Know the Feature of your mobile

9 Jul
 * Mobile linked information *  

Emergency numbers — The emergency number 
of mobile phones worldwide is 112. If you are out of mobile coverage area then you can search the network of that area by 112 number. The particular thing is that this number works even when your keypad is locked. 

2. Life is yet to be done – In the case of 
mobile, when the battery is shown and you have to make the necessary calls, dial * 3370 #. Your mobile will be restarted and your cellphone will show a 50 percent increase in battery The mobile reserve will be charged again when you next charge the mobile as usual. 

3. On mobile theft – In the event of 
mobile phone theft, first of all is needed, in order to disable the phone so that the thief can not misuse it. To check the serial number of your phone, press * # 06 # As soon as you press it, you will get a 15 digit code number on your screen. Note it and keep it in a safe place. When your phone is lost, give this code to your service provider, then it will block your hand set. 

4. On losing the keys to the car — 
If your car has a remote intact entry and your key is accidentally locked in the car and the other key is at home then your mobile can be used. Call a person’s mobile phone at home. Ask the person sitting in the house to hold his mobile and move it to the key of the car and press the unlock button on the key. Also keep your mobile phone near the car door ….. The door will open.