Meeting with BSNL Officers in BSNL HEAD QUARTERS on 23.06.2022

27 Jun

Meeting with BSNL Officers in BSNL HEAD QUARTERS on 23.06.2022

On 23.06.2022, S/Shri M.R. Vashist, D.D. Mistry, R.C. Sharma and Smt. D.C. Kshatriya visited BSNL Head Quarters during their New Delhi visit and met the following officers:

Meeting with Shri P.C. Bhatt, PGM (CBB): We me him and discussed the issue of delay in payment of Indoor and Outdoor Medical Reimbursement Bills and also Fixed Medical Allowance. He clearly said that at present there is no money available with for allotment for BSNL Retirees Medical Payment. However, bills up to December 2019 have been cleared and will try to clear pending bills in two parts within six months; when funds are available. He sympathizes with Pensioners but his hands are tight.

Further on pointing out that there is also delay in assured payment of CGHS one time subscription; he clearly refuted our say and said that there is no delay at BSNL HQ end.  Each month sufficient fund is allotted with salary payment for the claims received up to 22nd of the month. He gave detailed statement of the previous month in support of what he said to us to contact the Head of the Accounts Department of Circle and to ensure that all the claims for CGHS one-time subscriptions are included in salary statement of each month with salary figures.


Meeting with Shri Saurabh Tyagi, PGM (Estt.): We met him and discussed our irritating issues. He said that he can helps us only in Establishment related issues and asks us to see Shi P.C. Bhatt, PGM (CBB). We also discussed the Pension Adalat issues wherein responsible officers are not attending. He said that in such case, the CCA can write to CGM.

Both the meetings were held in most cordial astrosphere and we are thankful to both of them for their sympathetic hearing our issues.