AUAB has once again disappointed the employees and executives in BSNL: C.K. Mathivanan Vice- President (CHQ) NFTE-BSNL 21-02-19.

22 Feb

AUAB has once again disappointed the employees and executives in BSNL:

Now that the three days strike is over it is proper to analyze the impact of it on the government /management/ public/ employees- executives.

First thing we must keep in mind before going in for any type of trade union action is the government is already on election mode. Its tenure is going to end shortly. At any time the Election Commission may announce the dates for Parliamentary elections. Hence we need to wait till the elections are over and a new government assume office in May /2019. Membership verification to recognize majority unions in BSNL may also due in May/June 2019. Hence it is not good to carry out any form of agitation hereafter. Because it will only be a wasteful exercise .   

AUAB has wasted precious time since 2016 by keeping quiet. It only woken up in 2018 when the third wage revision was to have implemented from 01-01-2017. It missed a golden opportunity by deferring the proposed indefinite strike from 03-12-2019 merely on the verbal/ vague assurances of Hon’ble Minister Manoj Sinha which were simply ignored by himself and the DOT. It is the very wrong decision of AUAB. In order to save their face / skin some leaders had gone to the extent of boasting of settlement on all most all demands but of course without any written agreement to this effect. AUAB convenor Abhimanyu expressed his satisfaction that “Zero Pay revision is also a Pay revision”. He also expressed his happiness on creation of “Institutional machinery” for periodic consultations between DOT/ BSNL/ AUAB. But all his bravado has evaporated soon. The DOT and Minister Manoj Sinha stonewalled during the strike and even before the three days strike actually took place. Why the postponed “indefinite strike” was modified in to “3 days strike” ?. If AUAB was really interested in the settlement of our demands it should have begin the indefinite strike. It was not done. Actually three days strike was only to express our protest not for achieving any settlement on our demands. So both the DOT and MOC waited patiently for three days as they very well know on the fourth day employees will be back to work as usual.  In the present digitalization of telecom network even for a week the services could be maintained with the modern equipments installed by BSNL with out employees. So conversion of indefinite strike into three days strike was a blunder by AUAB. Further FNTO and few other unions should not have been left out of our strike due to the personal egos of few Dominant Leaders. Now what is the impact? .A big Zero. Once again we are told to march to PMO , meeting MPs and MOC wherever possible. In the end my appeal to AUAB is don’t fritter away our energy instead keep our powder dry till the new government assume office after parliamentart elections in May 2019 to strike . Let AUAB realise it’s wrong steps and analyse deeply for the corrections.

C.K. Mathivanan, Vice- President (CHQ), NFTE-BSNL 21-02-19.

From: Scotland ( UK)


GS BDPA (INDIA) writes…

There were several factors responsible for making strike weakened and one main cause of Leadership”s over confidence over their notice and inadequate spade work.

Now a days you can not take workers for granted. Collecting the subscription and addressing meetings by hectic trips alike politicians will not work alone.

Now, the time is to think how to over cover and not analyze the cause for failures.