Knee Transplantation

19 Aug

PRICE REDUCED: MRP of most widely used complete knee implant (Cobalt-Chromium) has been fixed at Rs 54,720 plus GST from earlier average MRP of Rs 1,58,324 MRP of special metal titanium and oxidised zirconium has been fixed at Rs 76,600 plus GST,      NEW DELHI: After coronary stents, the government on Wednesday fixed a price range for knee implants from Rs 54,000 to Rs 1.14 lakh, nearly 70 per cent lower than most surgeries currently cost.With private hospitals reportedly charging exorbitant rates, the government capped the maximum retail price of the knee implants, a move that will save patients an estimated Rs 1,500 crore annually.”Government will not remain a mute spectator and will not allow this illegal and unethical profiteering,” Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Ananth Kumar told a news briefing. The price in case of specialized implants for cancer and tumour has been sharply cut to Rs 1, 13,950 from the current prices of Rs 4-9 lakh. There are 1.5 crore to 2 crore patients who require knee implant surgery. Every year 1.2 lakh to 1.5 lakh knee surgeries takes place in India, according to the government. It is estimated by World Health Organization (WHO) that by 2020, osteoarthritis is going to be the fourth largest cause of immobility globally, Kumar informed.

PTI | UPDATED: AUG 16, 2017, 09:36 PM IST 

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