14 Jun

BSNL Board is meeting the Hon MoSC for appraising the need for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL: The MC of the BSNL Board will be meeting the Hon MoSC on 16.06.2017, pleading for 3rd PRC implementation for the BSNL employees without the affordability condition. This has been informed by CMD and DIR(HR) to JF.  BSNL management is proposing to MOSC for 3rd PRC implementation and the fitment should be left to the Board for decision. CMD told that for 15% fitment, minimum 2500 Cr additional expenditure will come and we have to find ways to meet this additional expenditure by BSNL. Otherwise BSNL will not be able to pay. So, for the 3rd PRC benefits, the growth is to be accelerated in the coming days, for additional revenue. Today the data traffic crossed 900 TB, CMD informed.