Meeting between the AUAB and the Additional Secretary, Telecom – EXTRACTS

13 Jan

The representatives of the AUAB met Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary, Telecom, on 10.01.2019 and bitterly complained about the manner in which the meeting of the Committee for Periodic Interaction was held. Further, they bitterly complained about the delay in implementing the assurances given by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications in the meeting held on 03.12.2018. A serious discussion took place between the AUAB and the Additional Secretary. The replies given by the Additional Secretary, are as follows:-

(1)     3rd Pay Revision.

Cabinet and related Ministries will not accept to give 15% fitment, since BSNL’s financial position does not permit payment of such high salaries. The AUAB and BSNL Management should bring an acceptable proposal. Again meeting will take place, with the Additional Secretary, next week.  

(3)     Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay.

The Department of Expenditure (DoE) has sought some clarifications, which have to be furnished by BSNL Management. The BSNL has assured to reply within a day or two.

(4)     Pension Revision.

Useful discussions were held on this issue. The Additional Secretary, Telecom, has sought for copies of the letters issued by the Government on pension issue, at the time of formation of BSNL. BSNL Management has assured to provide copies of those letters.

Again meeting between the AUAB and the

Additional Secretary, will be held next week.

[Date : 12 – Jan – 2019]