A.P. Circle Pension Adalat held 14-09-2022

19 Sep

A.P. Circle Pension Adalat held 14-09-2022

A.P. Circle Pension Adalat was held on 14-09-2022. Miss Sandhya Sameera, Jt CCA Vijayawada conducted proceedings. Action taken report on pending cases was presented by Sri Radhangapani AO Pension. Representative from SBI CPPC, Smt. Vijaya Lakshmi AO Pension Postal Accounts, Sri Anil Kumar JAO CGM’s were present.

Out of 20 grievances, 8 were settled in the meeting and others  are pending with AO Pension (GM-F- Postal Accounts), SSAs, & CPPCs. Necessary instructions have been given to settle the cases as early as possible.

It was informed that Printing of ID cards is ordered and will be delivered on its receipt from printing agency.  Cases of spouse where difference of name or DOB exists between PPO and other connected documents were also discussed.

Migration of accounts from PNB has been completed and that of Indian Bank will be  done this month. Migration of Union Bank of India is likely to take time as the bank is yet to respond. SBI is having about 5000 accounts in AP which is scheduled to take place in Dec 2022.