Meeting with Hon MoC Respected Ashwani Vaisnaw ji on 8th Dec, 22 on Pension Revision

8 Dec

Meeting with Hon MoC Respected Ashwani Vaisnaw ji on 8th Dec, 22 on Pension Revision:

Today GS / SNPWA Com.G.L.Jogi, GS/ MERWA, Com R. K. Mudgal, Com D. C. Sharma, CHQ/ Vice President and his younger brother, Com Bhupendra Sharma, retiree from BSNL, along with Hon MP from Etawa Respected Dr Ram Shanker Katheria ji had a very fruitful and positive meeting with Hon MoC, Respected Ashwani Vaisnaw ji on the Pension Revision at Rail Bhawan.

At the very outset, we expressed our deepest sense of gratitude to Hon MoC for his benevolent, humane, concerning and proactive intervention towards settlement of our Crucial issue of Pension Revision which was unfortunately lying in the cold storage for more than five years in DoT due to incomprehensible and completely inexplicable reasons

The immediate reaction Of Hon MoC after listening very patiently to all the aspects of the issue was to wholeheartedly congratulate us for delinking of Pension Revision from Wage Revision which in itself he mentioned is a milestone breakthrough and for achieving which he had to put in his best efforts with concerned officers of DoT . He was visibly quite happy about this development

After this, we pleaded with Hon MoC that since we have paid Pension Contribution at the maximum of our IDA scales, we are legitimately eligible to get 15% fitment for our Pension Revision as per recommdations of 3rd PRC wef 1.1.2017 which he by and large acknowledged

When we further humbly requested him to intervene with DoE on the issue of fitment, he mentioned that it is not possible for him to speak to Secy( DoE) on the issue. However, he immediately informed us that he has categorically directed Secretary (Telecom) to plead for and work out the best possible fitment for Pension Revision in consultation with DoE and that he would be continuously be in touch with Secretary (Telecom) on this issue.

While further reiterating that DoT would pursue best possible fitment with DoE,  Hon MoC also urged upon us to be a little vigilant in DoE about developments on fitment in DoE.

At the end of the meeting, we expressed our profound gratitude to Hon MoC for sparing his invaluable time of about 15 to 20 minutes to listen to all the aspects of the issue very patiently

After the meeting, Hon MP from Etawa assured us that he will seek personal intervention of Hon MoF, Respected Madam Nirmala Sitharaman on the issue and try to arrange a meeting with her as and when the issue reaches that stage. We have no words to express our huge thanks to Comrade Upendra Sharma, who is a very close party confidante of Hon MP from Etawa for his persuasion in arranging the meeting with Hon MoC.