27 Nov


Dear BSNL Gujarat VRS 2019 Optee

We, in the 0/0 CCA Gujarat Circle, recognise and value the decades of selfless service rendered by all of you in DoT and BSNL. We are committed to ensure timely settlement of all your retirement benefits in an accurate, transparent and unbiased manner. 

We have already initiated various background works involved in processing of pension cases. We have created dedicated teams for verification of your service books and the teams have already started the work. We shall also be holding Facilitation Camps to enable you to fill your Pension Forms in SAMPANN. 

You would appreciate the enormity of the work involved in processing more than 6,500 cases in short time. This task can be accomplished only if all the stakeholders come together and fulfil their respective obligations. Sample checks done in few SSAs reveal many deficiencies in service books. We shall be posting the details on our website from time to time so as to keep you informed about the progress in this regard. We have already circulated the list of commonly observed errors and omissions in service books to you through social media as well as to BSNL Gujarat Circle. 

It is important that you too try your level best to get your service book completed in all respects. You are well aware that incomplete service books will unnecessarily delay the settlement of your pension case. It is feared that there will be very few officers available in BSNL after 31.01.2020 who could carry out corrections later on. Therefore the next few weeks are of immense importance. We look forward to your cooperation in this regard. 

Lastly I would request all of you to have faith in the team of CCA Gujarat Circle to complete this humongous task in a reasonable period of time. 

With Best Wishes, 

Dr. Kamal Kapoor