Meeting for discussion on BSNL Pensioners’ Pension Revision held on 17.10.2022

18 Oct

Meeting for discussion on BSNL Pensioners’ Pension Revision held on 17.10.2022.

The meeting of Pensioners Associations including the BDPA (I) and BPS was held on 17.10.2022 at 04.00 PM in Conference Hall, 2nd floor, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member (Services).

The Member (Services) placed before the Committee Members’ Views of the DOPP&W on the DoT’s proposal of 0% fitment benefit for pension revision.

BDPA (I) have placed our views  to revise the pension  giving 15% benefit as per 3rd P.R.C. recommendations.

All pensioners union present in the meeting including BDPA (I) opposed the suggestion of Zero Percent fixation and demanded 15%.

It has reportedly suggested notional fixation of pay from 01.01.2017 and to fix their pension on that notional pay to avoid anomaly of pension between Pre and Post 2017 retirees.

BDPA (I) suggested notional fixation of their pay with 15% fitment formula and to calculate the pension on their retirement on notional pay to avoid any anomaly between Pre and Post 2017 retirees. It has been welcomed by the majority of Associations and official side. BDPA (I) has  submitted detailed Memorandum regarding revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners.

The DoT will take all the views in their mind and also in consultation with DoT finance prepare a new proposal of revision of pension for Pre and Pro 2017 retirees and sent to DOPP&W after consulting Department of Expenditure of the Finance Ministry.

Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member (Services) is very much interested in solving the issue as it is delayed for the past five years and he is on the job now. Let us hope for the best in the near future.

From our side Thomas John K, D. D. Mistry, M.R. Vashist and D. Chandrasekharan participated in the meeting.