36th Get to Gather – Medical Seminar – TKR Devices

11 Jul

Audiance10071536th Get-to-Gather was held at Ahmedabad Medical Hall, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad at 15.00 hours, where more than 350 Pensioners present. The hall was jam-packed. The GS spoke on latest position of 78.2% IDA merger issue and asked the Pensioners to be ready for legal struggle if necessary, as we cannot sacrifice our due arrear from 01.01.2007 in the name of deceptive parity with workers. A Seminar by Reputed Doctors of CIMs Hospital was also conducted and the Pensioners also expressed happiness for sharing of latest information by the doctors and their interaction. It was concluded with Dinner. Twelve new members were enrolled in the meeting and collection of Rs.50,000 advertisement was also collected.