Highlights of the Wage Negotiation Committee meeting held today the 03-12-2021.

3 Dec

Highlights of the Wage Negotiation Committee meeting held today the 03-12-2021..

A meeting of the Wage Negotiating Committee of the Non-Executives is held today. All the Staff Side and Management Side members participated. As has already been assured in the last meeting, the Management Side made a power point presentation. According to the information of the Management:-

(1) The present strength of Non-Executives is 33,048. In this, absorbed employees are 18,553. BSNL recruited employees are 14,495. In this, number of the Non-Executives in stagnation is as follows: –

(a) Stagnation 1 – 2,134

(b) Stagnation 2 – 2,351

(c) Stagnation 3 – 1,938

(d) At the maximum of the pay scales 2,784.

(d) Total number of stagnated employees 9,207.

(2) The Management Side further stated that, the employees who lost their increments, due to stagnation, will get them now. This will give financial benefit to the stagnating employees. They further stated that, the Directly Recruited employees will get benefit to the extent of 12% increased EPF contribution by the Management.

(3) The Management stated that the financial burden of the Company on account of Pension Contribution in the new pay scales will increase by 2.6 times. Hence, they suggested to reduce the minimum and the maximum of the pay scales that have already been finalized in the Wage Negotiation Committee. But, the Staff Side strongly opposed this.

(4) Instead, the Staff Side demanded that the already finalized pay scales should be implemented with 5% fitment. Further discussion will take place in the next meeting.

our note: It seems that Representative Unions are concerned only for those who are stagnated and not for all the staff members???