BSNL & DOT PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION (INDIA), Rajkot District – get together

26 Aug

BSNL & DOT PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION (INDIA), Rajkot District, held its get together on 25.082018 at 10.00 hrs with presence of more than 100 members in rainy climate.

Mr. Shingala, District President accorded welcome to all the Members for their presence. Tributes were paid to the members who passed away during last 6 months and in recent natural disaster in Kerala State.

Shri J.C. Mandalia, District Secretary gave progress report of 3rd P.R.C. and our movement demand simultaneous Pension Revision.

The Rajkot District announced that BDPA (INDIA) Rajkot District will send donation for “Kerala Relief Fund” through the C.H.Q. BDPA (INDIA).

Vote of thanks was followed with serving farali items to members.