BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association (India) held Get-to-Gather & Sneh Milan on 26.05.2024 in DHORAJI

27 May

BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association (india)  held Get-to-Gather & Sneh Milan on 26.05.2024 in DHORAJI

On 26.05.2024, Sunday, from 10.00 am to 02.00 pm Sneh Milan with the families of BSNL & DOT Pensioners of Rajkot Telecom District organized by BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association (India) Rajkot District with the support of enthusiastic pensioners of Dhoraji held enthusiastically.

Programme commenced by lightening a lamp by renowned Pensioners Leaders; which was followed by paying tribute for those fellow members who departed recently by observing two minute silence.

Shashikantbhai Shingala, presided over the function. S.H. Kantesaria, District Secretary, M.K. Rawal, Circle Organizing Secretary, J.C. Mandalia,  C.N.Javia, Asstt. District Secretary and the active workers of Dhoraji H.M. Patolia, B.B. Koyani, B.G. Popalia & P.T. Kacha were on Dias and all were honored by flowers.

Total 12 pensioners +75 years of age, retired from Dhoraji were honored with Shawl and flowers.

M.K. Rawal spoke on the multiple activities being done by the BDPA (I) at Circle and grass route level.

J.C. Mandalia, said that executive committee members are visiting house of disabled pensioners and family pensioners to generate their DLCs. Those who need such service should contact J.C. Mandalia & S.H. Kantesaria. He added that C. R. Madhavi (Retired Account Officer) and H. M. Patel (Retired JTO) are also extending such service and appreciated them for such service.

C.N. Javia spoke on historic agreement done by Late Shri O.P. Guptaji & Others; on pension from Govt. consolidated fund.Bhai in his opinion about the policy of BSNL and today former Secretary General of BSNL & DOT Pension and Family Pension NFTE late. O. P. Remembering Guptaji for his invaluable service, he gave detailed information that we are getting pension from BSNL & DOT pension due to his vision and wisdom.

Shashikant Shingala spoke on giving detailed version of Pr.CAT New Delhi judgment and on 3rd PRC and expressed over the negative attitude of Govt.

S.H. Kantesaria spoke on need for arranging such Sneh Milan and get-to-gather in the larger interest of pensioners and family pensioners and role played by the Association to extend help in commencement of Famiy Pension. He spoke on required documents for Family Pension, need for timely payment of DLC, renewal of Medical Identity Card/Option etc. He described the procedure to be followed for switching over to C.G.H.S. from BSNLMRS and benefits.

He thanked B.B. Chavda, B.G. Popalia, B.B. Koyani, H.M. Patolia, P.T. Kacha, K.G. Kargathala, Ishwar Dedania for extending their help for successful conduct of Sneh Milan and also to the pensioners of Rajkot, Junagadh, Patan, Vadodara and Mehsana who had came to participate in the function.

Shri B.B. Chavda, Anchor  gave vote of to  one and all who remained present in the function.

The programme was concluded with Lunch, followed with Ras Garba.

S.H. Kantesaria, District Secretary.