67th AGM BPS Managing Committee Meeting hed on 12.11.2022

14 Nov

67th AGM BPS Managing Committee Meeting held on 12.11.2022 in MIA Centre for Sports and Recreation at 18.00 hours. R. K. Chauhan President. S.C. Maheshwari SG BPS presented reports for the current year with accounts. It was read and passed. SG drawn attention of all the Working Committee Members towards precarious condition of the Association and said that maximum attention is paid to reduce the expenditure. Staff of the Office has also been reduced and number of affiliate has gone down drastically in view of the Covind-19. He said that if the number of subscribers goes below 1000, the Association will be compelled to stop physical supply of Bharat Pensioner and publish PDF Magazine. He proposed that each Managing Committee should donate Rs.1000/- per month regularly. All the Committee Members accepted the proposal. He said that D.D. Mistry, is working well and BPS was represented in a meeting for BSNL Pensioners Pension revision convened by the Department of Telecom. He said that those office bearers who can not contribute towards the Association should vacate their post and recommend new incumbent who can work efficiently. He said that to morrow is the day for us to listen the Delegates and none will speak in the meeting as protocol. 

Reception Committee accorded warm well come to all the participants and presented them memento and shawl.

Meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the chair and appreciating arrangements.