BDPA (INDIA) Rajkot Telecom District Conference held on 22.09.2019

23 Sep

                 BDPA (INDIA) Rajkot Telecom District Conference held on 22.09.2019                

BDPA (INDIA), Rajkot Telecom District Conference was held on 22.09.2019, Suday at Shri Guru Govindsinh Community Hall, Raiyaroad, Rajkot at 11.00 hours under the Presidentship of  Shri S.S. Shingala.

Shri B.D. Bhatt sung prayer followed with Shradhanjali to who departed in between previous conference in this-one.

Shri S.S. Shingala accorded welcome to all guests and Pensioners present in the conference and also touched our some salient issues of difficulties in receiving pension from Post Offices and delay in Medical Reimbursement payment and accorded welcome by banquet to all guests.

The Conference was inaugurated by  Shri Upadyaya, Pr. General Manager, BSNL, Rajkot Telecom District. S/Shri A.N. Patel and D.D. Mistry also joined him in the event.

Shri J.C. Mandalia readout activity report and accounts up to 31.08.2019 which were passed unanimously.

Shri A.N. Patel, Executive President gave brief history of BDPA (INDIA) formation in the year 2006 and circumstances leading it to become All India Status Association and the latest position of membership. He enlightened the members on the contents of multiple information useful to the Pensioners on Pension Related issues contained in the 5th Edition of BSNL Pensioners Telephone Directory Cum Hand Book 2019. He spoke on Get to Gather, Greetings to members on their birthday and brief report on 3rd AIC held in Apri 2019 in Thiruvalla-Kerala.

Shri D. D. Mistry, GS spoke on the latest position of implementation of 3rd P.R.C. Recommendations and hurdles in the way. He explained giving brief history of implementation of 1st and 2rd P.R.C. for BSNL Workers/Pensioners at length. He also spoke on the stand taken by BDPA (INDIA) on Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2017 as per 3rd P.R.C. He also spoke on the difficulties being faced by the BSNL Pensioners in halting of Medical Reimbursement by the BSNL Corporate due to fiscal crunch. He also touched issues of Pension Adalat, Anomalies issues and other irritating issues. He stressed on the need of Building for BDPA (INDIA) in Ahmedabad and fund position.

Shri Upadhyaya, PGM, BSNL, Rajkot Telecom District thanked the organization for providing opportunity to meet the Pensioners to acquaint himself on the various issues faced by them and assured his cooperation in settlement of the just and genuine issues. He also explained in brief element responsible for present financial position of the Company.

S/Shri S.S. Shingala, P.N. Gondalia, J.C. Mandalia, M.M. Dholakia and V.K. Thumar were elected as President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer respectively for ensuing term.

Shri M.K. Rawal, SDE BSNL  skillfully anchored the events make it lively making it memorable.

S/Shri R.C. Sharma, H.C. Bhatia and N.A. Patel from Ahmedabad were also present in the Conference.

Shri M..G. Dhebar conveyed to thanks to all the invitees, Pensioners and also Shri Tankaria Brothers for covering the event.

More than 150 Pensioners participated in the Conference and 13 new members were enrolled in the Meeting.

The Conference was concluded and followed with dinner.