23 Jul



On 23nd July, 2017, the Delegates Session commenced at 10.30 hours. Prior to this Yoga Session took place.

Shri D.D. Mistry, GS BDPA (INDIA) presented a cheque of Rs.5000/- to   Shri D. Balasubramanian, GS AIFPA and also moments on behalf of BDPA (INDIA).

While addressing the Session, Shri D.D. Mistry, pointed out that in order to prepare second line of leadership, yesterday he had not addressed the session.

He said that the provision for Pension Revision for the Pensioners is virtulally provided for all the C.G. Pensioners whereas strange situation prevails where the issue is left to the Management of each PSU linking with the element of profit of the organisation. The C.G. for its employees/pensioners implements the report of Pay Commissions is implemented for employees/pensioners irrespective of profit or loss of the ministry. 

BSNL Pensioners could not get the benefit of 2nd P.R.C. in the year 2007 and had to struggle for four years to get the benefit and that too only 68.8% IDA was merged and we had ti struggle for another four years to get 78.2%  I.D.A. merged. 

He spoke on various issues…  the detailed report will follow.