ITEMS NOTIAFIED BY STAFF UNIONS FOR 35th JCM Meeting to be held in the March, 2017

22 Feb


Expeditious steps for wage revision: – The wage revision is due w.e.f. 01-01-2017. This will be through bilateral talks between unions and management. It is therefore, urged as below:- (i) DPE/DOT be approached for early issuance of guidelines. (ii) Joint committee consisting of representatives from unions and management be formed.

Payment of Medical allowance on the basis of 78.2% IDA fixation benefit:- At present medical allowance is being paid on 68.8% IDA fixation. Payment on 78.2% IDA fixation will not result in heavy expenditure. Moreover, administrative work will be eased. Therefore, it is demanded Medical allowance be paid on 78.2% IDA fixation.