8th Membership Verifiction in BSNL on 16.09.2019

16 Sep

8th Membership Verifiction in BSNL on 16.09.2019.

All the working employees should vote for the Association whom they think for the upliftment of workers service conditions and will not use them as enmassee force against the administration to score on their personal/political agenda.

The issues are:

Implementation of 3rd P.R.C. recommendation for all the Working Employees and for the BSNL Pensioners as well.

For implementation of VRS of any kind, first recommendation of 3rd P.R.C. should be implemented.

Age reduction in Retirement should be opposed.

The original Agreement of October 2000 should be honoured.

The Salary payment in time should not be agenda, as it has to be overcover shortly and not be of permenant nature.

The implementation of October 2000 agreement will ensure the same.

Please do not be silent spectator to the process. Give your contribution for your upliftment.

Do not depend upon the goldern dreams shown to you by false propaganda by the leaders who are flying like Ministers and competeting them in their tours…..

CLICK to know the list of Unions/Associations in contest. 11.07.2019 List of Applicant Unions