50th Golden Jubilee – Get to Gather – Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar District held

12 Feb

50th Golden Jubilee – Get to Gather – Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar District held

 BDPA (INDIA) – Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar celebrated its 50th Get to-gather – Golden Jubilee – on 10th February, 2020 at Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Ahmedabad according hearty welcome to VRS 2019 Retirees and holding a Seminar on “Say No to Diabitis” by Madhavbaug Multidisciplinary Cardiac Clinic, Ahmedabad.

Smt. Sarojben Kadia offered prayer which was followed with National Anthem and also paying tributes to those who expired during last three months.

Dr. Kamal Kapoor, CCA Gujarat made the function successful by his informative speech on latest position of VRS 2019 Retirees. He said that more than 6000 cases are cleared for payment of GPF in time and rest will be cleared in time. Ex-Garcia first installment will be paid before closure of financial year.  He said that his office with office staff of 46 persons, his office will be able to pay provisional pension of all the VRS 2019 Retirees based upon available status of their last pay drawn information which will be subject to adjustment in future on issuance of regular PPO. He said that there is no delay on part of CCA Office but certain information is yet to be received for few cases.

He further said that for Sampann Retires, they have to submit their Life Certificate in the month in which they retired. There are 20 cases who have not submitted their Life Certificate and all are informed through Message.

Shri D.D. Mistry, GS expressed thanks on behalf of the Association for completing herculean task within targeted time when in other States the picture is otherwise. He assured all co-operations from Association.

Services of S/Shri H.C. Bhatia, Office Secretary and R.C. Sharma, Treasurer were appreciated by the Association for their excellent during last one decade for their uninterrupted presence and handling of association work and they were honoured with banquet and shawl.

Shri A.N. Patel said that now time for us to move swiftly for enrolment of new members and numerous Pensioners Associations have come into being in view of large scale retirement. He explained what BDPA (INDIA) was doing for betterment of BSNL Pensioners and assured that future of BSNL Retirees is bright under the shelter of BDPA (INDIA). He requested all the members present to enroll at least one member.

Shri D.D. Mistry briefly narrated the efforts being made to achieve target of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision as per 3rd P.R.C. Recommendations with 15% fitment. More than 5000 Pensioners have sent their Memorandum to MOC as requested by the Association. In the Meeting itself more than 250 Pensioners signed their Memorandum and made over to the Association. He threw light on pending Court Cases, Notional Increment for those retired in June and increment was due on 1st July. He said that BPS is moving with all force and command at its disposal and he is hopeful of the success in near future. Speaking on delay in payment of Medical Reimbursement cases, he said that the process of paying in now set in and on improvement of fiscal status of Company all bills will be cleared soon. Reverting to CGHS is also good for Pensioners in view of the BSNL present situation. He asked the members to refrain from paying attention to negative propaganda of sister pensioners organizations. He assured all VRS 2019 Pensioners that BDPA (INDIA) will take care of all the issues which are cropped up.

Dr. Miland Sardar and Dr.Sadik Khan gave detailed information how the Madhavbaug is treating the patients with guaranteed time. To say good-bye to Diabetes and Blood Pressure is possible with regular exercise and diet. The members interacted with the Doctors during the Seminar showing their will to join the mission.

Shri H.J. Bhatt anchored the event entertaining the members with his poetic narration of event.

More than 250 pensioners were present and 15 new members enrolled during the  meetings.

The event concluded followed with Dinner.