Meeting with Dr. Kamal Kapoor, Jt. CCA Gujarat

5 Jan

On 04.01.2017, S/Shri A.N. Patel, D.D. Mistry and R.C. Sharma met Dr. Kamal Kapoor, Jt. C.C.A. Gujarat and discussed the following issues.

  1. In ordinate Delay in issuing Revised PPO merging 78.2% IDA for BSNL PENSIONERS.

We were informed that till date they have issued revised PPO for 6500 Pensioners which include Pre-Post 01.01.2007 Pensioners. Total 4000 cases are yet to be attended to and it was assured that the work will be completed by the end of February 2017.

The delay was attributing to limited staff and not accepting the proposal sent to DoT for incentive scheme despite many reminders.

  1. Posting of Revised PPO in envelopes.

It was pointed out that at present the PPOs are posted folding it in three fold and pasting which creates problem for Pensioners to open and preserve as they are not properly folded and pasted. This is permanent record for Pensioners. The Association offered to provide the sufficient number of envelopes if there is paucity of funds.  Dr. Kamal Kapoor said that there is no dearth of fund and he is prepared to sanction sufficient fund as needed. He asked the Office to hereafter not to mail the PPO in folded system and to use the envelopes.

  1. Inordinate delay in posting of Pensioners’’ copies to the Pensioners.

        It was pointed out by us that there is no system of keeping record on Dispatching the PPOs to Pensioners and the work is accumulated despite the assistance being provided by the Pensioners Association. In number of cases, the Bank/Post Offices are receiving revised PPO but the Pensioner has no information. We were assured that the work will be accelerated and we assured to provide more assistance for the purpose.