28 Mar

On 26.03.2016, we had informed all the viewer as under:

All the District/Circle Secretaries and their office borers have sent the following representation by email/letter to MoC & DoT . The CHQ Office bearers have also send the same.

Now, we request all the viewers to send the following representation and to join our movement to expedite finalization of 78.2% IDA Merger issue. They can endorse copy of the mail to [email protected] .

 We were expecting warm and heavy response to our request from all the viewers. We regret that hardly ten viewers have responded to our request.

 If we wish to expedite the settlement of issue and hesitate to contribute by way of joining the movement, we will not be able to have desired impfact on MOC or Secy DoT.

 We therefore once again request to refer our web darted 26.03.3016 act immediately so that the matter will get utmost attention of the authorities. Your valued cooperation is solicited in the interest of BSNL Pensioners fraternity. Hope you will act.

bBetter late than never.