G.S. BDPA (INDIA) addressed Telengana Circle Meeting on 05.02.2019

6 Feb

On 05.02.2019 Shri Karuna Prasad, Circle Secretary convened a meeting of BDPA (INDIA) Office bearers and active workers in Asman Mahal P&T Complex, Hyderabad.

Shri JSR Prasad, Circle President presided over the meeting. S/Shri D.D. and A.N. Patel were felicitated.

Shri K. Jayaprakash GS FNTO was also present and felicitated on his election as GS.

Shri A.N. Patel gave brief history of BDPA (INDIA) formation and its multifarious activities.

Shri D.D. Mistry gave detailed and latest information on BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision and demand of delinking Pension Revision of Pensioners from working employees as BSNL Corporate office has not legal authority either to recommend and revise the Pension. The sole authorities lies with the DoT. So DoT should move the file in this direction without any further delay, he emphatically said.

He also spoke on other irritating issues of BSNL Pensioners and its latest position and efforts being made by the Association. 

Shri K. Jayaprakash GS FNTO assured his cooperation to the Association and said that FNTO is always for the well-being of the Association.

Shri Karuna Prasad Circle Secretary also spoke on the local issues and the developmental efforts of the Association in Telengana Circle.

Shri Christdhari also spoke on the contribution being made by the Association.

Shri JSR Prasad said that now the time has come to get united by the all the BSNL Pensioners with single demand of delinking of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision and BDPA (INDIA) should move in this direction with clear vision.

More than 40 members were present in the meeting. 14 new embers were enrolled in the meeting.