High Lights of the Joint Wage Negotiating Committee Meeting held on 02.12.2022

2 Dec


High Lights of the Joint Wage Negotiating Committee Meeting held on 02.12.2022.

A meeting of the Joint Wage Negotiating Committee is held today. Members of BSNLEU strongly demanded that, the Record of discussions of the last meeting, held on 28.11.2022, should be withdrawn since it is distorted. 

BSNLEU pointed out that the Management wants only finalisation of pay scales, without finalisation of the Wage Revision. It was firmly told that, BSNLEU will not accept it.    

As regards the pay scales proposed by the Management Side in the last meeting, BSNLEU demanded that, they should be modified so that no employee gets into stagnation. The live cases involving stagnation, received by the CHQ of BSNLEU, are already sent to the Management Side. 

BSNLEU insisted that, the Wage Revision should be settled with 5% fitment. BSNLEU also insisted that, Allowances Revision should be done.

 Detailed discussions were held regarding modification of the pay scales, considering the live cases of stagnation. At the same time, the Management Side informed that, the Wage Revision will be done only with 0% fitment and without Revision of Allowances. 

As regards the pay scales, it is agreed that all the live cases involving stagnation would be discussed separately before the next meeting of the Wage Negotiating Committee. 

[Date : 02 – Dec – 2022] (Courtesy BSNLEU WEB).

Wage Revision Meeting:- The meeting of wage revision committee was held today under the Chairmanship of Shri R.K. Goyal. All members of official and staff sides both were fully represented. The pay scales evolved on 28-11-2022 were discussed and staff side firmly maintained that live stagnation cases should be sorted out first with the consultation of unions. The NFTE demanded that the minimum NE-9 scale should be Rs. 35700/- as well as minimum and maximum of scales from NE-7 to NE-12 be also enhanced. The staff side further demanded and insisted that fitment should be 5% in wage revision. Revision of allowances should also take place alongwith wage revision. The staff side consisting of NFTE and BSNLEU met after meeting and decided to go together for 5% fitment and allowance revision.

(Courtesy:  NFTE WEB)