22 Nov


  1. The pension will be processed by CCAs and disbursed through PFMS (Public Financial Management System) into the individual Bank Accounts of the Pensioners directly.
  2. The Life Certificate will be submitted by the pensioner
  3. Online in the form of Digital Life Certificate through Jeevan Praman Portal at CCAs/Banks.
  4. Through Conventional mode, i.e. Life Certiaficate sent by the Pensioners vis Post to CCAs. Major Banks have also agreed in principle to issue manual Life Certificates. The process is being finalized.
  5. As per Rule 343 Para 15.2(i) of CTR (Central Treasury Rules), a pensioner who produced a life certificate inj the prescribed form in Annexure – XXII signed by any person specified therein, is exmpted from pearsonal appearance.
  6. The date of launching the scheme is yet not finalized.

Road map of the Scheme

CPMS  (Comprehensive Pension Management System) is a sofware for direct disbursement of pension to Telecom Pensioners in their bank accounts. It has broadly four modules:

  1. Retiree Module
  2. Head of Office Module

          iii.      Pension Module

  1. PDA Module

Pension process will be initiated in Head of Office Module (Administrative units) after which retiree will fill up the pension applications online which will be sanctioned and authorised in Pension Modules by the CCAs. The e-PPO (digitally signed PPO)will be generated & displayed on the retiree’s on line account intimated vide SMS. Thereafter payment of gratuity, commuation and pension with arrears wil be paid via PDA modle through PFMS.

 Option will be available for the updation for documens like Life Certificate (LC), Digital Life Certificate (DLC) certification in respect of non-marriage/non/marriage, re-employment and fixed Medical Allowance etc can also be received & updated online/manually. Form-16 will be generated & delivered to retirees into their on line accounts.

Benefits for the Pensioner

  1. Pension will be paid on time without passing through intermediary agencies.
  2. Single window system for end to end pension processing.

III.     Online grievance management for the pensioners reduces paper work and reached the right grievane redressing authority.

  1. Pension status can be traced by the pensioners from home.
  2. Pensioers will get faster p;ayment of arrears and revision of pension.
  3. Accurate payment of pension will reduce grieances of underpayments and overpayments involving. recovery.


 Pilot Roll Out at Lucknow:                         November 2018

Roll Out at Regional Cordinators:              November 2018

Full Roll Out:                                             November-December-2018

Existing Bank Pensioners Onboard:           April, 2019

Existing Postal Pensioners Onboard:                   On voluntary basis through Bank Accounts April 2019,

          This information is provided by Shri Tiakala Lynda Yaden, DDG (Accounts)