Inaurgation of BPS (east-zone) office at Kolkata, West-Bengal

2 May

Inaurgation of BPS (east-zone) office at Kolkata, West-Bengal

                                                 28th day of April, 2018 was an auspicious day for BPS, as on this day the Eastern Zonal Office of BPS was Inaurgated at Kalikapur, Kolkata-700078. Over around 100 delegates from all over eatern region braving the vagaries of pollution and old age landed in the cultural city of India i.e. Kolkata to highlight their concerns and grievances against the anti-pensioner’s attitude of the government & its machinery. Registration of delegates started at around 11 A.M. and simultaneously tea and snacks were to them.

                                                 At around 1-45 P.M. BPS Secretary-General Shri S.C. Maheshwari arrived at the venue escorted by Shri N.C. Patra,President of the Organising Committee(east-zone)BPS. Shri Maheshwari was received by Dr. Amritalal Chakraborty V.P.(east-zone) BPS and was requested to officially inaurgate the office(east-zone). After inaurgation, Shri Maheshwari, followed by other delegates entered the newly inaurgated office-premises which was almost full.Shri Maheshwari was greeted with a flower bouquet by a school-student of the locality.

                                                    Dr. Amritalal Chakraborty, V.P.(east-zone) BPS, the anchor of the day’s events, appealed to the delegates to take their chairs so that he would be able to start the proceedings. The proceedings started with Shri Maheshwari on the chair. On  the Dias, Shri Maheshwari was accompanied by other luminaries and guests comprising of Dr Sushmita Naskar and Dr.Prashanta Kumar Karmakar,both CMOH, Rajdanga CGHS Wellness Center, Smt. Shanty Aich Mullick,Woman Foot=Baller and Arjuna Awardee,Dr. Sudarshan Biswas,Deputy-Director and Associate- Professor(Physical-Education), Bishwa Bharati University and Shri Ankush Bandopadhayay,Assistant General Manager, State Bank Of India. Everyone was greeted individually with flower bouquet by local school-children. However, one of the members, Shri S.N.Chakraborty, of the organising committee (east-zone) BPS, personally took the initiative of felicitating the V.P.(east-zone)BPS,Dr. Amritalal Chakraborty,with a flower bouquet,for his immence endeavourto mke the occasion a grand success. Such initiation on the part of Shri S.N.Charaborty was highly applauded by the entire delegates who were present.

                                                      Shri N.C.Patra, Chairman of the Organising Committee(east-zone)BPS,read out the introductory speech in respect of the dire need of opening the East Zonal Office of BPS,followed by views expressed by various of different  federating units emphasisin on the difficulties faced by their pensioner members because of the step-motherly stand of the government as well as their respective departments. After such debates, Dr. Amritalal Chakraborty, V.P.(east-zone) BPS, requested Shri S.C.Maheshwari GS BPS, to address the dignitaries present. Shri Maheshwari, explained to the audience on the issues related to the extension of the Supreme Court’s judgements to similarly placed persons/pensioners/family pensioners; denial of option 1;aising of FMA to Rs. 2000/-;CSTE to issue of Smart Cards to Rly. Pensioners; extension of upgraded scales to pre-2006 retirees; extension of benefit of increment, gratuity, leave-salary to those who had retired on 30.06 and benefit of Pay-Commission to those who retired on 31.12. He also emphasised on the fact that to run an organisation like the BPS, substantial amount of fund is required.He stated that the assistance provided by the Government of India is a meagre amount of Rs. 75000/-per annum, which is peanut compared to the expenses of BPS.So he earnestly requested the dignitaries to approach their members to contribute generously a paltry amount of Rs.2/- per month as membership of BPS, so as to create a fund to enable BPS to tide over the day to day expenses.Shri Maheshwari, while speaking to the audience, warned the pensioners’ community that in case they did not get united under one umbrella, then the Government will not only turn a deaf ear to their genuine grievances and/or demands, but will also steam-roll their legitimate rights.Shri Maheshwari, also requested Dr.Amritalal Chakraborty,V.P.(east-zone) BPS,to make necessary arrangements for having a Computer Training Center for retired Government persons, in response to which the V.P.(east-zone)BPS,requested for a three months time. It was also decided to hold the next meeting of members of BPS (east-zone) on 30.06.2018 at 2.00 P.M. at the newly inaurgated office-premises of BPS(east-zone).The dignitaries were provided with a dry lunch-box.

                                            The congregation was concluded by singing of the National Anthem ‘Janagana mana” by Dr. Amritalal Chakraborty, V.P. (east-zone) along with all other dignatories present. Shri S.C.Maheshwari, SG BPS was then escorted by Shri N.C. Patra, Chairman, Organising Committee(east-zone) BPS,to his hotel at VIP Road close to Kolkata Airport.