Latest status of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision – Meeting with Member Services DoT

6 Dec

Latest status of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision – Meeting with Member Services DoT.

Meeting with Member (Services) / DoT and Director (Est.) /DoT and latest updates on Pension Revision.

  •  Dec 05, 2022

Meeting With Member (Services) / DoT:
Today GS/ SNPWA and Com R. K. Mudgal, GS/ MERWA met Member(S)/ DoT and Director(E) to know about latest status on Pension Revision. We were informed by M(S)/ DoT that very shortly M(S), M(F) and Secy( T) are meeting Hon MoC to apprise him in totality about the proposal of Pension Revision, including the views of DoP&PW. Member(S) further informed that of course Hon MoC is by and large aware about the broader aspects of the proposal.
After briefing Hon MoC very shortly about the proposal, discussions between DoT and DoE would immediately commence on the quantum of fitment for Pension Revision for which financial implications are being worked out by the Internal Finance of DOT on 15% and 10%. Surprisingly he did not mention anything about 5%, probably he missed mentioning it. However, from our side we did not mention anything on this.
After a consensus view emerges between DoT and DoE regarding quantum of fitment for Pension Revision, the proposal would be sent back to DoP&PW to accord their formal approval for the amendments suggested by DOT to facilitate delinking of Pension Revision from Wage Revision which in principle informally have alreay been agreed to by DOP & PW
It is pertinent to mention that when the file was initially sent to DoP&PW for seeking their approval regarding two amendments sought by DoT in Pension Rules to enable delinking of Pension Revision from Wage Revision, DoP& PW returned the file with the remarks that the matter ought to be first discussed by DoT with DoE and thereafter the proposal be sent to them for according their approval regarding delinking of Pension Revision from Wage Revision.

On being specifically asked how and in what context it has been mentioned  in the letter dated 17th Nov, 22 that quantum of fitment for Pension Revision will be according to the fitment given to the Working employees, Member (S) regretted that it has been reported in a completely erroneous manner. The basic objective to mention this was suppose DoE and DoT agree for fitment of 5% for Pension Revision and subsequently If BSNL/ MTNL gives at any point of time fitment higher than 5% to its working employees, the same fitment would be subsequently extended for Pension Revision also. Unfortunately, the whole thing has been reported in a distorted and misleading manner in the letter issued on 17th Nov, 22, Member (S) informed.

Finally we requested Member (S) to expedite the issue and he informed that the matter is being dealt on priority and that Hon MoC would be briefed about the whole proposal within a couple of days and immediately thereafter discussion would commence with DoE to decide quantum of fitment

Landmark and incredible breakthrough for Comrades of MTNL, both working and Retired. Member (S) informed that the issue of pending 4.4% IDA for MTNL Comrades has been cleared by M(F) in consultation with Secy( T) and that very shortly the proposal would be sent to DoE for their approval. This great and extraordinary breakthrough is entirely possible because of very strenuous and painstaking efforts of Com R.K.Mudgal and SNPWA who have been vigorously pursuing this most crucial issue in DOT for last eight months. Hatts off to Com Mudgal and our beloved Comrades of MTNL because once it is approved by DoE, complete parity would prevail between MTNL and BSNL Comrades in respect of IDA and the decision of DPE to pay IDA @ 78.2 % would be fully achieved. A great milestone for Comrades of MTNL. Our heartiest Congrats to our beloved Comrades of MTNL and Com Mudgal

Meeting with Director (E)/ DoT:

The first thing that we enquired from Director ( E) was how it is mentioned in the letter of DOT Dated 17th Nov, 22 that our Pension Revision would be linked to Wage Revision, even after the two are dekinked, he repeated verbatim what Member (S) told us. Director ( E) said unfortunately it was not reported in proper perspective and the objective for which it had to be mentioned was completely misplaced*and lost

On other issues of Pension Revision, Director ( E) reiterated exactly what was told by M(Services)

Director( E) also confirmed that pending IDA of 4.4% has been cleared by M( F), in consultation with Secy( T), and that very shortly Establishment Section will send the proposal to DoE for its approval. It would not be an exaggeration to mention that role of Director (E) in pursuing this crucial issue was simply extraordinary and exemplary and that we have no words to express our deepest sense of gratitude to him for his tireless persuasion to resolve this most crucial issues of beloved MTNL Comrades.

(Courtesy: SNPWA Web)