14 Mar

We are in receipt of continuous inquiries from the members on the status of 78.2% IDA Merger Issue. We regret that we could not provide you any concrete information on day to day basis and kept our eye on movement of the file in DoT Office. We share your anxity, agony and anger on the issue.

The fact is, there is change of guard at DoT Office. Shri J.S. Deepak has taken over as Secretary DoT who is to put his seal on the approval of the Draft Cabinet Note before forwarding it to MOC.

Though it seems irrelevant to all of our, the DoT Office feels to clarify impact of the 78.2% IDA Merger issue on MTNL Pensioners. The issue is raised knowing fully well that even 68.2% IDA Merger is not extended to them as they were not covered under the Rule 37-A on the date. They are given assurance and benefit of Rule 37A with the condition that in the next PRC their pay/pension will be brought on par with BSNL Employees/Pensioners. We have explained the position to all concerned.

We hope that the issue will be over by this week and have positive movement of the file.

Meanwhile, to-day we addressing all our District/Circe Secretaries and CHQ Office bearers providing them draft to send it to MOC and Secretary DoT to expedite issue. We also request them to involve all the Office Bearers to respective units to follow the same.

This is being also done by AIBSNLPWA and AIRBSNLEWA to pressurize the Government. We are trying to making beginning of unity of Pensioners for united struggle.