19 Sep

Now, the result for 8th Membership is over and now it is time for all to work unitedly for betterment of workers/pensioners and show their srength, courage and will without any dispute.

Leaders all all the Organisations will take lessons from their past events and erros and will work out the straggy for future without harming BSNL and Worker/Pensiners interest serving the general public as well.

The First priority will be implementatin of 3rd P.R.C. Recommendations for workers/pensioners.

We have seen the working pattern of the Present Goverment and have to suitably findout the ways and means to achieve our goal with leasst struggle for workers and their families.

Those Associations who have lost their base drastiacally should go on self-anylasis as their ways to exploie the workers against delay in wagaes has failed to work.

Social Media is one of the weapons to make the workers to move but cannot be taken for granted when one has no ground level strength to follow.

Better late then never.