19 May

No payment of ex-gratia for the employees who go on VRS – surplus employees in BSNL can be taken back by the DoT – says the DoP&PW.

The Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare (DoP&PW) has rejected the proposal for making ex-gratia payment for the BSNL employees who opt for VRS. The DoP&PW has stated that the BSNL employees are eligible for payment of government pension after retirement. As such, payment of ex-gratia for those who go on VRS is not permissible, said the DoP&PW. It has also stated that payment of ex-gratia under VRS is eligible only for the Public Sector employees who are not eligible for government pension. An important observation of the DoP&PW is that, surplus employees in BSNL if any, can be taken back by the DoT.



Due to implementation of SAMPANN, pension payments are directly made by CCA to those who retired since 28.02.2019.  Advantage of this is Pension is paid promptly on the 1st day of next month. Settlements are done within 20 days. PPO Sheet (no book) is  sent directly .They have to take printout. Hard copies will be sent up to few months .In due course of time hard copies will not be sent. These are all for superannuation retirees. I requested to implement the similar status for VRS and death cases also. When I was at CCA Office, one of the female pensioners retired during APRIL came showing that she has been shown as MALE GENDER instead of FEMALE. In the PPO, Corrections cannot be done at CCA level. It has to be sent to HQRS and they only correct. If DATA feeding is done at BSNL in SAMPANN software individual can check the spelling and correctness of data. BSNL is not feeding data in SAMPANN Software. So, comrades who retired since 28.2.2019 are requested to check all your data in PPO. In case of any correction needed, please inform AO CCA OFFICE.