Full Pension to Pre 2006 Pensioners with more than 20 years of service – at par with Post 2006 Pensioners.

9 Aug

Dear All,

For the information of everybody, BPS is pursuing this issue right from the beginning through different Forums. We have pleaded it before 7th CPC also. On 30.7.2015 only we said that the DOPPW OM dated 30.7.2006 is not implementation of CAT judgement but an extension of OM dated 28.01.2013 which was a result of BPS negotiations. We have been informed that the issue of Full Pension to Pre 2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service is still subjudice. Some times over eagerness to file court cases becomes hurdle in negotiations & gives chance to administration to avoid or delay the issues. I may assure you all, that BPS wks for real achievements & not for gaining extra mileages, neither BPS believes in inciting unjust inspirations. I can only assure that BPS will not rest till all justified issues are resolved. Courts are the very last resort for pensioners.



Former DEN C.Rly.Secretary General, BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ Email 09.08.2015