Latest Position on BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision as per 3rd PRC Recommendations.

10 Jan

Latest Position on BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision as per 3rd PRC Recommendations.

To-day GS/ SNPWA, Com R.K Mudgal and Com D.C. Sharma met four time M.P from Satna, Hon Ganesh Singh ji on the issue of Pension Revision.

Hon M.P took lot of time in understanding the actual issue of our Pension Revision in its totality and its present status

Thereafter, Hon M.P, in our presence, Spoke to Hon M.O.C and urged upon him to expedite resolution of the issue to the satisfaction of Pensioners of BSNL/ MTNL. Hon MOC assured Hon MP that the issue is being dealt with on priority and shall shortly be sent to M.O.F.

Meeting with Member Services Dr. Mahesh Shukla Ji

We were informed by M( S) that while reviewing the file sent by DGCA, M( F) along with his concerned officers and officials from DGCA noticed perceptible discrepancies in the proposal sent by DGCA and thereafter the file has gone back to DGCA for making necessary corrections

Thereafter, M( S), in our presence spoke for about fifteen minutes with DGCA, Mr Dilip Padye, and explained to him what the discrepancies were about. Finally, M( S), urged upon DGCA to send the proposal back as quickly as possible so that Hon MOC could be briefed about the whole issue at the earliest possible opportunity to take final decision on the issue

On the quantum of fitment, M( S) fully assured that he will leave no stone unturned to urge Hon MOC to consider maximum possible fitment, but final call has to be taken by Hon MOC. M( S) further assured that he is expected to meet Hon MOC this evening and will try to brief him on the issue

Meeting with Director ( E)/ DOT

Director ( E) mentioned that while reviewing the file sent by IF/ DOT, Establishment Section found discrepancies in the implications worked out by DGCA and pointed out the same to the Inernal Finance of DOT. The implications projected by DGCA were higher than actual implications.