A meeting of the Joint Forum was held virtually at 5PM on 14-02-2024.

15 Feb

A meeting of the Joint Forum was held virtually at 5 PM on 14-02-2024.

The following were present.

AIBDPA- V A N Namboodiri, Advisor, M R Das, President, K G Jayaraj, General Secretary.

BDPA(I)- Thomas John K., President, D. D. Mistry, General Secretary.

SNPWA- G L Jogi, General Secretary, D. C . Sharma, Vice President.

AICGPAHQ PUNE – H. F. Chaudhari, General Secretary, K. Raja, AGS

MREWA- R. K. Mudgal, General Secretary.

The other three General Secretaries of the constituent organisations could not attend the meeting and conveyed their approval of the decisions of the meeting.

Com. V A N Namboodiri presided. Com. K G Jayaraj, Convenor welcomed all the participants and initiated the discussion. He stated that the meeting is held in the wake of the statement by both MOC and Secretary, DoT that the PBCAT judgment cannot be implemented and two, three proposals for pension revision is being sent to the DoE for approval.

All the leaders participated in the lively discussion that followed.

Finally it was decided to seek a meeting with Secretary, DoT on 29-02-2024 to discuss the issue and ascertain the exact position.

With vote of thanks by Com. V A N Namboodiri the meeting was concluded at 6.30PM.

K G Jayaraj