Request to refund wrongly recovered One Extra Increment In BCR Grade-III, granted One Year Prior to Retirement – Case of Shri V. N. Makwana, Retd Sr.TOA (TL) under GMTD Rajkot.

29 Dec

Read our letter : 13-10-2016-v-n-makwana-rajkot-increment-case

Read Reply from GMTD Rajkot: v-m-makwana-rajkot-one-incmt-case

Read Enclosure to the letter: v-m-makwana-rajkot-one-incmt-case1

OUR NOTE:  The Office of the GMTD Rajkot fails to read the judgment of the CAT Ernakulam provided by us and skips its responsibility to applicants forcing them to approach CAT once again!!!!!!!