7th Gujarat Circle Conference – Open Session – Surat

19 Dec

7th Gujarat Circle Conference – Surat – Open Session

On 18th December, 2019 Open Session of 7th Gujarat Circle Conference was held at Leuva Patel Wadi, Surat at 11.00 hours. It was inaugurated by D.D. Mistry, General Secretary, BDA (INDIA). Shri B.G. Salunke, District delivered Well Come Speech and explained the activities undertaken by District in brief and all Guest on Dias were welcomed by offering them Rose Flower. Two Minutes silence was observed in memory of late Shri N.S. Chauhan, District Secretary & Others who expired during last two year period. Shri D.D. Mistry released Surat – Tapti District –Pensioners Directory prepared by B.G. Salunke and others. Shri J.P. Patel narrated presenting irritating issues and cited the work under taken by them to assist Pensioners to issue DLC by visiting ailing pensioners at their residence.

Shri C.K. Ramchandran, DGM (A) &  Shri D.S. PANDEY, CAO Surat Telecom District also attended and addressed the Conference their best wishes and assuring to attend Pensioners issues promptly with fullest sympathy.

Shri A.N. Patel, Circle President delivered informative speech on history of BDPA (India) since its establishment in 2006 and information regarding is functioning in Districts and Circles throughout India. He said strengthening BDPA (INDIA) is need of hours towards March to achieve demands. He explained salient features of its contents on multifarious subjects and its importance. There is no creed, caste of groups for Pensioners as all our Pensioners sailing in same boat.

Shri D.D. Mistry, spoke on latest developments on 3rd P.R.C., Pensioners expectations and future course of action. Unless the Associations instructions to the Pensioners are not followed strictly, we cannot show our numerical strength which is one of the most required elements to reflect our Unity and Organizing power. He said that till April, we cannot expect any effective moment but we should not be disheartened as we will achieve our goal thereafter. Meanwhile all District Secretaries should try to approach the M.Ps of their area and represent our Demand for 3rd P.R.C.  The Association is trying to have pending Medical Bills/Payment pending since last two years to release it earlier. He also asked to enroll more members as many employees have opted for VRS 2019. The period from February to July 2020 will be very crucial for VRS Optee and we will make all efforts to assist them to resolve their issues. He said that we are Celebrating Pensioners Day to-day and grateful to those who fought for equality in Pension.

Shri M.S. Dave, Vasi and other local Pensioners spoke on strengthening our Associations and members expectations from the Associations and in turn their bounden duties towards Association.

Shri M.M. Ghadiali, District resident spoke on arrangements made and their efforts to make the delegates stay more comfortable during the conference.

Shri A.N. Patel declared names of Office bearers for 2019-20 and 2020-21 elected unanimously. S/Shri A.N. Patel, D.D. Mistry and R.C. Sharma were elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

More than 350 BSNL Pensioners participated in the Open Sessions.

Shri B.G. Salunke, conveyed vote of thanks.