37th Get to Gather

20 Dec

Continued from 18th News:

BDPA( INDIA) celebrated its 37th Get-together-cum-Pensioners Day-cum Shraddhanjali to late Shri J.B. Kumpavat – CUM Pensioners day on 17.12.2015. in Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Ahmedabad. More than 350 Pensioners attended it despite shivering cold.

Shri A.K. Patel conducted the meeting with anchoring by Shri A.A. Patel, Jt. CS. The tributes were paid to services rendered by late Shri J.B. Kumpavat by S/Shri D.D. Mistry, A.A. Patel, A.K. Patel, B.M. Bhavsar, Bhargav Vuas, D.S. Bhatt, H.J. Bhatt and M.G. Dhebar.

Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA):  While speaking on Pensioners Day Celebration, he said that we should know the importance of celebrating the 17th December, as Pensioners Day.  the Supreme Court of India delivered its landmark judgement in the case filed by late Mr. D. S .Nakara and others on 17.12.1982. A five member bench of Supreme Court delivered a judgement on 17-12-1982 stating that such cut-off date is against the Constitution. Supreme Court made very categorical statements about pension etc. Thus the Judgment in Nakara Case became a landmark judgement in the history of Indian judiciary.

The 7th CPC has cited the said judgment while making its recommendation. It is irony of fate that in BSNL, we the pensioners are deprived of the said judgment and we are struggling to get justice since last three years. Now there division and cutoff date for the BSNL Pensioners like pre-01.01.2007, post 01.01.2007 to 10.6.2013 and 10.6.2013 onwards. A resolution presented by the GS was passed unanimously to remove the injustice.

Mr. Mistry spoke on salient points of 7th C.P.C. enlightening on various recommendations made by the 7th CPD and also negative recommendations as well. He also spoke on the BSNL Pensioners issues, the following issues subjects :

History of BDPA (INDIA), Activities under taken by BDPA (INDIA), Medical Seminars, issuance of Quarterly Magazine, Quarterly payment of Medical in Cash, Affiliation with BPS, BSNL MRS issues, Hospital List for Indoor treatment, HR No, Appointment of Nodal Officer, Modification in BSNL MRS  by appointing Committee, issues on CDA/IDA, Web Development.

He spoke on the present status of the 78.2% IDA Merger issue in detail explaining various points raised by DPE and management stand and efforts made by the BDPA (India). He sum up the speech by saying that as per AIC decision we will wait up to 31st December, 2015 and thereafter we may decide on legal course of action.

He concluded his say by saying that since we are governed under the C.C.S. Pension Rules 1972, many of the proposal of 7th CPC on pensionary benefits will be extended to us.

Shri A.A. Patel proposed vote of thanks to the Invitee Office bearers of sister organization