Events of 17.10.2019 AUBA Meeting with CMD., DIR (HR) and DIR (CM) IN BRIEF

18 Oct

Events of 17.10.2019 AUBA Meeting with CMD., DIR (HR) and DIR (CM) IN BRIEF

Two meetings were held by AUBA representative on 17.10.2019 for discussion on the Strike Agenda and Representatives from BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BSNLMS, SNATTA, ATM BSNL, BSNL OA and TOA BSNL, participated in both meeting.

First Meeting was held at 10.00 hours with Director (HR), Shri Arvind Vadnerkar and Director (CM) Shri Sheetala Prasad Trivedi, Director (HR) and G.M. (SR).The AUBA representatives were enlighten with latest developments and assured the salary payment on 23rd and further informed that the Cabinet is likely to take a decision on BSNL’s revival package which contains land monetization, 4G and VRS; within a week. AUBA was requested to defer the Hunger Strike programme which was not agreed upon and resultantly with CMD BSNL was arranged at 15.00 hours.

Second meeting was held at 15.00 hours with CMD., DIR (HR) and DIR (CM) and AUBA representatives. In the meeting with CMD and AUAB, CMD assured to make the salary payment by 23.10.2019. Further CMD informed that Govt is taking very positive steps for the Revival of BSNL irrespective of objections from various quarters and it is in the advanced stage. At this stage going for agitation may weaken the efforts of Secretary/DoT and CMD. In view of the developments, CMD and Directors appealed to withdraw tomorrow’s Hunger Strike. Considering the appeal from the new CMD, Director (HR) and the developments on Revival plan, AUAB decided to defer tomorrow’s Hunger Strike.

After observing the developments during next week, AUAB will decide the future course of action in the meeting scheduled on 30.10.2019.

Out Note: We are happy that this time AUBA has adopted practical way to meet with situation and stratigically trusted the Management. We hope that the Management will try to prove itself TRUSTWORTHY of the AUBA.