CMD BSNL & AUAB Meeting on 24.10.2019

25 Oct

On 24/10/19, CMD BSNL along with all Board of Directors  including CVO came at 9th floor in BSNL HQ and addressed the Unions/ Associations in respect of revival package of BSNL, approved by union cabinet on 23/10/19.

As per information available, the following issues appears to have been eleborated.

4-G spectrum will be allotted by December  2019 and services will start within 12-15 months, 80,000 employees are to be given VRS, payments of VRS optees will be given in three parts,

One between January 2020 to march 2020,

 Second, between 1st April 2020 to June, 2020,

Third one, at the actual date of retirement of the optees.

14 site of land/ offices/ building of BSNL are identify to sale or to give on lease to earn money for operations and other purposes, 58 retirement age is also there, if target of 80,000 in VRS is fulfilled, then, it may be relaxed, if government thinks, however AUAB has opposed it  in writing on the same day, after this presentation, when met to CMD in his chamber separately,