Let’s not derail train when it is running smoothly on right track with caution

24 Feb

Let’s not derail train when it is running smoothly on right track with caution


Peep in to past

We got our Wage/Pension Revision as per 1st P.R.C. recommendations with point to point fixation because formation of BSNL as Corporate Entity was Govt.’s strategy and to make it successful all the hurdles were removed by the Machinery itself; we got smooth sailing.

We had to struggle to get Wage/Pension Revision as per 2nd P.R.C. and to conduct many programs and even March in New Delhi on 02.0.2012 jointly with all the Working Employees/Pensioners Associations.

We had to struggle to eliminate condition imposed by DoT for 60:40 Pension Contribution and ultimately we succeed.

We had met the then MOC at his residence and also got his help to accelerate the process and we achieved our goal partially as we are still struggle to get its effect from due date.

Now, it is the fact that Wage/Pension Revision for Working Employees/Pensioners is due w.e.f. 01.01.2017 and after a lapse of six years period matter was not moving.

Now, stage is set and we have been able to convince the authorities that there is no inkling with loss/profit of the Company so far issue of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision is concerned. We have convince the authorities and in turn the authorities too have now started the process for Pension Revision for MTNL BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision delinking it with Wage Revision for working employees.

From last four month’s we are in continuous touch with the authorities and have come to know that notwithstanding negative stand of some of the pensioners associations, the issue is moved proposing Pension Revision as per 3rd P.R.C.

Let’s be clear that we are not again any movement involving the pensioners in the movement but simultaneously we are fully aware of their physical fitness and surrounding social environments which will easily not permit to join them any movement.

All the issues were discussed threadbare in our BSNL MTNL Joint Forum Virtual meeting on 21st February,2023.

We are moving very cautiously because we not wish that it hampers the movement of the file for Pension Revision for BSNL MTNL Pensioners. Knowing the shrewdness of working employees that Revision of Pay Scales is essential and they will not sign any agreement at this stage, DoT has started to consider and calculate Pension Revision taking into account Pay Scales proposed by the Corporate Office. This is positive movement for us.

So, let us wait for sometime and meet the concerned in 3rd week of March 2023 and decide our future course of action depending upon ground realities.