14th Gujarat Circle, BDPA (INDIA) – Circle Working Committee Meeting held on 25.11.2021.

26 Nov

14th Gujarat Circle, BDPA (INDIA) – Circle Working Committee Meeting held on 25.11.2021.

14th Gujarat Circle, BDPA (INDIA) Circle Working Committee Meeting was held on 25.11.2021 at 11.00 hours in “Candela Restaurant & Banquet Hall” Kalasar Shopping Hub, Opp. Sai Baba Mandir, Nr. Satadhar Bus Stand, Satadhar, Ahmedabad under the Presidentship of A.N. Patel.

Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members and District Secretaries from Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Rajkot, Himatnagar, Aravalli, Kheda, Vadodara, Surat and Valsad participated with observers making total number of participants 34.

Meeting commenced with praying tribute to all those members who lost their lives during this period by observing two-minute silence.

While introducing the subject, A.N. Patel said that we have passed through very critical and agonized period and many of us have lost their near and dear one in this pandemic and warned that still we have to be cautious observing all the strictures to face the threat of third weave.

He briefed the Meeting enlightening on the struggle we have had gone with to acquire our own BDPA (INDIA) Office in Ahmedabad and added that with utmost cooperation from N.A. Patel, R.C. Sharma, H.C. Bhatia and M.S. Dave we could shift the office from C.T.O. Ahmedabad Compound don 2nd October 2019.

While inviting participants for their self-introduction, he said that for the first time after our establishing our Association, we could get entry of one more active and enthusiastic member M.S. Dave and got some relief. Thereafter all participants introduced themselves.

Before reverting to Agenda Items, D.D. Mistry said that during this pandemic period we have gone through very painful time and had to face number of defective/faulty communications from the Corporate Office and could get them corrected to some extend getting some relief but not to our satisfaction. On 3rd P.R.C. implementation, non-payments of Medical Indoor and Outdoor Bills and fixed Medical Allowance we have made numerous communications but unfortunately there is no ray of hope for its settlement in near future. He assured that all the time not be the same and we may get some fruitful result in near future.

Speaking on the issue of publication of our Quarterly Magazine, he said that notwithstanding adverse circumstances; when all other Unions/Associations had ceased its publication or reverting to e-edition, we have maintained its regular publication and also posting as well. Due to complete closure of all establishments and restriction on movements, we had to miss publication of April, 202 issue. We have maintained regular working of office while working of Home.

Activity Report submitted by Circle Secretary for the period ending 31.10.2021 was read and approved giving clarifications whenever needed.

The Audited Accounts for the year 2019-20 were read; necessary clarifications; it was passed. The Accounts for the period for the year 2020-21 was provisional and it was also passed provisionally and Audited Account will be placed in the next CWC Meeting.

The District Secretaries from Valsad, Surat, Vadodara, Kheda, Mehsana and other districts while appreciating working of BDPA (INDIA) Gujarat Circle, gave detailed Accounts of their activities and also enlightened on the various difficulties they have had to gone through.

The District Secretary, Valsad District extended invitation for holding next Gujarat Circle Conference; saying that he will consult his DWC shortly and will inform.

At 12.25, Dr. Kamal Kapoor, CCA Gujarat was received with thunderous applause by the members and given banquet by A.N. Patel and Smt. D.C. Kshatriya and as a token of affection, D.D. Mistry gave a Shield of our Association.

D.D. Mistry explained in detailed how the Association was heard in this pandemic period by the CCA and majority of issues represented by our Association were settled in short span of time. He expressed thanks for sympathetic considerations of our issues. But for his cooperation we could have not been able to settle all our important issues during this time.

Dr. Kamal Kapoor, CCA Gujarat gave complete and exhaustive details of Anomaly Cases of October 2000, adding majority of cases have been settled and orders have been forwarded to concerned Pension Disbursing Authorities for immediate payment. There are 33 cases pending will be finalized shortly. He said that there are some cases where Family Pensioners or Legal hair details are not available and sought for possible help to provide information for such cases.

He said that now the Pensioner should not wait for the month in which his DLC is due and can submit in any month which will be live for one year from that month. He said that his office does not like to stop a pension of any-one as it places his family in financial distressful condition and that is why after publication of list of such Pensioners, message is also given two times. He said that facility of generating DLC in his office is already commenced and number of pensioners are takin due advantage of facility. He said that it is matter of concern that BSNL Corporate Order which is reiterated frequently to provide DLC facility in each SSA by BSNL Offices is not implemented.

For the comforts of Pensioners visiting his office, Pensioner’s Lounge has been made so that Pensioners have no difficulty in waiting. He said that instead of reverting to him at odd hours, Pensioners should take advantage of help line numbers created for them which are promptly attended and due assistance/information is provided. He said that if the circumstances permit, next Pension Adalat will be held in Ahmedabad in his office and office-bearers of the Association are well come to participate and observe working also see renovated office.

While responding to query on omitting name of SSA in DLC list; he assured that the issue would be looked in to. Replying to question as to whether there is any plan to felicitate all the pensioners for Sampann, he said that in near future it is not contemplated but will be done in phases slowly so as to avoid duplication/stoppage of Pension during intervening period. He being member of Steering Committee of the Project, will take due care for its comfortable implementation.

D.D. Mistry thanked Dr. Kamal Kapoor for sparing his valuable time and addressing CWC and enlightening on various irritating issues. He said that facility of Free DLC is also available in BDPA (INDIA) Office and Pensioners of Western part can be informed to take the advantage.

Thereafter meeting was declared concluded by the President and reverted for Lunch in the same premises.

In the afternoon session, all the participants visited BDPA (INDIA) office and showed their appreciation and satisfaction for purchasing such a nice office.