Decisions of the Meeting of “All Unions & Associations of BSNL” held 24.01.2018.

30 Jan

Decisions of the meeting of “All Unions & Associations of BSNL” held 24.01.2018. 

A meeting of “All Unions & Assciations of BSNL” was held at New Delhi today.Shri Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, presided over the meeting. General Secretaries/Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, NUBSNL (FNTO), SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM and BSNL OA, participated in the meeting. The following decisions are taken:- 
1. The meeting decided to effectively organise the Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018. This programme is to be effectively organised in all circles. 
2. Full day Sathyagraha agitation is to be effectively organised for 5 days from 30.01.2018 at Corporate Office, circle and district levels. 
3. Steering Committees (consisting of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA and AIBSNLEA) are to be formed in all circles and districts to effectively plan and organise the struggles. The Steering Committees will meet as and when required for giving necessary guidance. 
4. Poster will be designed and uploaded on the websites of the Unions and Associations. These posters shall be printed by the circle unions (in the regional languages if necessary) and distributed to all the stations. 
5. Next meeting of the All Unions and Associations will be held at BSNL MS office, at 15:00 hrs. on 06.02.2018.