Lowering Retirement Age of BSNL Employees – Debatable issue

22 Jun

Lowering Retirement Age of BSNL Employees – Debatable issue

Various Media Reports and Unions are repeatedly reporting that the issue of “Lowering Retirement Age of BSNL Employees” is under examination/consideration of BSNL/DoT authorities. Enthusiastically Unions also issue denial statement considering the news as fake/unreliable.

The following issues require/deserve impassionate study and examination by all concerned.

  1. While offering Option for BSNL, the DoT Employees were assured Govt. Pension and Rule 37-A was also enacted by the Parliament.
  2. While opting for BSNL, DoT employees have not forgone their Recruitment Conditions which says Retirement Age of Govt. Employees is 60 years for superannuation.
  3. BSNL can form its own rules for the Employees Recruited by him after the formation of the Company.
  4. There is no obstacle for BSNL to ask the DoT to request for accepting Surplus Staff Back which will be impracticable and open Pandora box of numerous issues.
  5. The BSNL Corporate Office Administration and all Unions/Associations should join hands and emphatically remind to the Government that in the event of implementing Govt. Policies for Citizen of India, it is duty bound to pay for the loss, as per agreement made in the year October 2000.
  6. The D.P.E. can not define age of Retirement for BSNL Alone.
  7. There are other PSU run by GOI for whom the issue is also the similar.

To our view, united constructive approach by all Unions/Associations leaving their ego issue aside and give befitting rejoinder is only way-out to come out from present issue.  Needless to say that preparation of knocking door of judiciary is equally need of time.