Meeting of BDPA(INDIA), J&K Circle was with C.G.M BSNL, J&K Circle,Jammu 0N 10.01.2022

11 Jan

Meeting of BDPA(i), J&K Circle was held today with C.G.M BSNL, J&K Circle, Jammu in which Medical claim issue was discussed. While thanking C.G.M for releasing the medical payments to the pensioners, It was conveyed to the C.G.M that a problem has arisen due to the non uniformity of payments. e.g., regarding payment of without vouchers case ,in some cases payment has not been received as the claims are still lying with the SSAS as they had been instructed by the Circle office not to forward the claims in ERP. The result is that while Circle office is telling that they have cleared all the Claims in the System up to October 2019, but in reality position is not so ,as the claims have not reached Circle office in system. CGM explained that due to the deduction of TDS issue there were instructions from Corporate office ND not to process claims in ERP. Our All India Vice President Sh. H. R. Gupta conveyed that TDS issue problem has been solved by the Corporate office ND by issuing revised orders. After discussing the issue CGM conveyed to the D.G.M Finance ,Circle office Sh. Tashi to convey to SSAS to forward all the pending cases to the Circle office in System. S. N. Kallo President BDPA(i), Jammu conveyed while all the earlier C.G.Ms have been courteous & compassionate towards the pensioners problems and in this case also earlier C.G.M had conveyed to the D.E Admin. to write to the SSAs and get all the consolidated information in circle office but somehow circle office has not been so responsive to the problems, although more than one year has passed since then. In the end C.G.M was thanked by the Association members for giving a patient hearing and giving on the spot instructions to the DGM Finance to resolve the issue. While in addition to the C.G.M the D.G.M Finance was present in the meeting, and on the Association side meeting was attended by S/ Sh. H. R. Gupta AI Vice President, B. L. Bhat Circle President, S. N .Kallo President Jammu, P. N. Raina Organizing secretary, J&K Circle.