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15 Mar

FLASH News – ‘Bharat Pensioners’ News Magazine- for the benefit of all Sr Citizens.

– March 14, 2021

From reliable Source

Harrowing experience of 83yrs old senior citizen “B”                (Name withheld to maintain privacy)

 On12.03.021 at 13.23 PM ‘B’ received a call  from mobile no +918099127503, caller while introducing himself as an officer of Delhi Police Cyber Cell informed ‘B’ that You-Tube has lodged a complaint that a girl has uploaded obscene videos of him(of ‘B’) and unless ‘B’ gets the videos deleted from YouTube before it is made viral , FIR will be registered & action will be taken ( the caller also said that they had already identified the girl & that they knew that earlier also this girl had blackmailed several people & had got jailed few of them & that Cyber Police will take action against the girl once videos of ‘B’ are deleted). ‘B’ told the caller that he was not aware as to how to approach YouTube to get the videos deleted. The caller provide mob no +91 8099319918 on WhatsAap of ‘B’ at 1.29PM and asked ‘B’ to approach the person on this number to get help. ‘B’ accordingly contacted mob No 8099319918 immediately and giving reference of Delhi Police Cyber Cell asked for help to delete the said video as these were fake. The person readily agreed and gave Rs 27500/- as the You Tube fee for deletion. He gave A/C Nos & other Bank details and asked for immediate payment & Screenshot of the payment.

Simultaneously caller from Cyber Cell was again & again pressurizing ‘B’ to hurry up payment . (‘B’ received phone calls from Cyber Cell on 12.03.021 at 1.23 PM,1.56,3.26 PM WhatsAap calls at1.28,1.29 PM & video calls at 1.29,1.29 &1.30 PM which were missed by ‘B’ then further calls at 6.30,7.58 PM &8.04 PM from Cyber Cell in addition there were missed calls at 7.59& 8.00PM.On 13/03/2021 Cyber Cell called at 10.29 AM . Similarly YouTube person on 12.3.021 called at1.43.1.46,2.22,2.43,2.45,7.05,7.12 & 7.19PM  & on WhatsAap at 1.43, 1.46, 2.22,2.43,2.45 on 12/3/2021 . On 13/3/021 messages sent by        You Tube at 10.39 AM & 10.41 were deleted before these could be read. Last message from You Tube was at 10.41 AM on 13/3/2021. All calls from both callers were related to payment. Calls on 13/3/21 were regarding further payment. Under panic horrified Sr Citizen made the payment on 12/3/021. On 13.03.021 “B” asked You Tube caller to provide invoice of Payment already made and ID proof. The gentleman named Rahul Sharma Posted & deleted his ID within seconds before it could be read completely. ‘B’ also asked for the ID of Sanjay Singh & Vinod whose Accounts were given for payment. Question was also raised as to how the money transfer was being asked & accepted in the personal accounts in Banks located at Bhiwadi & at Tapukra in Rajasthan where there is no You Tube office at these locations, query not answered, call was disconnected.

‘B’ then realized that he stands cheated. However, ‘B’ is waiting for further action from Cyber Cell Delhi as he still not doubting it genuineness. Due to horrifying legal procedure & past experience ‘B’ could not muster courage to initiate legal action by himself.

 For racketeers & honey trappers Senior Citizens  who are already under mental stress due to lockdowns & Corona Pandemic are sitting ducks.

This story is being published to warn all senior citizens  not to fall in such traps .

Please take precautions such as :-

  1. Block profiles from public searches.
  2. Restrict who can find you via online search.
  3. Limit what people can learn about you through searching on net.
  4. Log out after each session.
  5. Don’t share social media credentials.
  6. Don’t accept friend requests from unknowns.
  7. Don’t accept video Chat calls on WhatsAap unless caller is very well known

 8.. Don’t click suspicious links.

  1. Keep the privacy settings of your social media profile at the most restricted levels, esp. for public/others.
  2. Remember that information scattered over multiple posts, photographs, status, comments etc. may together reveal enough about you to enable a fraudster to steal your identity and defraud, Trap & black mail you. So, apply maximum caution while online

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