3 Jun

Our Memorandum to Hon’ble PM requesting for Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners delinking that of working employees was sent to DoT New Delhi for examination. Shri Pankaj Kumar, Deputy Director General PG, DoT informs us by email that ” The case has been examined through Deputy Director General (Establishment) wing of DOT. They have intimated that—- This is a policy matter and not an individual grievance. However, it is stated that pension revision follows pay revision of serving employees. Earlier also, pension of permanent absorbees in BSNL/MTNL drawing pension in IDA pattern has been revised on implementation of 2nd PRC in 2007 for serving employees.”

We are shocked and rather surprised to know that there is no co-ordination amongst DoT various sections. On one side, Establishment Section of the DoT, informs the Pensioners Association that a proposal is prepared with four options and it will be examined by internal Finance and then it will go to Finance Member, followed with Member Service.

Whom to believe, this is Administration working for Pensioners grievances. Hon’ble PM desired through examination of any issue before finally replying to the public, whereas here no change in mind-set of Administrative Machinery.