CCA Gujarat decline to part with Link for Virtual Pension Adalat & Supply of minutes.

6 Jun

CCA Gujarat decline to part with Link for Virtual Pension Adalat & Supply of minutes.

We were asked on 16.05.2023 by CCA Gujarat, as to whether we will attend the National Pension Adalat on 17.05.2023. We had informed that our Surat District Secretary will attend the same and we will participate on line. We were assured to provide link on 17th Morning.

Since we could not get the Link; we reminded the CCA Office but could not the link and we could not join the same. 

So, on 17.05.2023 evening, we addressed a letter showing our concern and asking for minutes of the Previous and last Pension Adalat and updates of the Adalat. 

Click for our letter: 17.05.2023 WEB CCA GUJARAT 1

On 31.05.2023, we got email from CCA Gujarat signed by AO (Pension) declining to part with minutes and also link, saying that is not their responsibility. Since the enclosure was very faint and difficult read, as had to retyped before reading. Our typed copy is reproduced below.

Click: 01.06.2023 typed copy of cca reply dated 31.05.2023

While going through the contents of the letter, we were sadden to see that it was containing  many allegation against our Association and also they had bluntly replied that it is not their responsibility to part link/minutes with Pensioners Association. So, we are no alternative but for refuting the charges raised against us. We are not elaborate it the same and place our reply before our members for their information with assurance that we will never tolerate any insult to the Pensioners or Association. 


On 05.06.2023, we have posted our letter to CCA by SPEED POST along with Eight enclosures justifying our demand.