013, (6) Posting of revised PPO copy by speed post instead of ordinary post to the pensioners, (7) Amount of additional pension available to the old pensioners to be shown distinctly in the PPOs. The Principal CCA Maharashtra assured to look into these matters. Director of Posts (Account) also assured to reduce the hardship being faced by BSNL Pensioners in receiving the revised DA payment.

17.02.2014: 78.2 IDA Merger Issue – It is pending with the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. We expect its clearance by week end.

14.02.2014: Copy of our Presentation on working of BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association (India) – Subject - Identification of Pensioners Associations Under Pensioners Portal on 7th February, 2014. Click.

14.02.2014: C.G.A. Appointments – Case of Kerala Circle – Clarification issued by BSNL CO vide No:268-Gen.Corr/2010-Pers.IV dated 13.02.2014. Click.

13.02.2014: Shri A.N. Rai, Director, BSNL Board, will hold the charge of Director (HR) for six more months. Shri Anupam Srivastava, Director (CM), will hold additional charge as Director (Finance).

12.02.2014: Retirement age to be raised to 65? - The standing committee of Parliament on social justice and empowerment have recommended the government to raise the retirement of the employees age to 65 years. The recommendations is based on the fact that growing lifespan was adding to the need for "productive ageing".

11.02.2014: Grant of One Extra Increment to BCR GR.III Employees prior to their retirement –Resident Audit Office, BSNL HQ ND Audit IM No. 03 Dated 27.01.2014. Information called for. Click.

10.02.2014:” Recovery of wrongful/excess paymen is made to Government servants” - Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pension Department of Personnel and Training, New Delhi No: F. No. 18/26/ 2011-Estt (Pay-I), dated the 6th February, 2014. Click.

10.02.2014: In order to have inkling towards our working, we herewith place “Compendium on Editorials published in “BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT” since its inception, i.e. from June 2006 to January, 2014. Hope you will like to read all the editorial at once place. Click.

09.02.2014: Know outstanding amount of BSNL & MTNL. Click. .

09.02.2014: S/Shri A.N. Patel & D.D. Mistry gave presentation at Conference Room, 2nd Floor at OYC, Department of Atomic Energy, Anushakti Bhawan, CSM Marg, Mumbai at 10.30 hours on 07.02.2014 on “Identification of Pensioners Association Under Pensioners Portal” before Ms Tripti Ghosh, Director (PP), Vandna Sharma Jt. Director (Pension), Prem Kumar, Sr. Consultant and two other Consultants. Others who gave representation includes Shri Bimal Ray, President, Central Government Pensioners’s Welfare Association, E-6, Shiv Basav Nagar, Shiv Mandir Road, Ambarnath, SH. P.K.N. Swami, President, Retired Railwaymen’s Federation, Mumbai, Sh. V.Y. Veshvilkar, GS, Baroda Central Pensioners Association, Vadodara & GS Atomic Pensioners’ Welfare Association, Mumbai. During the conversation with participants it was emerged that the Ministry if thinking to evolve a policy to involve Pensioners Association for betterment of social conditions of other civilians in social and educational field.

07.02.2014: Identification of Pensioners Association Under Pensioners Portal: The Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensioners, Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, New Delhi vide No; F. No. 55/12/2013-P&PW(C) Dated 20th January, 2014 extends invitation to Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) to participate in the meeting to-day, i.e.on 7th February,2014 at Mumbai. Total Four Associations are invited. From Gujarat two associations are invited and from Ahmedabad we are invited. S/Shri A.N. Patel President & D.D. Mistry, GS will represent BDPA (INDIA), at Anushakti Bhavan, Mumbai.

05.02.2014: Wage & Pension Revision: On poll-eve, UPA rolls out pay panel:

With the Lok Sabha elections fast approaching, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, on Tuesday, constituted the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

The commission’s recommendations are expected to benefit 35 lakh Central government employees.

The commission, to be headed by the retired Supreme Court judge Ashok Kumar Mathur, will submit its report in 19 months and its recommendations will be effective from January 2016.

The commission’s full-time member will be Petroleum and Natural Gas Secretary Vivek Rae and part-time member will be Rathin Roy, Director, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had in September 2013 approved the Pay Commission. The award of the Sixth Pay Commission, set up by the first UPA government, had resulted in an additional outgo of Rs. 12,561 crore in 2008-09.

The Eleventh Finance Commission had categorically said that pay commissions need not be set up routinely as their awards had a cascading effect on the finances of State governments.

The Economic Survey for 2013-14 says the Centre’s expenditure as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on pay and allowances for its employees rose from 0.9 per cent in 2007-08 to 1.4 per cent in 2009-10 after the Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations were implemented. The data available show that the Budget estimate for 2011-12 is 1.1 per cent of the GDP.

Similarly, the Centre’s expenditure on pensions went up from 0.5 per cent of the GDP in 2007-08 to 0.9 per cent in 2009-10 and 0.6 per cent in 2011-12.(Source: The Hindu).

04.02.2013. The 23rdMeeting of SCOVA was held on 20-9-2013 had taken decision on our pending two issues. The next meeting to be held on 5th February, 2014 has been given action report. Click .

REGARDING 78.2% IDA: "A proposal was sent by % Telecom on 20.12.2013. D/oP&PW has communicated its 'No Objection' to the proposal subject to the approval of Deptt. Of Expenditure. 0/0 Telecomm. has referred the proposal to 0/0 Expenditure on 08.01.2014. Approval of 0/0 Expenditure is awaited by % Telecomm."

REGARDING PENSION ANOMALY ; "A proposal was received from Department of Telecom on 19.11.2013. DoP&PW has sought some more information/clarifications on the proposal on 19.11.2013. D/o Telecom has sent the requisite information which is under examination in D/oP&PW."

04.02.2014: GOM on revival of BSNL, MTNL : The government is likely to consider roughly Rs 8,500 crore of soft loans at a token 1 per cent interest to help BSNL and MTNL pay salaries to a section of employees who were absorbed from the telecom department. BSNL and MTNL are likely to receive roughly Rs 2,000 crore and Rs 390 crore, respectively, in the first year.(The Economic Times 01.02.2014).

01.02.2014: In the month of January 2014, 50,010 viewers visited our web. We thank all the viewers.

01.02.1014: C.D.A. w.e.f. 01.01.2014: Labour Bureau of India notifies All India Consumer Price Index 239 for December, 2013. The C.D.A. will increase by 10%, making 100% w.e.f. 01.01.2014.

01.02.2014: Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA completed 10 years of retired life, serving the Pensioners from the same premises where he served for 39 years. A Video CD was displayed in BDPA (India) office to refresh green and golden memories of glorious past of trade union movement in telegraph service.

30.01.2014: 24th meeting of the SCOVA shall be held on 5 Feb 2014 at Vigvyan Bhawan New Delhi. Click.

29.01.2014: Reply from the BSNL HQ on queries raised by DOP&PW on Pension Anomaly for those retired during the period from 01.10.2000 to 30.06.2001, received by DoT has been forwarded to DOP&PW on 28.01.2014

29.01.2014: All the District and Circle Secretaries are provided with extra copies of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – JANUARY 2014 issue through courier on 28.01.2014. Please ensure receipt of your copies.

29.01.2014: BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT – JANUARY 2014 issue has been posted to All subscribers, Officers of BSNL and Complimentary subscribers numbering to 400 on 28.01.2014.

28.01.2014: DoT gets reply from the BSNL HQ on queries raised by DOP&PW on Pension Anomaly for those retired during the period from 01.10.2000 to 30.06.2001.

28.01.2014: BSNL D.O. No.40-23/2013-Pen (B), dt-22-01-2014 in pending pension cases (pre-2006) in 14 circles. Click .

28.01.2014: BSNL Letter No.40-14/2013-Pen.(B), Dated:-23-01-2014 on Undue delay in submission of complete pension papers to CCAs. Click .

28.01.2014: View Editorial & Colour Pages - January 2014 Issue Click ..

27.01.2014:T0-day, we have posted 1950 copies of Magazine. Complimentary & Officers copies will be posted on 28.01.2014 Morning.

26.01.2014: Wish you all HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.

26.01.2014: we have posted 1500 copies of BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT -JANUARY 2014 issue on 25.01.2014 and rest all will be posted on 27.01.2014. Please wait up to 05.02.2014 to receive your copy.

25.01.2014: The file sent by the DoT to Ministry of Expenditure, is yet to reach the concerned for consideration.

23.01.2013: Pension Adalat – It will be held at Conference Hall, 5th Floor, Door Sanchar Bhavan, Karimabad, o/o the PGM (BSNL), Ghod Dod Road, Opp. Panja Pole, Surat at 12.00 hours on 7th February, 2014 for Valsad, Surat & Bharuch SSAs. All concerned are requested to take note.

22.01.2014: Identification of Pensioners Association Under Pensioners Portal: The Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensioners, Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, New Delhi vide No; F. No. 55/12/2013-P&PW(C ) Dated 20th January, 2014 extends invitation to Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) to participate in the meeting on 7th Februar7, 2014 at Mumbai. Total Four Associations are invited. From Gujarat two associations are invited and from Ahmedabad we are invited. S/Shri A.N. Patel President & D.D. Mistry, GS will represent BDPA (INDIA).

22.01.2014: OBITUARY: Shri T, Sunderajan, Trade Union Leader & Ex-Circle Office Bearer of TN Circle, passed away on 21.01.2014 at Akkur, Near Mayildu Thurai. We convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

22.01.2014: Read Web copy of ‘BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT’ January 2014 issue. Click. .

21.01.2014: “BSNL PENSIONERS NEWS GUJARAT” – January 2014 issue containing 72 + 16 pages is ready and will be dispatched shortly to all members who have cleared their Administrative Charges up to March 14 and all the subscribers who have already renewed the same.

20.01.2014: At 00.39 hours, Mistry Family celebrated 70th Birthday of Shri D.D. Mistry. He was greeted by His Two Daughters with their family and also his family in most surprisingly. He thanks one and all who call on him at that time and also continue to convey good wishes and birthday greetings. He also conveys who conveyed greetings through mail, face book and calls.

19.01.2014: BSNL HQ Vide No: 27-7/2008-TE-II/Pen (B) Dated 13.01.2014 relaxes Non Executive Promotion Policy. Click.

18.01.2014: Merger of 50 percent DA may soon be considered by Central Government – Sources close to the Central Government Employees Federations told that Merger of 50% DA will soon be considered by Central Government before the budget session of Parliament in February 2014. According to the sources, the central government is likely to consider the central government employees demand for merging of 50 % DA, for the reason that the DA will be crossing 100% level after January 2014. The demand would be considered in view of parliament elections.

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